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  1. Kmb0319 added a post in a topic 1970 Dodge Charger   

    OUTSTANDING!!!!  Love it... and it looks mean.
  2. Kmb0319 added a post in a topic Fujimi Ferrari 250 GTO - a "Holy Grail" build   

    Thank you!  I have 4 Ferraris in the collection and a 5th almost finished.  The first 3, an F12, a California with the top down and a 458 Italia are all different shades of gray.. when I posted the last one, I titled the post 50 Shades of Gray with a picture of all 3 together.  This one was going to be this blue from the second I bought it.  Now I'm almost done with a 288 GTO, and it IS red, but a deep red metallic.  I can't bring myself to paint a Ferrari basic Ferrari red...  nothing against it, it just isn't different enough to be interesting.
  3. Kmb0319 added a post in a topic 69 Daytona   

    BEAUTIFUL job.... this is highly inspirational for me, as I'm really excited about the re-release of this kit at the end of the year.  Thanks for sharing 
  4. Kmb0319 added a post in a topic 1968 Dodge Charger R/T   

    WOW, brother.... I've been waiting for you to finish this one, and you KILLED it!!!! That is awesome!!! Tiny touch, but I love the exhaust tips.  Phenomenal job!!
  5. Kmb0319 added a post in a topic 68 Mustang - a disappointment   

    It wasn't that... when I test-fitted the front end onto the body without the chassis, it fit so well that it stayed in place without any glue... I could pick the body up and the front end would stay in place if I didn't move it too quickly.  But, when the whole car was together, the front end bumped into the frame and wouldn't align correctly or stay on.
    As for that Charger,  BRING IT!!! I can't wait to see what you do with that kit.  I'm now excited waiting for the re-release of the 69 Daytona.  It had gone out of production when I got back into the hobby, so this will be first chance to build a winged car.
  6. Kmb0319 added a post in a topic 68 Mustang - a disappointment   

    OUCH!!!! That sucks!  The one thing i did find when I bought a kit that didn't have guage decals is that a white pencil will fill in the numbers and lines nicely without messing up anything.  Then a toothpick with red or orange for the needles, and your guages look pretty good without the decals... of course, that's as long as they are engraved, and not completely reliant on the decal for detail.
  7. Kmb0319 added a post in a topic Fujimi Ferrari 250 GTO - a "Holy Grail" build   

    Thanks!  The rocker covers are weathered by my secret technique.... handle them after picking up a piece you've sprayed with metallizer 🤣  That stuff gets all over your fingers, and smudges everything you touch!!  Usually I'm getting wet paper towels to clean up whatever has been smudged l, but this time it worked to my advantage.  Blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while, I guess.
  8. Kmb0319 added a post in a topic Fujimi Ferrari 250 GTO - a "Holy Grail" build   

    Thank you!!  Those are actually in the kit!  They are black plastic, so you need paint them, but are 4 of the 250 pieces in this thing.
  9. Kmb0319 added a topic in Under Glass   

    Fujimi Ferrari 250 GTO - a "Holy Grail" build
    I bought this kit at the beginning of last summer, and couldn't wait to build it, but as one of my all-time holy grail kits, I waited.  I had a pretty significant stash built up at the time, and took to other projects first.  I started to really study this car and do a little work in Feb, and have taken my time.  First of all, this is an AMAZING model.  I started a thread about which 250 GTO kit was best, and I'm really glad I selected the Fujimi.  With over 250 pieces, it's complex, but fits together wonderfully.  
    I didn't build this to be an exact match to one of the 37 GTOs made.  The blue is taken from the second one ever made, but rather than put the white stripe on it, I chose to build it as though it was "retired" and leave any semblance of racing behind.  From there, I looked at reference pictures, and picked my favorite things I saw from different cars rather than match a chassis number.  So, while the two-tone seats were part of this blue GTO, I did the interior in steel rather than try to create the black quilted look, and mixed/matched other tiny dash details according to what I liked from various cars.
    When it came to the engine, this one is beautiful, but has a few glaring details the kit lacks to make it look real:

    The first is the hose coming from the carb linkage... in the above photo, it's a dirty cream color, but in most complete restorations, it's yellow.  The kit includes the rear portion, but not the front, so I recreated that with a piece of boot material that I painted yellow.  The second part that this kit lacks is spark plug wires.  In my research, I saw a few others wire this engine perfectly, but I don't consider myself to be that talented, and the wires all feed into a tube that is not hollow.  I'm guessing other builders must have gotten a photo-etch tube in a detail-up kit or something, but that wasn't an option.  But, if the two distributors were just sitting there with no wires, it would look terrible to me, so this was my low-level solution:  I took six pieces of spark plug wire, pushed the ends of them together and dropped a tiny drop of super glue on them to fuse them.  Then, I cut each wire's other end down to having a chunk of six wires that were each just about 1/4 inch long.  Then, I bent them towards that "tube" on the engine and twisted them together.  Once I had that shape, I glued the fused end to the distributor, and repeated for the other side.  Finally, I super glued one more piece of wire to the top of the distributor, and ran it back to the starter(s).  It's not perfect, but at least there is some kind of wiring in the engine.  The final major engine detail above is the two hoses running from the firewall and along the left side of the engine compartment, but as I looked at reference pics, they were present in some but not in others, so I elected not to try and replicate that.  I did add battery cables that no one will ever see!  It's not perfect, but this is my engine:

