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  1. Here’s a couple of mine... I actually don’t recall the paint and clear I used. Most likely Duplicolor for the paint, but I’ve tried tons of different clears over the years.
  2. BEAUTIFUL work!! Yes, Fathom Green is my favorite, too. I did mine the same except for some dog dish caps and houndstooth interior. Like you said, light does wonders for it.... Shade: Sunlight:
  3. I looked at the body pics and blurted out “HOLY SH*T!!” Twenty minutes later I can’t come up with any other words... I’ll just sit here and applaud for a while....
  4. Matt, this is AMAZING!!! I put a ton of work and extras into mine as well, but I didn’t have the guts to cut my rear bumper. I cut the trunk side seams instead and spread the fenders out... the wide gaps look wrong, but the fit is better. Yours is perfect. I used the chassis and cut the fan shroud out of the AMT 69 442, as that was a perfect fit. My engine was a conglomeration of parts box pieces, as I found the orange lump in the kit completely unusable. In the end, the Cutlass chassis and spare parts engine gave me a far better result. You’ve already far outdone me with your bumper fix. I don’t want to hi jack your thread, but wanted to throw a couple ideas out of suitable replacement parts for the incredible work you’ve doing. I also got an aftermarket set of Pontiac rally wheels from Model Roundup and tires from Fireball for this build. Here’s one pic of my engine and one of the outside. Keep up the great job!!!
  5. OK, I’ve never been one to repost old builds, but there’s something about this little change that made a big difference to me. I built and posted this 70 Camaro build back in 2017. At the time, I wanted to give it more of a “normal” look and shied away from using the Goodyear Polyglas big/little combo that I love to use. I was thinking more of a muscle car/road course car, but I was also not a fan of the Z/28 wheels that came in the kit. After testing a slew of different wheels and tires, I settled on a set of Revell tires and Chevy Rallys, and was happy with the result: But, last week I accidentally broke a front wheel off. I put it on my model table to fix it, and as I was about to do so, I remembered that I had a set of the bare rallys from the AMT 70 Corvette left over from last summer. I tested the one that was broken and thought it made a big difference, so I changed them all. Nothing else is different, but I like this look much better. Thought I’d post it with the new wheels and see if you agree.... all thoughts are welcome. No need for the engine pic... just threw it in.
  6. YES!!!!! So good to see one in a gorgeous color like this, and yours is really beautifully done. Great work!
  7. Pretty much... I bought the wheels from EBay and they’re a little nicer than the AMT ones, but I think that was the master the eBay seller made them from.
  8. Those were eBay finds.... a little Testors aluminum metallizer paint and detail with flat black. Always loved bare Rallys and was really to find them.
  9. That Firebird is awesome!!! Did you sand off the fender flares from the Revell kit?? Also, where did the Formula hood come from? The Vette is great and of course, the Cyclone is a dream! Fantastic!!
  10. We’ve had a lot of struggles the last few years, and 2019 was the worst of the bunch. We are very happy to sweep this one under the rug and move on. On the bench, however, it was a fun year. More prolific than I thought and a couple of my best builds ever as well as kits I had always wanted. I’m getting pretty close to wrapped up... there’s only a couple kits out there that I will want to build, and work will take over, but I’ll get a little in here and there. Enjoy and Happy Holidays everyone!!
  11. Feel a little lucky here... two years ago, I switched jobs and lost the company car from the old position. Needing to buy a car that would potentially be driven on long trips through a territory and budgeting myself to $5K or less, I was thinking I’d end up with some older Camry or Accord. Instead, I found this little gem a mile from my house: She had 174,000 miles in her, but was extremely well taken care of. I never followed them enough to realize Volvo offered a V8 in the S80, but MAN... this thing drives beautifully and sounds like a 70 ‘Cuda rolling down the road. This one is a 2007. I got it for $4500. I just crossed 196,000 miles, and there are no signs of stopping.
  12. She’s beautiful, Bogger.... love the color, finish, stance, and those Cragars are perfect!!!she looks mean!!
  13. Can’t wait to get this and build it myself, as this was my high school car. You did a beautiful job on it as usual, Randy!! Looks ready to hop in and cruise. Especially the quality work on the grill, tail lights and wheels... they make a huge difference to bring this one to life.
  14. Well, two years ago when this thread started, I posted my two 68s and said I was waiting on the Daytona to be re-released. Got it in January, so figured I’d post it, too.
  15. I threw together one of the Revell COPO kits... had some Infiniti Pearlcoat paint sitting around, so I just used that over the gray primer to make my own version of silver.
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