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  1. Funny you should say that. Something just seemed wrong calling it a pro stock, so I did some research on NHRA classes and the like. Very interesting stuff. I guess this one will just be a bracket racer. I really couldn't find a definitive class for this one.
  2. Thanks for all the kind words guys. I really appreciate it
  3. Thanks a lot guys. You know, you got me there. I always manage to overlook something. Maybe I'll throw an alternator there if I can find one and fit it in. I'm too far in to tear it all apart now
  4. Thanks man. So I got a bit more done last night. Most of my time was spent sanding and polishing the hood and fixing that missing trim piece. Aside from that, I got the brake cylinder and some T bolts added and the final mockup done. Aside from a few small details, the BMF on the door handles and the decals, this one is almost done.
  5. Well I'm cruising right along on this one. I spent the last two days adding the little things that transform this one from a toy to a nice, respectable model. Here's where I'm at... No drag car is complete without a tach. After raiding every parts bag I had, I turned up nothing, so out came some scrap plastic rod/tubing I had laying around. It's a bit big, and the base didn't clear the windshield so it had to be removed, but with the body on it looks fine. Well, good enough for me anyway lol. A spare steering wheel from a Revell 32 Ford was added to give it more of a race ready look. The k
  6. After scrounging up the parts, I finally have the engine done. This kit has a lot of very simplified parts, and the engine is no exception. After a bit of work, I think it's going to look fine now. I substituted the kit carbs for a beautiful set of Holley's from VCG Resins and plumbed them with solder and seed beads for fittings. The T fitting was made from two pieces of styrene rod. This one lacks the fuel pump on the lower passenger side, so a simple piece of rod to imitate a modern mechanical pump was added. With the addition of a MAD distributor, some throttle linkage and a image off of Go
  7. Thanks man. Unfortunately I used them as the rears on my 39 gasser build, leaving me with these two. I've always had a thing for mismatched wheels, though. I'm weird like that lol
  8. Not too much to report on, but after raiding every parts bag I have, I finally have a wheel set to use. Like I said, this being a 1/24 scale really limits the amount of parts that will actually look halfway decent. The fronts are the kit tires with wheels from the Monogram 39 Chevy. Rears are one of the many spare wheels from the AMT Lil Vicky kit, mixed with some of their big MH slicks. I think they'll look much better than the kit turbine-looking wheels.
  9. Thanks guys. Call me spoiled by newer kits, but one of the things about this kit that I don't like is the simplicity. A lot of the parts have a cartoonish appearance that just doesn't do anything for me, but it was an $8 kit so I won't complain too much lol. The biggest headache is sourcing parts since this is a 1/24 scale. At least I have a solution for these ridiculous carbs. These replacement Holley's from VCG Resins will be a nice replacement. They're very nice, detailed castings and pretty decently sized, solving every problem I had. Now to paint and plumb them. Aside from scavenging
  10. Funny you should ask, that's why I came here to post lol. The build is for a pink car themed build off due for October. My guess is for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Anyway, I was going to go with a 50's style pastel pink, but I want this one to be kinda flashy. That's where the Testor's Electric Pink Lacquer came in. It's so bright it fools the camera into thinking it's red. I also robbed the clear hood scoop from the 55 Chevy Street Machine (Badman) kit. I wanted to go with a flat hood, but the dual carb topped blower was acting like a hood prop. I would've loved to use the prostock
  11. So with my Hudson out of the way, I'm starting yet another build off car due by late September. I just got my replacement hood from Revell, am still waiting on resin parts and just started a new job that's taking up my time, so this could get interesting. Anyway, here's the kit. There's really not too much to this kit, so that could work out in my favor with my schedule. However, I want to build a nice, clean model, not a glue bomb. My biggest gripes are the carbs, awful wheels and the hollow (what?) bucket seats. Good news is, the hard part of deciding what to do is over. Now to make it happ
  12. This is my take on the Moebius 53 Hudson. This kit is an absolute joy to build and yielded me my favorite completed build to date. Well I'm not going to bore anyone, so I'll just get down to the specifics. Lowered Suspension Desoto grill from the Revell Merc kit. Engine detailed with computer wire, solder and Kanthal wire. Finned head from MAD Modelling Testors White Lightning Lacquer over Tamiya white primer. Testor's Purple-licious and Diamond Dust Lacquers; Duplicolor Purple MetalCast for roof. All topped with Testors Wet Look Clear. Club plaques and PA Classic plate are reduced images fr
