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  1. Kmb0319 added a post in a topic 1970 challenger vert   

    Looks like a great barn find!  I'll second the tire question... were those in the kit?
  2. Kmb0319 added a post in a topic 1967 Cougar - Modelhaus   

    WOW that’s NIce!!!! Outstanding work!
  3. Kmb0319 added a post in a topic The new Revell 1978 RX-7   

    just spray paint and plaid insert decals... they’re in the kit.
  4. Kmb0319 added a post in a topic The new Revell 1978 RX-7   

    That reminds me of a guy at my old office back in the late 90s.  He was 6’2”, and.... this was straight from his mouth, not an exaggeration... 380 lbs.  He made a string of deals that brought in a significant chunk of cash, so he bought his dream car... a brand new Corvette.  About two weeks after he purchased it, he arrived at work one beautiful spring morning, and we were all outside enjoying the weather until we had to be inside.  I was happy for him to have achieved a milestone and been able to get his dream car, but it was a sight to watch him struggle to get out of that car... it was noticeably  leaning to the left, and as low as it was, he nearly rolled onto the ground.  One of the older guys in the office, who always had a blunt way of putting things, said “I think that Corvette just gave birth.”  😂😂😂😂. 
  5. Kmb0319 added a topic in Under Glass   

    The new Revell 1978 RX-7
    Well, I've been wanting to play with this kit.  I owned two first-gen RX-7s as I graduated college and felt like I should have something other than a rumbling muscle car to go on job interviews.  So, out went the 73 Road Runner, and I found a beautiful black '82 RX-7 with a red interior for $2995.  Six weeks later, I was hit by a drunk driver... I escaped mostly intact, but the car was totaled.  So, I got the insurance check, and replaced that RX with another one... a charcoal gray 84 with a burgundy interior.  I loved those cars!!!  
    This kit is a little different than mine since it's a '78, so I decided to use it as more of a tribute than a direct copy.  I saw that the 1978 model offered a burgundy/red interior, and I replicated that, using Tamiya Gunmetal as my body color.  (the two-tone doesn't show very well in my pics) I did fill in the body side molding with flat black, even though the molding itself isn't present.  Other than that, it's mostly box stock.  I added some wiring underhood, and used a little Tamiya Smoke to tint the rear window.  The only other tiny detail I added was in the interior... the armrests are separate pieces, but they don't have the door handles molded in.  So, I cut a part number tab from a sprue, cut it in half, glued it to the door and painted it.  Not the most realistic solution, but at least there's something there.  Hope you enjoy.
     Here's the engine:


    And all finished!

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  6. Kmb0319 added a post in a topic 70 CHARGERs   

    Just gorgeous!!!! Beautiful color, and flawless build.  I've been waiting to start seeing a few of these built... Great work!!!
  7. Kmb0319 added a post in a topic FrankenGoat - making something DECENT out of the MPC 72 GTO   

    Now she sits awaiting tires and decals.

    One other engine view... 
  8. Kmb0319 added a topic in Under Glass   

    67 GTX- Redoing Christine
    When I built my 67 GTX and posted it, I titled the post "the new Christine," as this kit was possessed.  I had to strip and repaint it at least 5 times, parts went missing... overall, it was a total nightmare build of a great kit.  In the end, I also wasn't really happy with the result.  The color wasn't bad, but something about it just didn't "pop" with this model, and the interior was just wrong.  I don't think they even made a tan interior, but my tan/brown two-tone really looked out of place.  Also, the stance was off, as the interior/firewall connection into the body wasn't totally correct, and the front end sat too high.  Then again, it didn't look BAD.....  this was my first result:

    I didn't have a major issue with it, but I always looked at it and thought it could be better.  Over the last year, I've changed wheels/tires on it a few times, thinking maybe that would make a difference... not so much.  Without much on the bench or anything I'm really dying to build right now, I finally decided to bite the bullet and see if I could make this better.  
    I didn't do much... took it apart, dropped the body in brake fluid and looked at pics to figure out a color combo I liked better.  In the end, I went close to familiar: my mom had a 67 Belvedere that was baby blue with a dark blue interior.  Instead of baby blue, I went with a very light blue metallic.  I repainted the interior first, then repainted the body.  Now, this thing was repainted so many times on the first build, I didn't have a great chance of getting it fully cleaned up and having a perfect finish, but it didn't come out too badly.  
    For wheels/tires, I also made a change.  I messed around with different options, but I liked the idea of dog dish caps on this thing, and decided rather than make the wheels match the body color as usual, I'd do them in black.  I used a set of Nascar steelies for the rear to be a little deeper, and found slightly larger rear tires.  The last thing was making sure during reassembly that i got the interior/firewall installation correct in order to bring that front end down and have it sit properly.  In the end, it might be a tomato/tomahto thing, but I like the redo better.  After so many repaints and removing pieces that left glue behind, the finish isn't totally up to par, but I'm much happier with the overall look.  (engine pic is exactly the same.... nothing changed there)  See which one you like better!

