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  1. Yes it is....I burned through when polishing on a couple spots. But despite that it turned out really well! Thx Thx, And yes steal away!! Ha, I wish...thx! This one sat for 6 years.... Thanks everyone!
  2. She's a beauty...well done!
  3. That looks great...the vinyl top looks really good.
  4. Exactly, and it would have been easy to change the color without worrying about the door jambs with the lighter yellow. Thank man!
  5. Thank you gents for the great comments!
  6. Haha nice... Same here...especially since the plates say your name 😉
  7. Aw too bad it had to go. Your car I mean. And thx, glad you approve. Previous owners are ones that know the little details.
  8. Thank you for the bit of info.
  9. Thx Sam. Hope all is well my friend.
  10. Z16 Painted in Daytona yellow not stock to that year but the color I wanted. MCG detail kit used and several other items as well as a multitude of scratbuilt items.
  11. Great work...very realistic weathering!
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