  13. Well, she's done and going to the Under Glass section. Thanks for following along guys!
  14. As much as I loved the slammed look, I decided to go with a more believable ride height. It's considerably lower than stock, but not in the weeds, which was the plan in the first place. This is where it's going to sit for good. I also snagged her some nice new teeth from the Revell 49 Merc kit. With a little bit of sanding, the Desoto grill fits like it was meant to be there the whole time after removing the middle piece of the stock grill. To cap off this weeks work, I thought that the stock tailpipe looked a bit wimpy. A small piece of aluminum tubing beefed it up and makes it look mor
  15. Even though I didn't want to put it completely in the weeds, I was screwing around and set the body over the wheels just to see how it would look. I really like how smooth it looks, and if it clears the exhaust, I'm probably going to go this route. What do you guys think?
  16. Thanks guys. Yep. Mine is a 49 Commodore, but the wiper system I needed references for is pretty much the same as on the Hornet. It's not the prettiest thing on the road, but I still love it. Hopefully I'll hit the lottery soon so I can get working on it lol. Not yet. Everything seems to line up good after some sanding, but I won't know for sure until the glue hits the plastic.
  17. Thanks again guys. So I'm moving right along now. The interior was painted with Tamiya Primer and the same Purplelicious paint I used for the roofs base. I don't know why, but I like my interior colors to be almost an exact match to the paint. I also got the firewall done but wanted to add the windshield wiper cables. It was a royal pain, took a few trips outside to look under the hood of my 1:1, but I got results that, while not perfect, are good enough for this guy. I don't have any pics yet, but I decided to blackwash the panel lines and also got a start on assembling the body. The windo
  18. THANK GOD this foil BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH is out of the way. It didn't turn out as good as I would like, but not for lack of trying. Being this is my third or fourth time doing the BMF thing, I guess I can't be too disappointed. I also managed to get the dash done last night. What a welcome relief that was lol I got a bit careless and somehow managed to break the vent window support. A bit of glue and some foil and it shouldn't be too obvious
  19. I don't have much to show for the last few days, but I did manage to get the orange peel/dirt sanded out of the clear. As much as I'm trying to delay it, I'm probably going to attempt the foil tomorrow night, breaking it up into sections unless I get really motivated. In between the foil sessions, I'll most likely start doing the chassis and interior to keep me sane. Hopefully I'll have something more to show in the coming days, but until then, here's a before/after of the paint. Those polishing kits really work wonders.
  20. Thank you. I'll be watching for that 32, I love those things. I have more than a few in the stash to do myself
  21. Thanks again guys! I just got the clear laid down yesterday, next up is the sand/polish and BMF. This is easily my most ambitious foil job to date so I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed. As Plastic Trucker said above, I got mine from the Lindberg 34 Ford Pickup. I have another one as well, but can't remember the kit it was in (AMT 40 Ford Sedan Delivery maybe?). The old AMT kits usually have some goodies included.
  22. I'm a bit behind schedule, but the engine is done. I usually buy pre-wired distributors, but figured I'd take a swing at drilling my own for this project since it's a unique piece and I figured I'd rather get some practice on a 6cyl. than an 8. All in all, I'm pretty satisfied, but still can't match the awesome dizzys I usually get from MAD. The fuel lines were done using my usual solder, as were pieces of the throttle linkage to dress up the kit pieces. A finned cylinder head from MAD (I believe mastered by Chuck Most of this forum. Thanks for such a beautiful piece Chuck!) was added to give
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