    I did lose all the body decals in the stripping process, so I just had to do the best I could with a sharpie.  I was able to get the sides, but not the P-L-Y-M-O-U-T-H across the hood.  I guess I can live with that.
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  9. Kmb0319 added a post in a topic FrankenGoat - making something DECENT out of the MPC 72 GTO   

    Finally.... YES!!! Thanks for following along. Progress was very slow, and this sat for a few months without the engine, as time and $ were tight. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to spring for the tires yet, but I got the Revell engine.  It's interesting... the block, oil pan, water pump and cylinder heads are correct Pontiac pieces, but as this is a mid-60s 421, the carbs/intake setup is a tri-power, the valve covers aren't correct for this 455 and there is a bell housing but no transmission.   Well, I called this build Frankengoat for a reason, and this engine is the epitome of the name.  Here is what I used to try and get the right look according to my study of reference pictures:
    -  aforementioned engine base:  Revell Pontiac 421 kit
    -  Valve covers, intake, carb and air cleaner:  AMT 69 Chevelle SS 396
    -  Morgan Automotive pre-wired distributor 
    -  Fram oil filter from a Revell Hemi
    -  Parts box starter, ignition coil and radiator hose
    -  The fan belt assembly with alternator and a/c is from the Revell 65 Impala, as is the battery, a/c hoses/box and master cylinder 
    -  The AMT 69 442 that donated its chassis also donated its firewall, but it had to be trimmed to allow the body and chassis to fit together properly.  In the end, it also donated its transmission...  in the pic below, I had used the 4-speed from the Revell 72 Hurst Olds kit, but it was too large for the transmission tunnel, so the unit that went with the donor chassis replaced it.  Lastly, I cut the front cover area of the engine compartment out of the Cutlass' body and glued it into the GTO.
    -  The Radiator and shroud are from a Monogram NASCAR kit, with the race oil cooler cut off
    -  The fan and exhaust headers are actually the ones from the GTO kit.  The Revell 421 headers were too big and long... on one side, the exhaust pipe isn't long enough to reach the header, but I'll have to live with it.  I also cut the feeder tube from the Cutlass that runs from the header up to the air cleaner and attached it.
    I added wires from the washer bottle to the wiper motor, battery cables, ran a brake line and a vacuum hose off of the master cylinder and matched other hoses to the reference pics.  I also bent a piece of wire and made an oil dipstick.  Imight add one more from the air cleaner snorkel to the carb, but other than that, my engine bay is done.  It's not perfect, but far more passable than the complete lack of detail in this kit.  I wanted to get carb linkage and other details, but I recently lost my job, so I'll just go with what I have for this one. I will look through my spare decals for an under hood marking or two as necessary. The only other thing I will definitely get along with the tires is the Keith Marks decal set, which includes the 455 decal for the air cleaner.  Once I apply that, I'll hit the air cleaner with a gloss coat, as these weren't flat black.
    Once the engine bay was done, I got the body and chassis together and added the front valence.  I have touch ups to the chrome, exhaust tips, an antenna, tires and decals, and this thing will be finished at last!  Then I'll put it in a case and take it to my buddy.  I'll have a couple more updates soon and then I'll get it Under Glass.  Sorry it's taken so long... thanks for following along.
    Here is the engine before the transmission swap:

    And the full engine bay together:

    More to come... hopefully soon!
  10. Kmb0319 added a post in a topic Revell `87 Camaro Iroc 1/16   

    Just absolutely PHENOMENAL as usual!  I would swear that is not a model.  I know you did one for the magazine years ago, but I can't get into that back issue... we need (well, my sorry butt does) a painting tutorial from you, as time after time you produce the most perfect finishes I've ever seen!!!
  11. Kmb0319 added a post in a topic 1971 Dodge Charger   

    I'm not sure what other superlatives I can add, but .... STANDING OVATION!!!!!!👏🏼
  12. Kmb0319 added a topic in Under Glass   

    A (mostly) happy accident - Ferrari 288 GTO
    After finishing my holy grail Ferrari 250 GTO, I was looking around seeing if there was anything else that might be at the top of my list still to do.  One of them is coming soon... I never got to build the Revell 69 Daytona, and I've always wanted to build a winged warrior, so I will grab that when it comes out again.
    But, what else??  I'm getting to the bottom of my holy grails... the Fujimi enthusiast kits are great, but either not "must" builds or getting too rare and expensive to be worth it.  But.... while I don't think it was part of the enthusiast line, the 288 GTO was my favorite supercar back in high school, and the Fujimi kit of it is one I've wanted for 30 years.
    So, I started looking for one, and I goofed.  I found the Testors 288 GTO at Spotlight Hobbies for $25, and jumped on it.  Now, Testors reboxed the Fujimi Porsche 356, Ferrari Dino, Porsche 911, BMW 635, etc, so I made the mistake of thinking it was the same.  However, when it arrived, I saw it was the Italeri kit that Testors boxed, not the Fujimi.  
    It's not the Fujimi kit... far less parts, more simplified and out of proportion in areas, but the overall look of the finished model is pretty good.  Since it was lacking details, I added some of my own... mostly wiring in the engine and borrowed decals.  I've now built 5 Ferraris, and none of them are basic red.  But, this one is in the neighborhood... I used Duplicolor Inferno red metallic.  In the end, this ended up being a fun little build, and I'm OK with the result.  Although, I am still thinking about that Fujimi kit.  Anyway, I hope you like it!
    Here is the engine after adding details:
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  13. Kmb0319 added a post in a topic 1970 Dodge Charger   

    OUTSTANDING!!!!  Love it... and it looks mean.
  14. Kmb0319 added a post in a topic Fujimi Ferrari 250 GTO - a "Holy Grail" build   

    Thank you!  I have 4 Ferraris in the collection and a 5th almost finished.  The first 3, an F12, a California with the top down and a 458 Italia are all different shades of gray.. when I posted the last one, I titled the post 50 Shades of Gray with a picture of all 3 together.  This one was going to be this blue from the second I bought it.  Now I'm almost done with a 288 GTO, and it IS red, but a deep red metallic.  I can't bring myself to paint a Ferrari basic Ferrari red...  nothing against it, it just isn't different enough to be interesting.
  15. Kmb0319 added a post in a topic 69 Daytona   

    BEAUTIFUL job.... this is highly inspirational for me, as I'm really excited about the re-release of this kit at the end of the year.  Thanks for sharing