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  1. I wanted to use a piece of guitar string, but it got all bent up and couldn’t be used. This is the only other thing I had laying around and I had already drilled the hole. Next time I change strings in my guitar, I’ll swap a new piece in there instead of the styrene.
  2. I used Testors Flame Red. It’s a gloss paint, but comes out semi-gloss without clear coat. I used a little Testors flat cherry to make the center seam. The red embossing powder is a little lighter than the paint color, but I like the contrast.
  3. FINALLY.... I took new pictures and these loaded.... my interior pic was taken before the body and chassis were joined, so I couldn’t get a good new pic of it. And, sitting with my other 69 dog dish bow tie...
  4. Nope, that didn’t work, either. I’ll try taking all new pictures later.
  5. Trying a copy/paste method...
  6. The pictures won’t load... I’ve tried multiple times and every single pic gives me the pop up message download failed. I’ll keep trying
  7. I built the 69 Nova SS a couple years ago, and loved the kit, but was never happy with my results. I repainted it twice, changed wheels and tires 8-10 times, but never was satisfied. In the last stripping process, the body was damaged, so it was time to replace it. (I have another project for the sweet 350, though) This time, I bought the COPO kit, as I wanted the dog dish caps, plain rear panel and bench seat. I wanted my Nova to look like grandma’s car, but with just a little serious edge to it... like the COPO was, it should be a real sleeper. After researching, I chose Cortez Silver as my color, but had to experiment to get a good version. After multiple spoon tests the best match was the simplest: a can of Infiniti Pearl Midcoat paint sprayed directly over Tamiya gray primer, then cleared. I didn’t want a black interior, so I went with red, which was an available option in 1969. I wired my engine, and created vacuum hoses, a throttle cable and heater hoses along with battery cables. I also used a little scrap of styrene to make a radio antenna. I raised my rear end slightly, and used the slightly larger tires that were for the NASCAR version of the 69 Charger Daytona I recently completed on the rear. That gave it the stance I wanted. I did have to hold back one temptation: I LOVE a muscle car to have dog dish caps and white letter tires, but to keep this as inconspicuous as possible, I kept them as blackwalls. I also added the side stripes: I think the car looks better without them, but they do make it look more “grandma-ish.” Thanks for looking... hope you like it! Interior: The rest: My 427: Two of my three dog dish Bow ties:
  8. I’m gonna go with one word here.... WOW!!
  9. Short thread- 69 Nova

    Moving to final assembly... got my interior done: And, she’s on wheels. The hood is standing up because I made heater hoses and haven’t attached them to the engine yet. The front end isn’t glued yet... just sitting on for reference.
  10. Short thread- 69 Nova

    A few updates. I got my engine wired up and decals on: Chassis: And finally, I started on the decals, including the body stripe. I think I might like it better without the stripe, but it does look good, and the stripe makes it even more “grandma-ish” to me. This pic is also better lighting to see the “primer pearl” color. Next will be all the interior details, getting the glass installed and starting to pull the components together.
  11. Short thread- 69 Nova

    Thank you! Yes, it has the bucket seats and the bench. I’ll go with the bench, as it’s a Nova, and when do you get a bench seat in a model?
  12. Short thread- 69 Nova

    I built the Revell 69 Nova before... the SS 350 kit. GREAT kit, but my end result was less than I hoped. Mainly, it was my color choice... a Forest Green exterior with a pea green interior. The greens clashed. I also was very unhappy with the Chevy Rally wheels in this kit... shallow, small and while the holes molded open was nice, the holes themselves were too large and square to look good. A year later, I repainted it with Verdoro Green and switched out wheels and tires. I liked that much better, but it was a little too “pretty” for a Nova. I kept changing out wheels and tires... then it got stripped again and repainted a metallic red with a black interior. None of the changes made it more satisfactory in the end, and the last stripping process scarred some of the body, so it was destined to be replaced. This time I got the COPO kit. When I researched for this build, the color that really stood out to me was Cortez Silver. One picture that I really liked was this: This was the winner. But, also, this and a couple other pictures showed me a finish that wasn’t a very sparkly silver. I wanted to try to replicate that, but all the model paint and Duplicolor silvers I saw were a heavier metallic, and I didn’t want to invest in a $25 can of auto paint for this build. I got an idea. A friend had asked me to try and fix a paint issue on their family car last year, and had bought some paint from Automotive Touchup for me to work with. Their car is an Infiniti that’s pearl white, and the paint came as a two-stage process: base white and a pearl midcoat before clear. I just put the pearl midcoat directly over my gray primer and viola! It’s a tiny bit lighter than I wanted... my clear coat actually lightened it a little, but I’m happy with the finish. My other change from any pictures I reviewed was the interior. Everything I saw was black, but red was an available color option on Nova interiors for 1969. If that combo could look good on every Porsche and other sports car of that era, it could work on my Nova. Please excuse the terrible pictures, as I took them late at night in poor light, but here’s my progress so far: One shot with the flash on to see the “primer pearl” I'm using the kit tires in front, and the “NASCAR” tires left over from my 69 Daytona in back. I raised the rear a little to improve the stance. Also, as much as I love white lettered tires, especially with dog dish hubcaps, these will stay blackwalls to keep the pure sleeper look. More to come.
  13. 71 Duster 340

    I miss those days! My first car was a 71 Chevelle. It wasn’t an SS, but a basic 350 4-barrel Malibu coupe. Some rust but solid, 120K miles, light green with matching interior and a black vinyl roof. I paid $250 for it!! Drove it for a year, and had done the body work myself to get it ready for a repaint, but an oil line ruptured driving home one night, which seized the engine. After a few weeks of car shopping, I bought a 73 Plymouth Road Runner... a few rust bubbles, but shiny gray finish with black stripes, perfect black interior and a strong 360 under the hood for $1900. Had a body shop fix the rust and put it in some local shows... not bad for less than $2,000! Meanwhile, my best friend endured the hand-me—down car from grandma for two years, but right before senior year, found a 72 Cutlass Supreme... 350... orange with black vinyl roof and a cream interior. It had 71,000 miles on it, and was owned by an elderly gentleman who washed it every week... you could eat dinner off of the engine. He took it home for $3500. Crazy what $ those cars command now.
  14. the dodge

    Beautifully grungy!!! That’s a perfect beater. Awesome work!