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  1. Revell 66 GTO

    Not much to report on this, but I got a couple things done. The first one was something new... this is the first kit I’ve ever bought that has decals for floor mats. Great idea, Revell!! I wondered if it would be difficult when it came to making my floor, though, because I couldn’t lay the decals over the embossing powder on the floor. But, it was pretty easy. So now I have the floor done. Only other thing I got completed was laying some clear on the Firebird body. Onward...
  2. Revell 66 GTO

    I’m back from my business trip and getting re-started on these. This is mainly about the GTO, but as I mentioned, I’m rebuilding my 68 Firebird as well. It’s the Foose version that I “de-Foosed” a couple years ago. It was black with a red interior, which was cool, but not as striking on this car as it is on others. Also, my paint job was solid, but not great, the chrome trim was faded... I just wanted it to look better: Two years ago, I bought a can of Verdoro Green from automotivetouchup.com. I used it on my 70 Cuda and my 71 Charger... two Mopars. When I stripped this down, my plan was to finally use that color on a Pontiac. But looking at reference pics, it was the Maroon Firebirds that caught my eye. With that on the outside, I went with a black interior. I took it all apart and started repainting. First, interior and repaint the engine. (I’ve only partially repainted the transmission in the photo) For the body, I bought a can of Testors one coat Mythical Maroon. I’ve polished it and it is ready for clear coat:
  3. Revell 66 GTO

    THANKS!!! MAN, now I’m gonna be rooting through the couch cushions looking for an extra $60K... that thing is gorgeous!!!!!
  4. Revell 66 GTO

    I’m having a Poncho party.... I bought the re-release of the Revell 66 GTO and decided to tear my 68 Firebird apart and rebuild it. I haven’t posted any WIPs in a while, so what the heck. This will be a stock build with some added details as per usual. The only GTO I’ve built is my big project to turn the MPC 72 into something decent, and that was for a friend, so I’m happy to have a goat on the shelf. First off, I had a real struggle to figure out what colors this thing will be. I did have a can of Duplicolor silver blue... it might not be a perfect shade, but it looks pretty close for my engine block: (sorry for the late night poorly lit basement photo) Before I decided on an exterior color, I figured out an interior scheme. In the Pontiac Sales brochure, they listed their white interior as Parchment. However, to me, parchment is off-white. I had a can of Krylon Ivory that I just used on my 67 Impala, so I figured I could use that for the vinyl. Then, today, I had another idea...a lot of these 60s vinyl interiors had a pearly metallic sheen, including the 66 GTO. I have an Infiniti pearl white paint system, and the pearl is a separate midcoat after you lay the color down, so I gave that a shot. Again, poor lighting, but I like the effect: I also detailed my wheels, and chose some other tires. I love the pad printed redlines in the kit, but they are Revell’s tiny tires that get put into too many of their muscle car kits, and just look lost on a car this long. I dug around in the parts box, and really liked these with the stock wheels. They have a good 60s look, are wider and bigger circumference to fill the wheel well out better. They are from the AMT 70 Monte Carlo. I thought I had my exterior choice whittled do maroon or midnight blue. I chose maroon for the 68 Firebird, so midnight blue it is.... until doing final research to confirm my choice, I noticed something. Using a brighter color for demonstration, look in between the grill and the bumper: It’s body color. This kit has the whole grill/bumper/headlights as one piece, making it difficult thing to add body color in that tiny space. I also went and checked builds of this kit, and didn’t see any that had that detail covered, so I wanted to get it done. Unfortunately, I don’t have any dark blue brush paint to match the spray I was going to use, and while I have sprayed paint into the lid and dipped a brush in before, the can is pretty low, so I didn’t think I’d have enough. The only paint that I had a matching jar of was good old black. I’m sure glad I decided to go with that, because once I got the first coat on the body and held it against the tires and a part of the interior, I was really happy. I also painted little black circles in each headlight bezel. I will use a toothpick to scratch some off and thin them out, but the point is to make a little shadow at the edge of the lens and give it a more realistic look. Also painted the grill surround steel: Wet sanding/polishing to come.
  5. 67 Impala SS - Capris Cream

    Interior is a Duplicolor paint called Bahama Blue, with Vallejo Prussian Blue painted over the black embossing powder to make the carpet.
  6. 67 Impala SS - Capris Cream

