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  1. 69 Mustang Mach 1

    Beautiful work and a gorgeous color... GREAT job!!!
  2. AMT 69 GTX

    I know!!! But the ones up front are standard depth and the ones in the rear are actually Kelsey Hayes NASCAR wheels. I couldn’t put the deep ones up front and the shallow ones in back.
  3. AMT 69 GTX

    I built the AMT 68 Road Runner a couple years ago.... it wasn’t my best work, and it was an awful kit. The chassis just fell out of the body when you picked it up, the usual old casting problems were all there, lack of detail, and everyone who has built it knows about the terrible taillights. It was the kit that was stuck at the back of the shelf where no one would see it, and the chassis fell out of the body and broke when we moved to St. Louis two years ago. I tossed it in the garbage and didn’t think twice. Well, since Round 2 re-released the 69 GTX, I figured maybe it could replace the RR and put that generation of MOPAR back on my shelf, as I always liked them. This is a weird kit... lots of drag parts, including a short rear axle and big wheel backs to hold some serious slicks, but no extra tires... only the pad printed redlines. They have all the Dirty Donny decals and extra logos, but don’t have basics like dash gauges. There’s both a Hemi with both cross-ram and normal dual quad setups, and a 440 with either 4-barrel or six pack options, but the intake manifold for the 4-barrel is way to small to cover the top of the block, rendering it useless. When I used the kit air cleaner as instructed, it was too tall to put the hood on, so I found another six-pack air cleaner in the parts bin. I will say most everything else fit together well, and while extremely similar, came together much better than the Road Runner. Lots of flashing to deal with, but that’s par for the course with these reissues. I was going to paint it frost green, as I’m going to purchase that paint for my 69 Camaro SS, but I’m starting a new job and it might be a month or so before I can afford to go purchase paint for a build... wanting to get this done, I went another direction. Having already done the interior in dark green, I chose a Duplicolor gunmetal that I had lying around, as that seemed like a possible combination. I liked the red pinstripe trim and hood vents in the reference pictures I saw, so I added that to my build as well. Wired the engine, added a couple vacuum hoses, and used some parts box wheels and tires. It’s still not the greatest kit, but I’m happy with the results and glad to have this generation B-body on the shelf. Hope you like it and thanks for looking. Engine before final accessories and installation: Interior: My replacement air cleaner: And all finished:
  4. 68 Firebird 400 (updated 10/20/2018)

    Great job so far... love that color!! I’m very interested in this kit... want to grab one instead of the Foose version. Howare the Pontiac rally wheels in this kit and what tires does it come with?
  5. 66 GTO plus a couple redos

    Haven’t been able to do much lately... life got crazy on me... but I finished a project the other day, and while finishing it, got a chance to improve a couple old builds. I got the reissue of the Revell 66 GTO, and shortly thereafter, picked up the reissue of the AMT 69 GTX. I’m just starting on the GTX, but it ended up lending its pad printed Redline tires to the GTO. I had trouble coming up with a color for my Goat, figuring out an interior before an exterior color. I painted my interior ivory instead of white, then used an automotive pearl coat over it to give a little vinyl metallic sheen. I decided to go with a black exterior at first, but strangely, my Duplicolor black finish came out far more uneven than usual. I polished it out and thought it was good to go, but then my clear bubbled and curdled, so I had to strip it. In the stripping process, my primer refused to give way, leaving me to scrape the remnants off, and in the process, I gouged the right side of the body pretty badly. Black would have shown the damage too clearly, so I needed a different color. I ended up using my Mercedes B300 blue, as it was in the neighborhood of Charcoal Blue, a 66 GTO color. i used the stock wheels and the GTX’s redlines. I wired the engine, but the body issues kept me from going all out on details. Also, my rear wheels aren’t level, the interior wouldn’t fit into the body properly, the front bumper wouldn’t line up... lots of issues I didn’t expect from this kit. In the end, it’s NOT my best, but it’s on the shelf. While finishing the GTO, I pulled one of my two 70 Monte Carlos out and decided to repaint it. I painted it with Testors Root Beer, and used Monogram 1/24 skinny muscle car tires that the kit wheels could actually fully fit into. Finally, I redid my Revell 67 Chevelle for the third time. It started out gray with a red interior. Then I repainted the body silver with a black vinyl top. I changed wheels and tires 5 or 6 times, but I just wasn’t happy with it. This time, I tried Tahoe Turquoise with a two tone cream/tan interior. The other big key was using the tires from the 70 Monte Carlo along with the unpainted Chevy Rally wheels from the AMT 69 Chevelle, which I painted black. I’m finally happy with this build! Anyway, here’s the group... hope you like them and thanks for looking! GTO MC Chevelle
  6. 70 454 Caprice coupe Finished pics 9/17

  7. Revell 1968 Chevelle

    A couple thoughts... 1. I’m EXCITED about this kit... I have been lamenting the lack of a good Chevelle kit of this era. The AMT 69 is awful and the old Monogram 70 is mostly unavailable, 1/24 scale and simplistic as those old kits were. I’d LOVE if they could use some of this tooling to someday give us a good 71-72 SS 454, but this is a fantastic start! I’m already thinking about colors/plan for my first one. 2. Does it say on the FB preview or the preorder how many pieces this is? The body and interior look fantastic, but the engine compartment seems sparse. The special edition kits are high piece count, so I was wondering. 3. If they don’t make that version, some styrene could be used to make a post coupe. I see either a 2nd of these or the 69 when it comes out being kit-bashed with a COPO Camaro kit... use the 427 and the dog dish caps on the Chevelle.
  8. 1970 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler

