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  1. Very nicely done, Tom.
  2. Still have one in my parent's basement, I was born in late '68, so I would say it was from around '71 or so.
  3. CometMan

    34 Ford

    Haven't seen one of those in a while, especially not stock. Well done!
  4. NIce work on an unusual subject!
  5. Very nice, Randy. Always like seeing something out of the ordinary, well done!
  6. Always like seeing this one, especially the hardtop. Nice save, Tom!
  7. Nice job on a seldom seen kit, Randy!
  8. CometMan

    1956 Nomad

    Very well done, Andy!
  9. The fact that I have hobbies and interests, some that I've had since I was a very young child, that I refused to give up just because some one said so, is one of the main reasons I am single again after 14 years. Now I do what I want, when I want, I've never been as content as I am now.
  10. Very well done, Michael! BTW, does that 1:1's price match the year (55k)?
  11. Coming along very nicely, Al. Good job on the foil work.
  12. Very nice, always enjoy seeing that Olds!
  13. I really like the old AMTs and Johans. But the one that really stands out is the Revell Woodstock, the '30 Ford Woody with opening everything.
  14. Very nice work on a kit that is long over due for a re-issue. Well done!
  15. Not sure whether that kit can be built totally stock, Jeff, but from the upcoming releases list, the Monogram '53 Bel Air will be re-released soon. And the AMT '51 Bel Air already has been re-released. So, it should not be a problem making your '53 Sedan Delivery that way.
  16. Nice work, Marius. I've been thinking of doing something similar with the Ghostbusters kits, too.
  17. Nice start there, Jeremy. '65 is also one of my favorites, really like that color.
  18. I like to look at the work I did as a kid compared to what I do now. But, sometimes, if I built a kit that's not easy to come by now that wasn't done very well, I will rebuild it.
  19. Most kit I get from actual hobby stores are shipped for $8-$9. Some sellers (not only on eBay) want to charge for everything. Including their time and gas to go to the post office,etc., and call it a "handling" charge. (similar to the "processing fee" they charge for those things that are advertised on TV) Also, I don't believe that eBay or PayPal can take a cut of the shipping charge, so if the seller low-balls the price of the item, but inflates the shipping and handling, they make out better.
  20. Great work on a very seldom seen subject. Well done, Emmanuel!
  21. Nice work, Curt. My parents had one that color that was their first new car, (beige interior, though), that brings back alot of memories! Thanks for sharing!
  22. Nice work, Dan! Hope you remember the mix ratio for your color mix, it's a keeper!
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