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  1. Thank you all, The Tamiya bikes are really good to build, I have had a go at the Bimota Tesi, which fought me a little with older decals & a couple of operator errors. I also did a Ducati 916, which came together nicely. The paint I used was Tamiya Lacquer paint Mica blue (LP-41) Thanks all Ash
  2. Hello this is my first go at posting a completed bike, It's Garry McCoy's Red Bull Yamaha YZR-500. The decals are a mix of kit decals & aftermarket. Thanks Ashleigh
  3. Thank you all. So the answer is no. I am wanting to copy windscreens. I have tried parts wanted. I might try to bump it, as I did it over Christmas/new year period. Hmm, Reasonable ability? I have always found something that should be easy is usually not. However I have a go will not loose me anything, so its probably worth having a crack. Thank you all Ash
  4. Hello Does anyone know if you can 3D print/copy clear parts. I cant find anyone with spares of what I need. Thanks Ashleigh
  5. Hello all I am going to refresh this, as I may have accidentally breach rules, moving it another bit on forums. I am specifically after parts 218,219,220 & 221. Obviously, any part of this would be appreciated, or any leads. I am happy if someone has a wrecking kit that would be happy to salvage clear pieces from. Even a bit of information, as too whether clear parts can be copied & 3D printed. Thank you Ashleigh
  6. Hello all I am wondering if anyone has the entire clear sprue for Revell 1:25 Plymouth Christine Pro-mod car? They would be willing to send to Australia? Thank you Ash
  7. ash74


    Also available on Scale mates as well, thanks Ashleigh
  8. Hello All Thank you all for the responses, they are much appreciated. I am not sure I am ready to make a 100% accurate one yet...Maybe in the future, So at the moment the engine remains the same. However it is something that is good to know for a future build where I would like it to be accurate. Thanks Ashleigh
  9. Hello Would anyone know what color would the engine would be on the 1958/59 Plymouth Fury: Christine? Thanks Ashleigh
  10. Thank you both, The color I have seemed to rich, but I think I will stick with it. As you have noted it's difficult to find photo's that dont end up being the box art. Even the You tube videos dont really have good images to decipher colors. I do understand that photography from that time might be a little low definition. However, it seems that they do indeed have window nets, just not the "NASCAR" style I was thinking. Thank you all for the help. Ash
  11. Hello All I am after some guidance for the color on the Folgers IMSA mustang? Does it have a metallic sheen? Also does anyone know if they have window nets? If they do, what type? Thanks Ash
  12. Hello All These are a few of my builds. After my last post, I realize how much the camera shows imperfections. I had trouble getting the lines right on the IMSA 7/11 Mustang. The ASA Camaro went OK. I have the Superflo Camaro & the Folgers IMSA Mustang on the workbench at the moment. Hopefully, they will turn out OK, thanks Ash
  13. Hello all I dont usually post finished models, due to confidence. I am probably most happy with the Top Fuel. I am happy with Super Clean Olds, but the light is not doing it any favors. The Funny Car, I am not overly impressed with the decal quality, but it's OK, Thanks Ashleigh
  14. Hello I think I have some of those. I am not sure what condition they are, as they might be installed on the wheel already. I will have a look later. Thanks Ash
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