    I’ve nearly bought the AMT 67 Impala kit a half dozen times, only to have it finish 2nd to another. I finally picked it up. Originally, it was a blue on blue car, but after polishing it out for clear coat, the clear reacted to a different polish than I’d used before and curdled. At the same time as my paint mishap, I purchased the Revell 66 GTO, and spoon tested an ivory paint for the interior. After shooting it on the spoon, I shot some clear on it to see if it could be suitable for an exterior color, and liked what I saw. Having stripped the blue from the Impala body, since I wasn’t completely sold on the blue I used, I went ahead and painted it with the Ivory. It’s a good match for Chevy’s Capris Cream, and I liked it with the blue interior. Wired the distributor, made battery cables and a couple vacuum hoses, and found some replacement chrome valve covers in the parts box. The only other change was tires, as the Firestone wide ovals are just too little for a car this big. The fronts are from the Revell 71 Cuda, and the rears are the optional “fatties” from the Moebius 65 Satellite. I had first used them on the back of my 71 Charger, but I got several comments when I posted it that the rear tires looked too “truckish,” and I agreed. On this huge beast, they don’t look big at all! I figured they would be necessary to get any traction when the 427 is trying to move such a big vehicle. This kit, like a few of AMT’s finest, has the frame separated from the underbody, which I enjoy during the build: Interior shot before installation: And done... thanks for looking!
  7. 66 GT350H- Ivy Green

    My collection lacks good Mustangs. I have the AMT 67 Shelby, which is a nice kit and the Revell 68 GT, which didn’t come out very well. I plan on getting the new Revell Boss 302 when it comes out, but with Revell being sold, that might be a while. Anyway, I had a couple bigger projects that require some aftermarket investment to continue, and we were getting ready for a big family trip to Europe, so I was looking for a quick, inexpensive build to mess with in the last couple weeks before we left. I built this kit in high school... and due to the kit’s age and the fact that my “sweet spot” is 68-72 muscle cars, I’ve overlooked this on the shelf hundreds of times. But I looked up some images and fell back in love with the first generation Mustang, especially the fastback, and the kit is dirt cheap, so I grabbed it. I knew I wanted to paint it dark green, and I had a nearly full can of Fathom Green from my Camaro convertible build. I thought about a few variations.. different wheels, making a green/white pony interior, but in the end, stayed with kit wheels and black interior. Added some details to the engine, made seatbelts and used some Polyglas GTs, but it’s stock other than that. You will notice the side rear windows are not there... one of them disappeared during final assembly. It HAS to be somewhere nearby. If I can’t find it soon, I will either request a replacement from Revell or put the window vents in, although I prefer the glass. Anyway, it’s done other than that... thanks for looking and hope you like it!

    HOLY———— that is incredible!!!!!! Your work is amazing, and the photography is perfect. Beautiful job!
  9. Scraping my jaw off the floor... this is AMAZING work!!!
  10. Let's see your TV and movie cars!

    OK, I’ll throw this one in... the 67 Camaro from “Better Off Dead,” one of my favorite movies in high school.
  11. Amt 1967 impala ss.

    Beautiful job!! I’m just starting on this kit, and hope turns out this nice. Funny, I was looking at changing tires because the Firestones that come with it look too small, but they look just about perfect on yours. I may reconsider. LOVE the black/red combo, btw...
  12. 1970 Superbird

    Beautiful work!! Looks like it could drive right out of the picture. One of the things that really gives it some presence is those tires... This kit comes with those old Monogram Goodyear’s that were extremely skinny... what tires did you use to this perfect stance?
  13. Revell '69 Camaros

    Man... and I thought I was being bold building two of these at once! This will be FUN to watch. Btw, where did you get the bare rally wheels on the silver one??
  14. A couple green Mopars

    First of all, great work!!! These are going to be awesome... I think the MPC Road Runner has a better body proportion than the Revell, and the Charger donors will give them a much more detailed chassis. Second, we think alike... not having access to the MPC kits, I’m doing a double build of the Revell version... one a GTX with the 440-6 and Air Grabber hood and the other a Road Runner with a Hemi, RR hood and a half vinyl roof. Post lots of pics... I’ll be following this closely!
  15. 68 Firebird 400

    I’m in love with this car!!!!! The colors, the wheels, and the details are incredible. It’s absolutely PERFECT!!!