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  1. ash74

    IMSA Mustangs

    Thank you both, that's a great help Ash
  2. ash74

    IMSA Mustangs

    Hello All I am wondering if someone can guide me on the interior colours of the 7/11 & Folgers IMSA Mustangs, are they close to the Revell colour callouts? Also any ideas on the 7/11 Blue & the Folger's red. Bear in mind I am Australia, so our colour range is pretty limited. Thanks Ash
  3. ash74

    Slixx corny decals

    Hello Rick & John Thank you for the help. Rick that sounds like a great idea. I will have go. Thanks. John, that is exactly what I wanted. Thank you. I very much doubt it will be anywhere as good as yours. I will be happy if I am satisfied that it looks OK, besides I have second lot, so this can be a practice!!!! I apologise for taking time replying. I have a sick child, the joys of winter... Thank you all Ash
  4. ash74

    Slixx corny decals

    Hello Old Coyote Thanks for the reply. Brilliant build. I do have a few questions if you don't mind? Could you let me know the paint lines are? I am having trouble working where the green & yellow marked. There is one last question, There is a yellow decal that looks like a piece for the spoiler, but could see it as a piece for the roof as well? can you let me know where it should go? Any other painting or decal help would be much appreciated. If you have any? My apologies for the late reply. It's been a bit hectic here. Thank you again Ash
  5. ash74

    Slixx corny decals

    Hello All I am hoping you all might be able to help? I have Slixx Terry Labonte Corny decals. My question is, does anyone know where all the decals go? Or are there instructions somewhere? I am having trouble on the location of some off the decals. Thanks Ash
  6. Thank you all, purple it is. It has also given me a common sense way to figure out colours. If are struggling with a colour. look up the sponsors colours. The photo's are also great also. Thanks for the help everyone. Ash
  7. Hello All I am hoping someone can help me? I have Larry Morgan's Super clean old's pro-stock. The instructions call for the body to be dark blue, but the picture on the box looks to purple. I am wondering if anyone can shed some light on the colour? Thanks Ash
  8. ash74


    Thank you John, that helps a lot. I will try to track down most of those colours. I don't think MCW paints are available in Australia (Hopefully, one day!!!) thanks Ash
  9. ash74


    Hello Could you let me know what paint colours you used? I have the decals to build this. I am just struggling with the colours? Your build is great, wish mine would turn out as good as this!!!I love this scheme. Thanks Ash
  10. I would love to see a 1940's to 1950's Buick. I would also like to see the Blues Brothers Dodge Monaco. I am surprised the Monaco has been more widely model, it has heaps of potential. I would also like to see some Evel Knievel's motorcycles done. Also the A-team van re-issued, Same as Christine drag car & the Olds funny car. Thanks Ash
  11. Hello All Thanks for all the help. I will keep working at it, Ash
  12. Hello All Does anyone know if 1/24 Shirley Muldowney Otter Pops top fuel decals where ever made? I have a naked top fueller, that I would like to do in this scheme, alternatively I think the Ed McCulloch Funny car decals might suffice, if anyone knows how to get a hold of this set or if anyone knows an aftermarket set? Thanks Ash
  13. We went to Hawaii for our honeymoon. We fell in love with place, so much so that our daughter's middle name is Hawaiian. She has Kalea for a middle name, which means clear & bright in Hawaiian. We loved Honolulu. Loved the ABC stores... Loved the pineapple, it was so sweet. We would visit or live there in a heartbeat. We didn't mind the traffic, it was nothing compared to where we live!!! Everything was lovely. Ash
  14. Thank you Old Coyote, I am a little while of painting. But I am happy with Black, until someone proves otherwise. Thanks Ash
  15. Hello All Could someone please help me with some paint colors? I have a 1992 Phillips 66 Ford Thunderbird NASCAR (Chad Little) I am not sure whether it supposed to be black or or Dark Blue? Could someone please clarify? I have tried a couple of searches with no luck. To be honest, I am hoping for the black. Thanks Ash
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