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  1. Great work...very realistic weathering!
  2. I only frequent this site on occasion but after seeing your GTX and now this WIP thread I'm hooked. Outstanding workmanship! I'll def be following along, thank for sharing your process. I mean I wont heading out to buy a lathe ect, (maybe I should) lol, but I def am enjoying watching your process.
  3. And I thought i put a lot of time detailing my favorite cars. Wow, this is just beyond anything I've ever seen. Amazing workmanship. Everything looks just perfect and authentic. So very impressed!! Amazing work!
  4. Both are nicely done, but that Galaxie, love it!
  5. Wow, the 71 sure added some nice details to it, well done!
  6. Nice looking builds!
  7. Cardz

    My class of 2019

    Stripes I had I had in the parts box
  8. Cardz

    My class of 2019

    Thanks everyone, much appreciated!
  9. Nicely done...weathering is spot on!
  10. Cardz

    My class of 2019

    Maybe a few...I def didnt buy any of their magazines 😂
  11. Cardz

    My class of 2019

    Thx, ya it was quite the process...
  12. Cardz

    My class of 2019

    Borrow away... And thx
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