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  1. Here's the latest to roll of the bench. Hope you like it! Lindberg 34 Ford pickup Frame z'd front and back with stock buggy spring in the rear, modified stock front end with Revell 32 Ford hairpins. Front wheels from kit, rears from AMT Lil Vicky Hudson 308 with modified kit exhaust. Cap chopped and box shortened. Both channeled over frame. Modified kit grill and headlights. Cowl steering. Taillights from Revell 32 Ford Testors Root Beer lacquer with wet look clear.
  2. Thanks again guys! To tell you the truth, I don't really know lol. The other window markings that came with the kit (class markings and so on) wouldn't really work with the mods I did. I did want to put something there, however, so the dollar signs it was.
  3. This is my take on Matty Winspur's 54 Hudson offered by Moebius. As much as I love the real car, I thought it would be cool to give it a little more flash. The straight six provided in the kit will be used for a 34 Ford I'm slapping together at the moment, and was traded for an early Hemi from an AMT parts pack. To accommodate the much larger engine, the fender wells were cut out. In addition to that and the interior color, the only other thing different from the original is the roof, which admittedly was just a paint experiment I decided to run with lol. The colors used were various grey primers and Rust-Oleum satin navy for the interior, Tamiya light metallic blue over Testors diamond dust for the main body color, and a combination of the aforementioned colors along with Tamiya white primer, Testors blazing black, and Duplicolor metalcast blue for the roof. It was then treated to a few coats of Testors gloss coat lacquer and a good polishing. Hope you like it, and thanks for looking!
  4. Thanks guys! Sorry for the super late reply. The desktop bit the big one and I'm slowly learning how to use the forum from my phone.
  5. It's different, that's for sure lol. Really cool looking build man
  6. It's amazing what a set of wheels can do. I always thought that gaudy purple street rod thing on the box was so bad looking, I just couldn't get past it to see this kits potential. I may just have to get one of these after seeing yours. That's a picture perfect hotrod in my opinion.
  7. I agree with what was said about the wire wheels. If they were done like the ones in the Moebius 56 Chrysler kit, you'd have a winner, but the Lindberg wheels just don't look too hot lol. Aside from that, this is a real beauty. The fact that you make your own foil has always impressed me. I have enough trouble with the premade stuff.
  8. Wow, I LOVE that color! Very nice build
  9. Great looking build. That color combo is very classy
  10. Here's my take on the 47 Chevy kit by Galaxie. I was awarded this kit as a prize last year in a Facebook build off, and finally got the chance to dig into it. First off, let me start by saying that this is one of the nicest kits I've built to date. My only complaints were the air cleaners molded to the carbs and the hood fit. Aside from those two minor things, this one is really a cherry. For mine, I decided to go with the lowered, hot rodded version. The only added details to this one is the obvious stuff under the hood and the plates, everything else is OOB. I went with Tamiya White Primer and Torch Red from Duplicolor for the paint, then laid down some Testors Wet Look clear for some shine. The interior is a slightly different red, but I can't remember the exact color. The floor was also flocked with red embossing powder. I also really wanted to use the scallop decals since I think the car on the box is unbelievably cool looking, but even though this has been done for a couple weeks, I still can't decide if I like them with this particular paint scheme. One thing I do know is after the 10 or so decals broke into about 30 smaller decals during application, after all that work piecing them back together, they're staying on there whether I like them or not lol.
  11. Thanks very much for the kind words guys! As always, I really appreciate it!
  12. Thanks again guys! I may be able to do that. I just met a few local guys that have had a club going for some time now, and they do live segments of their monthly meetings on Facebook. For this months meeting, in addition to several kit reviews, they're going to start including a short tips and tricks segment. Maybe I can convince them to give me some airtime in the near future lol.
  13. Love it. I've been waiting to pull the trigger on getting this kit since they released it, but I think I'm convinced lol. Looks like a nice little kit.
  14. I just finished up this build of a little tractor I've been working on for a little over a month now. This is the Ferguson TE20 kit by Heller. Aside from a few head scratching moments, this kit was an absolute joy to build. I'm usually not a fan of poseable steering, but I decided to do it this way to add interest to a diorama I have in the works. I'm not sure if they're designed to do this, but I just kept breaking them free as the glue set up, so it was simple enough to accomplish lol. Anyway, this kit has some flaws that actually end up benefiting it in the long run, IMHO. For example, the hood pin set up that would make the hood functional seems like a physical impossibility. After closer inspection, if one did manage to get the hood to tilt, it would still hide a great amount of engine detail. I left mine removable to avoid this. The second problem is the headlights/work light are molded solid. Decals are provided, but they just looked horrible to my eyes. Some quick work with a dremel and a bit of 5 Second Fix glue yielded results that I can live with. The only other issue I had was one of the bars for the 3 point hitch just would not fit for me. I've seen it used on other builds of this kit, so undoubtedly I'm just doing something wrong as usual. After two nights of frustration, I decided to rig up a chain setup to replace the bar, which to be honest, I kind of like better anyway. One little thing that I couldn't live with was the lack of exhaust detail, so some simple clamps were made using strips cut from a beer can and some hex rod. Aside from your basic wiring and plumbing, that's about it for the modifications. The paint is a mix of Rustoleum, Testors, and Duplicolor products, all weathered using the salting method. The mud on the tires is a homemade mix of craft acrylics and, get this, pancake batter lol. Well, that's about it. Thanks for looking guys! (Also, I know I have to flip the one tire around. Don't worry, it's driving me nuts too)
  15. Amazing job on this one. Did you make those decals yourself?
  16. Wow, great job man. I'm loving that engine detail, and those gladhands are probably the most realistic I've seen.
  17. ^ What he said, plus the trunk gasket hanging on by a thread. Kinda looks like the trunk on my 1:1 Hudson lol
  18. I love all of the subtle custom touches this one has. The Meteor grill is just the icing on the cake. Awesome job!
  19. Very nice build man. Chop or no chop, these cars have gorgeous lines.
  20. Lol, sorry for the late reply guys. Hope you didn't think I was being rude. Anyway, the bales are actually pretty simple. As modelers, we always tend to overthink (or overpay) for things that in all actuality are right under our noses. I looked far and wide on the car, train, and military forums looking for bale tutorials. Nothing. Youtube? Some small scale stuff, but that's about it. I tried eBay and hobby shops to find pre-made bales that were even halfway affordable and still ended up with nothing. Then, of all people, the girlfriend suggested cutting some of that green foam they use for floral decorations and covering it with something that looked like hay. So that's really it. Foam blocks, cut to size and shape, brushed with some glue, then covered with straw like material. I used a combination of cheap paintbrush bristles combined with some hobby grass I had laying around. A couple pieces of twine wrapped around and you're done. Stay tuned for a little Ferguson TE20 tractor coming soon (maybe this week if all goes well). I think they'll make a good duo.
  21. Thanks! No, but now that you mention it, I'll have to look into it. I tend to learn a lot lurking around the forums, reading magazines, and checking out various Facebook groups, but I've always had a real soft spot for a good old book. I just never knew there were such things.
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