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  1. ash74 added a post in a topic Hawaiian Glossary?   

    We went to Hawaii for our honeymoon. We fell in love with place, so much so that our daughter's middle name is Hawaiian. She has Kalea for a middle name, which means clear & bright in Hawaiian. We loved Honolulu. Loved the ABC stores... Loved the pineapple, it was so sweet. We would visit or live there in a heartbeat. We didn't mind the traffic, it was nothing compared to where we live!!! Everything was lovely.
  2. ash74 added a post in a topic Phillips 66 Thunderbird   

    Thank you Old Coyote, I am a little while of painting. But I am happy with Black, until someone proves otherwise. Thanks
  3. ash74 added a topic in NASCAR   

    Phillips 66 Thunderbird
    Hello All
    Could someone please help me with some paint colors? I have a 1992 Phillips 66 Ford Thunderbird NASCAR (Chad Little) I am not sure whether it supposed to be black or or Dark Blue? Could someone please clarify? I have tried a couple of searches with no luck. To be honest, I am hoping for the black. Thanks
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  4. ash74 added a post in a topic Clear parts   

    Hello Mark
    I have contacted Revell a couple of times. I am not sure whether they are helping or not? I am hoping one day the sprue will just turn up. But I am worried that if I wait to long the model will be deleted & I will have to wait another 30 years for it to be re-released. Thanks for the advice
  5. ash74 added a topic in Wanted!   

    Otter pops Funny car
    Hello All
    Would anyone have a the Revell Ed McCulloch Otter pops funny car they wish to part with & send to Australia? Even the decals will help. Thanks
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  6. ash74 added a post in a topic Clear parts   

    Thanks Dr Kerry. I will leave that one be. I dont want to destroy as good kit. Thanks for replying
  7. ash74 added a topic in Wanted!   

    Clear parts
    Hello All
    I am hoping someone might be able to help. It's a long shot, but here goes. Does anyone have a spare clear sprue for a Revell Beretta Pro-street? & be will to send it to Australia? I dont see the point of destroying a complete kit, if I can find one. I have tried Revell, but I am not confident they will come through. Thanks
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  8. ash74 added a post in a topic Number 9 Taurus   

    Thank you Jay Michaels, that gave me something to work with. I think I can get that color. Thank you for the tip on using the light primer, that makes sense. I had actually forgot I posted this question, but it's great have a reply. Thanks
  9. ash74 added a topic in NASCAR   

    Number 9 Taurus
    Hello All
    I am hoping someone might be able to shed some light on an issue I am having. I am having trouble getting the paint for lime yellow for the number 9, Scooby Doo zombie island Ford Taurus. Any help would be appreciated? As I am completely stumped. Thanks
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