    Man, that’s a sweet looking ride! Outstanding work with the conversion.
  9. 72 Goat

    I did mine with the chassis and engine shroud from the 69 442, and borrowed all kinds of engine components from elsewhere. I cut the trunk on both sides and spread the body to meet the bumper in back and used aftermarket wheels and tires. A LOT of effort to clean up this horrible kit, but it made a somewhat more convincing replica:
  10. 1966 Chevrolet Impala SS 396

    STUNNING!!! Gorgeous rendition of my all-time favorite Impala.
  11. Revell 66 GTO

    Not much to report on this, but I got a couple things done. The first one was something new... this is the first kit I’ve ever bought that has decals for floor mats. Great idea, Revell!! I wondered if it would be difficult when it came to making my floor, though, because I couldn’t lay the decals over the embossing powder on the floor. But, it was pretty easy. So now I have the floor done. Only other thing I got completed was laying some clear on the Firebird body. Onward...
  12. Revell 66 GTO

    I’m back from my business trip and getting re-started on these. This is mainly about the GTO, but as I mentioned, I’m rebuilding my 68 Firebird as well. It’s the Foose version that I “de-Foosed” a couple years ago. It was black with a red interior, which was cool, but not as striking on this car as it is on others. Also, my paint job was solid, but not great, the chrome trim was faded... I just wanted it to look better: Two years ago, I bought a can of Verdoro Green from automotivetouchup.com. I used it on my 70 Cuda and my 71 Charger... two Mopars. When I stripped this down, my plan was to finally use that color on a Pontiac. But looking at reference pics, it was the Maroon Firebirds that caught my eye. With that on the outside, I went with a black interior. I took it all apart and started repainting. First, interior and repaint the engine. (I’ve only partially repainted the transmission in the photo) For the body, I bought a can of Testors one coat Mythical Maroon. I’ve polished it and it is ready for clear coat:
  13. Revell 66 GTO

    THANKS!!! MAN, now I’m gonna be rooting through the couch cushions looking for an extra $60K... that thing is gorgeous!!!!!
  14. Revell 66 GTO

    I’m having a Poncho party.... I bought the re-release of the Revell 66 GTO and decided to tear my 68 Firebird apart and rebuild it. I haven’t posted any WIPs in a while, so what the heck. This will be a stock build with some added details as per usual. The only GTO I’ve built is my big project to turn the MPC 72 into something decent, and that was for a friend, so I’m happy to have a goat on the shelf. First off, I had a real struggle to figure out what colors this thing will be. I did have a can of Duplicolor silver blue... it might not be a perfect shade, but it looks pretty close for my engine block: (sorry for the late night poorly lit basement photo) Before I decided on an exterior color, I figured out an interior scheme. In the Pontiac Sales brochure, they listed their white interior as Parchment. However, to me, parchment is off-white. I had a can of Krylon Ivory that I just used on my 67 Impala, so I figured I could use that for the vinyl. Then, today, I had another idea...a lot of these 60s vinyl interiors had a pearly metallic sheen, including the 66 GTO. I have an Infiniti pearl white paint system, and the pearl is a separate midcoat after you lay the color down, so I gave that a shot. Again, poor lighting, but I like the effect: I also detailed my wheels, and chose some other tires. I love the pad printed redlines in the kit, but they are Revell’s tiny tires that get put into too many of their muscle car kits, and just look lost on a car this long. I dug around in the parts box, and really liked these with the stock wheels. They have a good 60s look, are wider and bigger circumference to fill the wheel well out better. They are from the AMT 70 Monte Carlo. I thought I had my exterior choice whittled do maroon or midnight blue. I chose maroon for the 68 Firebird, so midnight blue it is.... until doing final research to confirm my choice, I noticed something. Using a brighter color for demonstration, look in between the grill and the bumper: It’s body color. This kit has the whole grill/bumper/headlights as one piece, making it difficult thing to add body color in that tiny space. I also went and checked builds of this kit, and didn’t see any that had that detail covered, so I wanted to get it done. Unfortunately, I don’t have any dark blue brush paint to match the spray I was going to use, and while I have sprayed paint into the lid and dipped a brush in before, the can is pretty low, so I didn’t think I’d have enough. The only paint that I had a matching jar of was good old black. I’m sure glad I decided to go with that, because once I got the first coat on the body and held it against the tires and a part of the interior, I was really happy. I also painted little black circles in each headlight bezel. I will use a toothpick to scratch some off and thin them out, but the point is to make a little shadow at the edge of the lens and give it a more realistic look. Also painted the grill surround steel: Wet sanding/polishing to come.
  15. 67 Impala SS - Capris Cream

    Interior is a Duplicolor paint called Bahama Blue, with Vallejo Prussian Blue painted over the black embossing powder to make the carpet.