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  1. So this is the build I just completed for a same kit build off on a Facebook group. It started off as a Revell 41 Chevy pickup, but after looking at the cab I quickly came to the conclusion that the fenders had to go, it had to sit low and the roof was just a bit too high. After giving it some thought, I decided to imitate the 1:1 truck driven by my former boss, the guy who taught me just about everything I know about hotrods while being a young punk hanging out in his donut shop. Coincidentally, his kid is who got me into building models lol. Even though his is a 35 Dodge, I figured I could s
  2. So the small details were the order of the day last night. First on the list was making up a tonneau cover. I was going to do this elaborate, multi-step process that would've taken up most of the night, but then spotted a piece of corrugated cardboard in my recyclables. After a little snip snip, a coat of satin black, and a whole ten minutes, it was done and looked very similar to the 1:1. The full size version also has nifty little details like a gas pump nozzle for a shifter, and a pull chain style interior light, much like the one you'd find hanging in your basement. The light is a piece o
  3. Ok, we're making some good progress now! That superglue cap tranny tunnel was really bothering me just sitting there, so I decided to get it looking like something. After a coat of flat red, some watered down craft glue was spread across the floor and some red embossing powder was used to mimic carpet. After not being able to find suitable tuck and roll seats in the parts box, I decided to make my own pattern for the kit seats. This started off with the tonneau cover from the AMT 53 Ford pickup. A little white Liquitex Basics acrylic paint was built up in several coats over the pattern. I rem
  4. Thanks guys. I managed to get a bit more done over the last few days. Hopefully I'll be able to get some pics up tomorrow.
  5. Ok, so after being laid up with the flu for a bit and having no desire whatsoever to work on anything, I got back to it this week. The first thing I accomplished was making the "injection" stacks out of some aluminum tubing. I've seen a post about using a vice to flare the tips, but I don't have one. Center punch? Nope, none of those either lol. I ended up having to resort to my Dremel to do the job, with three different tips used on each one to thin the metal and flare it appropriately. It was a pain, but totally worth it in the end. I also got the visor mounted where I want it. If your fami
  6. I think I have it figured out. I decided to make a tranny mount out of a piece of plastic I beam that's keeping the engine sitting level and drive shaft going straight to the rear with no need for fancy U joints or anything. The negative is the floor needed to be cut in half, the seat will need to be cut as well, and a tunnel had to be built. I tried using styrene sheet to build the tunnel, but the tension was too strong to make a clean bend, or keep the floor halves level. Thinking that I just screwed myself, I happened to glance at my almost empty bottle of Loctite and it dawned on me. Cap!
  7. Thanks for the kind words and compliments everyone! I really appreciate it! First, I shot the Testors White Lightning on the body, masked the roof and sprayed some Testors Purple-licious. After that, I cut a small piece of lace to size, running from the cowl to the trunk and taped the ends down tight. Two strips of Testors thin line masking tape were run along the edges of the lace to clean up the outside lines a bit. A coat of Testors Diamond Dust was misted over the lace, and the lace and masking tape were peeled off. With the body still masked, some Duplicolor Metalcast Purple (candy paint
  8. Thanks guys. I'm still working on that one. I need to find a way to support the transmission without interfering with the floor to frame fit. The standard half-hoop cross member isn't working due to the engine sitting twice as high as it should because of the z'd frame. I'm thinking I'll have to make some sort of mount, then cut quite a bit of the floor out and make a tunnel for the tranny. Eh, I'll figure it out lol. Anyway, I have a small update on this one. I went ahead with my chop top idea and actually got some ok results. First, I measured out what would be a 3 inch chop and made
  9. I'm participating in a same kit build off on Facebook that requires everyone to use the Revell 41 Chevy pickup as the base for their build. I've been looking for a reason to build this kit, so this was just the motivation I needed. I'm doing mine as a low, fenderless hot rod. It will be a real mix and match type of build, flat/satin black in color, but I don't really want to call it a rat due to lack of rust, or traditional due to the modern front suspension and brakes I will be using. What I'm hoping for, and I really mean hoping for, is a really low, mean looking Mopar powered rod that looks
  10. 7. Bonneville 29 Model A 8. 56 Chevy Outlaw 9. 55 Chevy Mild Custom 10. 69 Chevy Nova Street/Strip 11. 32 Traditional Full Fender And last but not least, 12. 53 Hudson, my favorite build to date
  11. So here's the 2016 roster. I actually got more done this year than I thought and learned a lot along the way. Between scratch building, use of BMF, polishing paint, using an airbrush, etc., 2016 will be looked back on as a year of firsts, some good, some bad. Either way, it was all a learning experience with a wealth of knowledge gained from this awesome forum. As the title suggests, it was also a year of diversity. From rusty to shiny, salt flats to drag strips, daily drivers to Sunday cruisers, I tried to cover it all. 2017 is already getting started with my first rig, channeled rat, and dra
  12. 2016 was a year to be proud of with builds like that. That Dart really got my attention. Great work!
