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  1. Finished this earlier this week, decals fought me all the way, GREAT! customer service from Slixx Decals made it all good. I used Chi-town Hustler kit as donor, Competition Resin body, Slixx decals on body and tires, added S.S. braided lines and A/N fittings, aluminum tubing for steering rods, cut back window out of body and added package tray to interior.
  2. thanks, I think they're out of business now, I found this one on eBay by chance
  3. Hi, this is one of my Revell choppers, used Aadvark's 300mm tire kit, Rims made from imex and revell rims, raked and lowered and widened the frame, plumbed and wired, suicide shifter and spring seat, painted with tamiya racing blue and tamiya black, clear coated with testors wet look
  4. Thanks for looking and all the kind words. the decals are from Revell softail snap kit 1/9
  5. Thanks, the decals on orange bike are from Revell Harley Davidson softail snap kit and blue bike are from IMEX springer softail kit both 1/9 scale
  6. used this kit, but couldn't build it like that had a better idea!
  7. That looks great! On the steering wheel is that paint or did you add wood? I also have this kit and decals from chuck (he really does make beautiful decals).
  8. Built this a couple years ago, added details, braided lines with A&N fittings, electrical box, extra fire extinguisher, aluminum rod for steering and radius rods, lowered the chassis, added rocker trim and spoiler extensions, bolt detail around front/rear glass, also used new tires and rims from re-released Hawaiian funny car.
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