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  1. This one started as the Monogram 39 Chevy Streetrod kit. The front suspension comes from the Revell 53 Panel, rear tires are AMT Bluestreaks; front wheels and electric fan are from the Revell 32 Ford Five Window; Taillights and moon tank are from the Revell Stacy David Rat Roaster; gauge cluster and tach borrowed from the AMT 40 Ford delivery. Decals from various kits and Slixx. This was an enjoyable kit to build, very basic with no ill fitting parts. The only mods I did outside of kitbashing was widening the rear fenders for the slicks and some engine detailing. Finish is Testors Fiery Orange Lacquer over Duplicolor Primer. No clear was added as I kind of like the almost satin/flake finish. If no pictures show up I'll try to fix it later. This format is confusing to say the least haha. Thanks for looking!
  2. Now that's just awesome. From the seat to the forks to the exhaust, you nailed it. You're motivating me to finish my 1:1 Honda 350 I've been neglecting haha
  3. Awesome! Those decals look like they're painted on. Very nice foil and detail work as well.
  4. This is too cool! Very interesting, well executed concept. I love it
  5. Absolutely stunning. Man, I wish I could build like this
  6. Awesome build! The visor and weathering on the chassis are great touches. I may have to spend a few bucks and get myself one of these
  7. Very impressive craftsmanship. I love everything about it. You can't go wrong with a 36, but this is really well done. I am a sucker for traditional rods though haha
  8. That's beautiful man. The color really suits that car.
  9. Thanks man. Haha no, not at all. I told him to get a snap kit or even a level 2 with the one piece window assembly as it was his first kit. He got this one instead, gave up on it and said if I could put this together, I must be a genie haha. Well now it's done, he's seen it, I told him to grow patience and gave him a more basic kit I had in the stash. I guess we'll see how it goes haha
  10. Looks like a great year to me. Awesome job!
  11. Great job! Nice to see kids still doing something creative
  12. Last build for 2015! I just finished this nightmare last night. It started as a rebuilder my friend gave me. First was the warped chassis that needed to be beat into submission. Then came the removal of the paint that crazed the hell out of the body. The glass had a generous coating of super glue that I cleaned up as good as I could get it. Oh, and the chrome was caked in super glue, so it was stripped for this weird painted trim look. It's not the prettiest I've done, but man does it look better haha
  13. Note: The roof top has been painted black since I took these pics.
  14. Thanks again guys! Well, I'm calling this one done for now. Here's the finished product:
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