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  1. Yeah, this was definitely more work than I thought it would be. When I saw the parts count I kinda figured it was going to be a chore. I thought it was a fun build, though. Everything was warped so that was frustrating, but a couple clamps beat it into submission. Anyway, yeah, up until now I've built mostly 30s and 40s with very little chrome trim that I usually do with paint. I wanted to practice on this one before I throw my 59 Impala on the bench haha. It was a pain. Actually, it was a royal pain. I laid some THICK paint on the already soft scribing and raised details, so it became a free handing nightmare. Sooooo worth it in the end though. Anyway, thanks for the compliment. I really appreciate it
  2. Oh I'm definitely following this one. I can't get enough of these old rails. Looking good so far!
  3. So I'm calling this 55 done. It was supposed to be a quick slumpbuster, but I decided to swap out the engine, take a crack at painting two tones, give metal foil a shot and try out a few other techniques I've never used. I guess a learning experience is better than slapping something together any day. Thanks for looking guys!
  4. I actually just got done checking this out in your post. I have to say, I love everything about it. Awesome job!
  5. Thanks again guys! I finally have this project just about done. I only say "just about done" because I built this shop to be changed at anytime, therefore very few things are actually glued down. Once it's finally in it's permanent home, I'll have some pics of the for now completed project. Until then, here's a pic of the welder working. Since taking these pics, I changed out that horrible looking yellow light for the appropriate blue/white combo. If I find a way to post a video of it working, I will, along with the pictures I mentioned
  6. This is really, really cool. Everything flows together so well. I have to ask, how did you make the trouble light? I made one from plastic rod and some window screen but it doesn't look nearly as good as yours.
  7. Thanks for the help guys. It was while I was dry fitting everything together that I was having the problem but I think I have it figured out. I guess I didn't notice that while fitting the body to the chassis, the interior tub was shifting the slightest bit and getting hung up causing the gap issue. I'll keep the window problem in mind when I get to that point though. Thanks again!
  8. I think it's a version of the Badman Chevy. Here's the box
  9. Sorry if this doesn't belong here, but has anyone built this kit and ended up with a gap between the body and interior tub? I had the same problem with the 53 Chevy Panel. Is this just the way they are or am I screwing something up? Funny that this kit lacks a separate firewall and coolant hoses
  10. Thanks a lot guys. I'm just about done with the welder, after a lot of trial and error of course haha. Hopefully it all comes together and I'll have some pics in a couple days.
  11. The garage: Got a lot done here. Random parts, hanging valve covers and oil pans, some grills, a radio, and exhaust rack, and a overhead light are where I'm at so far
  12. Outside: Old fencing is some screen and a lint trap. Cinder blocks are resin painted with Rustoleum texture paints. I love the results you get with these paints, the pictures just don't do it justice. Some tires, weeds, a few random parts and a tree made from a stick from the back yard finish it off. Truck is a Lindberg 34 Ford tow truck weathered using Sophisticated Finishes rusting system.
  13. Bathroom: Got the stall in, sink, toilet, etc. I thought the mop bucket would add a cool touch
  14. I got a bit more done since my last post. I got a good start on the garage and I'm callinthe office, bathroom and outside just about done, for now anyway. I wanted to really bring everything to life so I also started working on some figures and giving them little jobs around the shop. Sorry for the bad pics, all I have is my phone. Here's What I have so far: The office: Trophies came from four of the Revell Merc kits. I thought the chrome looked REALLY gaudy so they were stripped, painted and decaled. The little cars came from the AMT 57 T bird and 32 Lil Vicky kits, also stripped and painted. Gas pump is a cheapo from Ebay. Who doesn't want a Caddy gas pump?
  15. No, I wish haha. They're from the Fujimi Tools kit
  16. Thank you. That's what the goal is. I just have to get the right lights for it
  17. Thanks man. I actually overlooked that, thanks for pointing that out haha. I think I have some corner pieces left over that I can use to soften the edges a bit. I'll give it a look later.
  18. Here's where it's gonna get fun! Stay tuned...
  19. I got some more done, but my computer is still down and I'm doing this from my phone so bear with me. Because of this, I have to make a post for each picture. As annoying as it is, I guess it will do. That being said, here's where I'm at. It's just the rest of the tools and some furnishings for the most part
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