    My Interior (steering wheel decal fell off... I have replacements)

    And with this project finally done, I took her outside to get a few pics:

    This is absolutely the coolest model kit I've ever built.  It was an absolute joy, and I hope I did it justice.  This one will actually go in a case.  Hope you like it, thanks for looking.
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  10. Kmb0319 added a topic in Under Glass   

    68 Mustang - a disappointment
    A couple months ago, I went to my LHS to buy the new Revell RX-7 kit, but I had been thinking about the fact that my collection was missing a "staple."  While I did have a 67 Shelby GT350, I didn't have any classic "regular" Mustangs in my collection.  So, only planning to buy 1 kit, I saw a single straggler of the Revell 68 Mustang GT, and decided to grab it instead.
    Everything started out well, but I was having trouble committing to a color.  My first choice was Highland Green, but I was planning to use the kit's awesome torque thrust wheels, and that was pushing me far too close to Bullitt.  After debating several, I went with another signature Mustang color, Acapulco blue.  With that, I then chose to do the two-tone blue interior.  It's nice, but I was a bit underwhelmed in the end... probably should have just gone with the green.  But then, I had weird problems that came up:
    -  When I painted the headliner/pillars as part of the interior, the paint bled through the tape in a few spots.  Where that happened (mostly around the front windshield), the paint pooled under the tape and ate away some of the plastic, messing up my lines around the window.  
    -  The front end refused to properly attach to the body, even using super glue.  It took 5-6 attempts to get it to stay, and all the bizarre holding/mashing to get it to hold in place ruined my clear coat on the top of the right front quarter panel.  I'll touch it up, but still
    -  The clear I used (Duplicolor, used it lots of times before) suddenly acted strangely.  The shine was great, but it cracked in places that made no sense, and it refused to dry.  Two weeks after I had cleared, it was still slightly sticky to the touch.  I tried to get some wax on to protect it, and the wax left a haze... just stranget
    -  I painted the taillight panel black.  That was a 67 thing, not a 68, and wasn't my intention, but my chrome pen bled while doing the taillight trim, and that was the easiest way to clean it up
    -  During the front end debacle, I was holding the front end in place in my lap, and when I brought the car up, a headlight had fallen out.  No big deal... I've lost lots of TINY pieces during a build... sometimes it takes a few days, but I always end up finding them.  This much larger piece disappeared.  I found it a couple days ago after almost 3 weeks missing
    Anyway, this kit seems nice and fits together mostly very well, but it does show its roots as a diecast.  In the end, I was underwhelmed, but that's probably just me.  I wired the engine and raised the rear end so it didn't look droopy, and then used the AMT pad-printed Polyglas.. smaller in front, bigger in the rear.  I wanted to look a little mean... don't think I got it, but at least I have a non-Shelby Mustang on the shelf.  Anyway, on to a few pics:



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  11. Kmb0319 added a post in a topic BMW 2002 tii   

    Beautiful!  Looks ready to hop in and drive!
  12. Kmb0319 added a post in a topic 72 Roadrunner Kitbash   

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!!  Amazing job with this, and MAN, I love the 71-72 Road Runners.  Getting started on my Revell 71 now.  This is a great inspiration!
  13. Kmb0319 added a post in a topic 69 amx   

    I'm totally digging that red... what paint did you use?
  14. Kmb0319 added a post in a topic 1968 Dodge Charger R/T   

    Great work so far, Mike!!!  I don't want to steal your thread, but other than wheels, we had the same idea... Tamiya TS-54.  Good luck with yours... I'll be watching this one for sure!

  15. Kmb0319 added a post in a topic Revell 4 Quarter 2017   

    Well, I, for one am really excited about the re-release of the Daytona, as they are getting rarer and more expensive, and were already out of production when I got back into the hobby.  The only winged car available when I last built kits was the old Monogram Superbird, and this is a far better kit and my preference for subject.
    However, from here I would like to see some new stuff.  Complete new tool kits are exciting, but just as the Daytona could become a 500 with minimal new parts, they could really up their muscle car game adjusting some of the excellent stuff they have, just like the upcoming 85 442.  
    A few thoughts:
    67 Camaro convertible  (use the rally wheels from the 67 Chevelle kit)
    70 AAR 'Cuda (supposedly coming, but shouldn't take this long)
    70-71 Challenger R/T (already have a good 440, just body parts to mold)
    67 Foose Coronet can be updated to a 68, with lots of 68 Charger parts
    72 442 coupe (preferably non-fastback)
    68 or 69 Mustang notchback (kit of each, take your pick)
    And my ultimate Revell muscle car fantasy:  utilize some of the Cuda and 68 - 70 Charger tooling to develop a new, full detail 71 Road Runner/GTX
    The other thing I've been waiting on SOMEONE to do (Revell, Tamiya, Fujimi) a GOOD, 1/24 scale full detail kit of a Jaguar XK-E (why is that so impossible??) and a BMW 3.0 CS.  Tell me those wouldn't sell!!