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  1. 68 Mustang redo

    Thank you all! I’m just getting started on the Revell 69 Boss... that one has stripes and spoilers and Magnums, so it made sense for this one to be plain but purposeful.
  2. Ferrari 275 GTB

    This looks like a museum piece... just phenomenal!!!
  3. 68 Mustang redo

    Thank you, Michelle!
  4. 68 Mustang redo

    I built the Revell 68 Mustang GT kit a couple years ago. Other than a few strange assembly methods (screw through the gas tank) that harken back to it’s origin as a die cast, it’s not a bad kit. For me, it was a weird build. It was one of those where everything went right all the way to final assembly, when a multitude of things went spectacularly wrong and left me with a highly flawed mess of a final product. At the same time, some of the things that were so right up until the end kept me from just starting over. I changed the wheels and tires multiple times and kept trying to make myself happy with it, but finally took it apart and decided to redo it. The engine, chassis and interior were left alone, as all my issues were on the outside and cosmetic. It was originally painted Acapulco Blue with the two-tone blue interior and white GT stripes. My finish was nearly perfect, but strange things happened at the end... something caused large gouges in the roof, my chrome trim kept smearing, and I still have no idea why waxing the same paint/clear I’ve used 20 times with the same wax I’ve used for years suddenly caused crazing in the hood and trunk. This time, I wanted to go less pretty and more mean. Since my interior was blue, it limited my options for color, so I went basic and painted it white. After stripping the old finish, sanding the body down and puttying the spot in the roof, I laid down a couple coats of Krylon Painter’s Touch White. I sanded and polished, and then added two coats of Duplicolor clear and polished/waxed it. For wheels, I went with the steelies that were in the Revell 69 Daytona for the “NASCAR” version. ( they don’t really look like Holman-Moody wheels anyway) I painted them white to match the body. Tires are from the parts box as well. I didn’t want to use any stripes on this one. It’s still not great, but I am happier with it now. It’s good enough to move on. Thanks for looking!
  5. 1970 AAR Cuda

    Man that color is beautiful!!!! Loving this build and thanks for posting this on the newly released kit.
  6. 1970 AAR Cuda

    Funny you mention that, Steve. Burnt Orange Metallic has been my plan for the AAR since I heard it was coming out. Haven’t picked it up yet, but I will soon.
  7. AMT 68 Camaro

    I have two Revell 67 Camaros, and 3 different Revell 69s, so I had a hole in my first generation Camaros that only AMT could fill. (Also have one AMT 70) This is not a great kit...it’s lacking details and realism... it’s more like building a toy than a replica, but I wanted to fill out the lineup. I decided to do a few things to improve the kit, but not go overboard. This is a shelf model. I didn’t want to build it as a Z28, using the toy-like engine. I had a Chevy 350 laying around from my Nova SS kit that died, so I put that to use here. I also used the radiator from a Revell Camaro, as it looked far better than the piece that was in the kit. The radiator hose doesn’t quite make it all the way, but it’s still better than what was provided... I can add some material to extend it. Also, the hood doesn’t quite fit correctly... I sanded it down a little, but it isn’t the size as much as it’s warped. The wheels are from the Revell 68 Chevelle, as the kit rallys are terrible... the slots are too big and the center hubs are cone shaped... and i wanted to use something different on this build. Paint is Testors Nassau Blue. Finally, I decided to leave the front bumper off... the 68s just look mean without them. All in all, its OK... a decent shelf model. I’ll extend the radiator hose, and I realized I still need to put the Chrome on the lock cylinders and find my spare Camaro decals for the fender emblems, but it will have its place to complete my 67-70 Camaro cycle. Thanks for looking.
  8. Post a cool model pic

  9. 68 camaro

    Nice! Like the two-tone paint and he Revell rally wheels look much better than the original ones in this kit. I’m working on this right now, too.
  10. Tamiya Ferrari 360 Modena

    WOW.... what an incredible finish!!!! I’ve never had paint that nice.
  11. Daisy Dukes '74 Road Runner Has Been Released!

    OH YEAH!!!! I’ve been waiting five years hoping to see this re-released. This was my high school and first three years of college car. I actually don’t know if I’ll build an exact replica of mine or just go with the best looking version I like when checking research pics, but this one is a must! I’ll definitely kitbash the 71 Charger, too.
  12. 1969 Cadillac DeVille Convertible

    This is just spectacular!!! It looks like it’s ready to cruise down the boulevard. Really incredible work.
  13. I wanted to use a piece of guitar string, but it got all bent up and couldn’t be used. This is the only other thing I had laying around and I had already drilled the hole. Next time I change strings in my guitar, I’ll swap a new piece in there instead of the styrene.
  14. I used Testors Flame Red. It’s a gloss paint, but comes out semi-gloss without clear coat. I used a little Testors flat cherry to make the center seam. The red embossing powder is a little lighter than the paint color, but I like the contrast.
  15. The Revell COPO kit