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  1. 1/25 AMT '70 Corvette LT-1 Coupe

    Anyone who’s working on one or built one got pics of those steel wheels??
  2. Another 2nd timer- 70 Monte Carlo

    Duplicolor black, wet sanded with the full 400-12000 grit pads, then compound, then 3 coats of automotive clear and Zymol wax.
  3. Revell Volkswagen Rabbit - Clearly Scale Engine

    Utter perfection!!!! Incredible job... looks like you can drive off in it.
  4. I built the AMT 70 Monte Carlo almost exactly one year ago. It came out fairly well, but every time I looked at it on the shelf, it stuck out as one I’d redo. But, I also couldn’t see tearing it apart. So instead, I just got another one. The first one was dark blue with a saddle interior... good, but something didn’t quite hit. The Monte, Grand Prix and Cutlass ushered in the “personal luxury car” era for GM. They had muscle, but they were two-door limousines. So, I went full limo... black on black. Wired the engine, and made seat belts, but only in front... these are personal luxury cars... the rear seat belts are tucked down inside the seat until the rare occasion they’ needed! The only other change: I didn’t use the kit wheels and tires. I used a set of Chevy rallys from Revell and put them in the pad-printed Goodyear Polyglas L tires. As of my post, I see a couple touch ups and I still need to fill in the logos, but I’ll get that done. I’m happier with this one... hope you like. Interior first: complete:
  5. Post pics of your fave paint jobs!

    😂😂🤣🤣. I typed my message from my phone... it autocorrected Bogger!!
  6. 69 Pontiac Grand Prix

    Just BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Fantastic restoration and great color choices. Man, I wish this kit could/would come back... especially a new tool from Moebius or Revell!!
  7. Post pics of your fave paint jobs!

    Bigger, Ive been waiting 3 years for that Revell Daytona to come back. I can only dream of getting it anywhere close to what yours looks like. That thing is INCREDIBLE!!!
  8. OK, since this is back at the front of the Under Glass section, I’ll throw one in. Maybe not my best engine, but my biggest conversion. The MPC 72 GTO. This is the box art of what’s in the kit: After a lot of research, raiding the parts box, a couple aftermarket purchases and some surgery, here’s my engine:
  9. Ummmmm..... WOW!!!!!! Amazing work.... perfect in every way.
  10. Well, this was a P-R-O-J-E-C-T. I was talking cars with one of my best friends in the summer of 2016, when he told me his favorite car of all time was the 70-72 GTO. I knew there was a model of one, but I was also aware that it is easily in the debate about the worst model ever made. Still, I went and bought it and figured I’d take some time and try to make something out of this hunk of junk. Since this kit lacks any detail, I also bought the AMT 69 Hurst Olds to get a better chassis/suspension. Let’s just say that wasn’t enough... in the end, there are parts from at least 7 other kits in this thing, plus aftermarket stuff.... hence the name. I did have some grand plans initially to get more detail parts than I did, but I didn’t want to have $150 invested in one build. As this kit is severely lacking, each part of the build was its own project: Chassis- I used the chassis from the the Hurst Olds, exhaust tips from the AMT 69 Chevelle, 2-piece Pontiac rally wheels from Model Roundup and BF Goodrich tires from Fireball Modelworks. Interior- I did a lot here that I won’t post photos of on this thread, but I have a large WIP if you want to look it up. I originally planned to purchase some photo-etched window cranks and other pieces, but in interest of costs, just detailed the faintly scribed trim As best as I could. I found some good decals for the gauge faces, found a better looking shifter, tried making a headliner out of a dried baby wipe, made a turn signal stalk out of a shirt pin, flocked the carpet, and cut small pieces of screen to make speaker covers and the center dash vent. It’s not perfect by any means, but certainly is a more realistic representation: Engine: Well, this took a LOT of work. From the box art, this is what under the hood looks like: This is a photo of what an actual engine from a 72 GTO looks like: Just a little different... 😁 I started by taking some advice from my WIP readers and bought the Revell Pontiac 421 engine. That didn’t give me much more than a block. Valve covers came from the 69 Chevelle kit, belts from another kit, heater box and a/c from the Revell 65 Impala. I raided my parts box, cut lots of hose and wire, and even sawed the front radiator shroud out of the 69 Cutlass body. I got a little closer to the proper look: Then, all I needed was my decals to arrive: Body- And here lies the biggest problem with this kit... the rear bumper that’s far too wide for the body. I was too afraid to cut the bumper, and wasn’t confident I could get it straight if I did. I thought about trying to insert some sheet styrene to widen the trunk, but decided to go a simpler if less convincing way. I cut both sides of the trunk and spread the rear fenders to better reach the ends of the bumper. The gaps are way too large, but it will have to suffice. The paint is Testors Fiery Orange with Mr. Hobby clear. Unfortunately, I had a really flawless finish until I was trying to get the bumper on, when some Krazy Glue ran through the large trunk cracks and settled into the paint. Outside of that, the antenna and rear view mirrors are from the parts box, and I got the Judge decals from Keith Marks. I wasn’t working on this continually, as it sat for long periods waiting until I could purchase the next pile of stuff I needed to make this thing worthwhile. It was a fun project, but one I’m glad to have finished. I’m putting it in a case and taking it to my buddy. I think he will like it, so that’s all that matters. There are a few things I wish had come out better, but a lot of work and extra detail, including a few things I had never tried before went into this, so it was a good learning experience. All in all, not too bad for a really bad kit. Hope you like it and thanks for looking!
  11. 70 Monte Carlo SS454 (AMT)

    Bill, you’ve completely taken over Under Glass this weekend, and I LOVE it!! All great builds, but this one just has something extra in the stance, colors, subject... it’s my favorite. I could repeat this on each post other than the favorite part. GREAT WORK!!!
  12. 70 Hemi Cuda - 2nd Time Around

    I’ll be watching for that one!!!
  13. 70 Hemi Cuda - 2nd Time Around

    Thanks Ron!! Funny, when I researched, my top two colors were burnt orange and red. Burnt orange was my favorite, but my Testors Fiery orange was a little too light, and I didn’t think I could truly replicate the color without ordering a $30 can of automotive paint. This was my favorite picture:
  14. 70 Hemi Cuda - 2nd Time Around

    Thanks!! There is something ever so slightly off... I wonder if it might be a tiny bit short, because while everything looks right, it seems a little stubby compared to 1:1 photos. Anyway, the green one was painted with automotive paint from automotivetouchup.com. It’s Pontiac Verdoro Green.
  15. Post pics of your fave paint jobs!

    It’s Testors Model Master 2945 Turquoise Metallic.