  13. That's beautiful in every way. I really think those outdoor pics can fool anyone
  14. Very, very nice, diverse collection. All of these have some really nice features, but they all have one thing in common, and that's the gorgeous paint work. Believe me, I'm jealous lol.
  15. Both are great, but I LOVE that Ford. The color choice, wheels, stance... it's just perfect!
  16. Wow man, I'm used to seeing your builds on Facebook, but that tiny phone screen does them no justice! Beautiful work, as always. Can't wait to see what's in store for '17
  17. Looks great to me. I love the box art for this model and think you pulled it off well. I think I like the deeper color of the bronze better, actually. The foil also looks a lot better than my first attempt. What I learned is burnish it very well, always use a fresh blade (I had no issues doing a 53 Hudson with a single, fresh blade), and try using just the blade, no handle. I think it gives you much better control.
  18. Wow, unbelievable work! I'm in pretty much perfect health and I can't even fathom pulling off builds like these. Feel better in '17!
  19. Thanks a lot for the kind words guys! Awesome! Hope it gets his approval!
  20. Awesome suggestions guys, THANK YOU! I totally forgot MCW was even a thing. I've yet to try anything from them, but I'll have to keep them in mind. I just used the last of the paint I have. If it goes south, there's a shop in my town the carries Tamiya paints, an automotive paint supplier that will (hopefully!) mix up a small batch for me, and of course, MCW. Looks like I have some options to ponder now. Thanks again for the help!
  21. Not a whole lot to report on other than I'm losing my mind over consistent paint issues. To keep me sane and the car in one piece, I decided to mess with some stuff that was going right. I got most of the chassis completely finished and decided to add a bit more detail wiring to the engine. It looks like a rats nest now, but hopefully I can repair yet another botched paint job and get everything routed correctly. Wish me luck guys. I was hoping to have this one done for Christmas
  22. Ok, I need some help from my Ford experts out there. Is there a good, readily available match to 1956 Ford Peacock Blue out there? Preferably lacquer? I've tried Scale Finishes single stage enamel, and as perfect as the color is, I hate the stuff. No disrespect to the company in question, but I'm on a bit of a time limit with this build and can't wait another month for delivery plus the two or more week curing time. Let me repeat, THIS IS ME BEING PICKY, NOT THE PAINT. I'm not bashing it at all, as the product was 100% what it's advertised as, I just don't care for it. However, I love Tamiya a
  23. Thanks guys. Well, disaster struck while painting. I painted the car using Tamiya White Primer and laid down the Peacock Blue from Scale Finishes. I'm not knocking the paint at all, but I just couldn't get a good coat using it. The orange peel (actually, more like grapefruit peel) got sanded out and stuck in a dehydrator for a couple days to make sure it was cured all the way through. After that, I gave it a couple coats of Testors Wet Look Clear and boom, it started wrinkling right away. Yes the SF paint was and enamel, yes the Wet Look is a lacquer and that should've been enough to tell me i
  24. This one was a bit out of my comfort zone, but it had to be done. I wanted a modern pickup to put in front of a trailer I'll be building soon, but not being one for modern vehicles, I didn't want to waste the money and 2 months putting something together that didn't really interest me, for example the Meng F350. With that in mind, I settled on this snap kit from Revell. I was a bit put off by it being such a simple kit, but it fell together beautifully and ended up being exactly what I was looking for. The body was painted with Duplicolor Perfect Match paint over a flat black base. The base co
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