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  1. Thanks for the kind words guys, I really appreciate it. I still have a 28 Lincoln to build and may go that route. I really want to build a mobster inspired diorama. There's a guy on here, Tulio I believe his name is, that did one like this a while back that is absolutely gorgeous. That's actually what made me want to do this one.
  2. So I just wrapped this one up today with the eception of the license plate that I'll make another day. I started with the AMT Lil Vicky kit, which goes together very well for its age. The hardest thing about it was deciding whick way to go with it, stock or drag lol. The mods are pretty run of the mill, including a wired and plumbed engine, two resin .38s in the grill bar for that outlaw look, and a wheel and tire swap from the AMT '34 Ford kit. The paint is Tamiya Gloss Black (TS-14 I believe) over Duplicolor grey primer, both straight from the can. The car was sanded with 8,000 and 12,000 grit pads, the polished out with Meguiars Scratch X. Thanks for looking!
  3. The end result is well worth the aggravation. That is one cool rail. Great job on the engine detailing. It really brings this one to life
  4. Very nice. Those colors work great together
  5. Oh man, you nailed it! Nice and crusty, but not over the top. I love it
  6. This is my take on the Revell '37 Ford Pickup 2n1. The carbs were lost to the sink drain before this build even began. They were substituted with two of the very nice Strombergs from the new Revell '29 Model A kit. The stacks are aluminum tubing. Throttle linkage and fuel lines were made from solder. The radiator supports are music wire and 15/0 seed beads at the firewall. The radiator had no detail on the front side, so a piece of screen patterned fabric was used to busy it up a bit. The beer keg was made from a ceiling fan pull switch, sheet plastic, plastic tubing, necklace chain and a filler neck from an AMT 40 Ford. Paint is Rustoleum red and black primer, and Model Master Olive Drab. The rust is Sophisticated Finishes Rusting System, topped with some Tamiya weathering powders. Thanks for looking!
  7. Thanks a lot for all the kind words guys, and sorry for the late reply. I forget what I have posted where sometimes
  8. Thanks for the compliments guys, always appreciated. As for the Willys, I think I'll keep it around as a reminder to NEVER use that paint again haha
  9. That's one beautiful Hudson. You're engine detailing and paint work are excellent.
  10. I made this one just for the dio... And decided to experiment with the Testors transparent paints, which would've been great if not for the terrible nozzle And here's my big one. Five months and A LOT of work later got me this. This was supposed to be a simple photo background and I guess I got carried away After doing the dio, I was excited to build this 55 Chevy. I felt the blown 350 was lacking, so a Pontiac 421 found a home under the non-existent hood And for my last build of 2015, a Revell 50 Olds that my friend glue bombed together. After tearing it apart and trying my hardest to salvage it, this is the result Well, that was 2015 for me. It was a very, very busy year and I learned A LOT, thanks to the guys on Facebook, these forums and this great magazine. Thanks for looking! Hopefully I'm on time next year
  11. Wanting to do something different, I picked up this Revell Crusader. After getting rid of the gaudy Iron Cross / skull stuff, dechroming almost everything, painting it a nice root beer brown, and wrapping the exhaust, I finally ended up with something I'd ride myself. This was a fun build. I say that in the most sarcastic way possible. However, sfter one hell of a struggle, I am satisfied with the finished product. This was another tedious build. The rust hides the hiccups well haha I through this dio together quick, really as a test for things to come... Then I started working on the REAL dio. I got burnt out on that after a while and built this to blow off steam
  12. Then came this Stacy David Rat Roaster. I thought it would look cool as a Bonneville car Next is an AMT 40 Ford delivery, built for my place of work Moving along, here's a Revell 55 Jukebox Ford. I liked the style of the car, but I think the decals are hideous, so I went with a more plain pro-mod. I found out about seed beads for AN fittings, floral wire for lines and a few other things on this build. I still think those beads look huge though... I built this 32 for a Facebook build-off. I'm not a HUGE rat rod guy, but I loved building this one. Especially when that flathead went in there
  13. In my true fashion of being a day late and a dollar short, I figured I might as well post up what I got done for 2015. I'll post in chronological order for the hell of it. First up is my '65 Chevy / '37 Ford combo. The '65 was my first paint and glue model since an ill-fated attempt when I was about 9 or 10. I found a trailer on eBay and the '37 at Ollie's dirt cheap, so this combo was born. Next up is the AMT 41 Willys. I tried using Krylon Glitter Blast paint to get a crazy metal flake paint job and this was the result. Not very proud of this one haha Next, the Revell 49 Merc. My first attempt at wiring that ended up looking like a purple spider holding the engine. Can't complain about the paint, though. Here's my '32 Revell 5 Window. I took a shot at making decals and doing brake and fuel lines. Another one that looked better in my head. And here we have the AMT 53 Ford. I got this as a parts kit off ebay specifically for the welder. To my surprise, there was enough left in the box to build this truck.
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