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  1. Heat on the inside then pressed down with a metal tool. haha thx...we did the same thing in the 80's
  2. Thx David oh it would never pass Inspection...but a bush truck out at my dad land and surrounding area👍 Haha ,could imagine the look on the wifeys face Thx bud
  3. Some out door shots
  4. Sweet....nice and low too!
  5. This model sat for a few years as I wasnt satisfied with my weathering affects. After a few other weathered builds and feeling my weathering skills had improved i got back to it. Represents something that sat for years and was "saved" or at least brought back to running condition.
  6. Thx man Thank you Cool. Wish I could see a photo of that. Thank you Thx Jerry
  7. Thanks Thx Yes exactly...thank ya
  8. Thx Thank ya Thx for the tip👍
  9. Hey thx, I wasnt sure about the red at first but I think it worked out well in the end. Thank ya Thank you, door lines are always fun to decal around lol Thanks, almost makes me wish I didnt use the scoop it out so well.
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