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  1. Would it be worth trying a flat white base, Then shaving a charcoal pencil to grubby it up? Thanks Ash
  2. Hello I grabbed a tin of Model Master Go Mango. Does anyone know if the Tamiya primer's will work underneath Enamel paints? I couldn't find a lot of info, more just saying my local stores do not have a supply. Thanks Ash
  3. Hello All Thanks for the reply, It is a 1970 Camaro. I will look at both the primers. It will just depend on what I can get. Could you please let me know what Tamiya Pink it is? I am not finding any primers in that range. Thank you Ash
  4. Hello I am asking just cause you never know. I am wondering if in all the parts there, there is a floor pan/frame/chassis for a pro-stock Olds (Super clean, JEGS & GM performance) that you would be able/want to send to Australia. Thanks Ash
  5. Hello all I am hoping for some guidance? I want to know if there is a more suitable color to undercoat for Orange? I am having trouble even coating the orange color. I am also wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to make the red taillights stand out against the orange? I have a had trial run & the taillights definitely blended in to the orange. Thank you Ash
  6. Hello Matt Thank you, that makes sense. It seems very simple now you have shed light on it. Very much appreciated. I will remember the google translate app, thank for the heads up. Ash
  7. Hello All I need some guidance. I am building the EBBRO 1982 Belgian GP Lotus. I am stuck at step 1, the engine build. It asks you to cut something around parts, F4,5, 14 & 15. I am just not clear what? I am thinking it's shortening parts F14,15. But it could be a trick of perception/perspective on the instructions. Does anyone know what exactly needs to be cut? Thanks Ash
  8. Hello Randy The Snickers Buick is one of my favourite NASCAR, I have built one. With one in the stash. The brown is hard to match. You have done a great job. Ash
  9. Hi All Thank you for your suggestions, Have tried the plug method, still in progress. It seems to be working, again thanks Ash
  10. Hello All I am wondering if anyone has tips on how to repair thread damage in plastic? I was working on a model & it accidently fell out of hands, the most damage was to a part that was screwed on. I could use a longer screw, but I don't like my chances of finding one, that is less then 5mm longer. I have looked in my "bone yard" for one that suits to no avail. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks Ash
  11. Hello All I am not sure if this is the correct forum, it's the closest I could think off. Does anyone know if anyone produced or produces decals for a 1:12 Tamiya Bimota Tesi Motorcycle? I figured I'd try here first before going down the masking & painting path, which if obviously more difficult. Thanks for the help? Ash
  12. This is another scheme that is my favourite, You have done a great job at it. I have done a snap together kit, just to have one in this scheme. I do have one spare to do when I can do it justice. Great work Ash
  13. Hello All I have had a go at Davey Allison's Havoline Thunderbird. I did enjoy this build. Thanks Ash
  14. Hello All Hopefully I have done this right. Hopefully I will have attached some pictures of Ed McCulloch's Otter pops Old's funny car. I have really loved this car since I was kid. The blue is custom mix, it came out flatter then I had hoped. Thanks Ash
  15. Hello all I am wondering if anyone knows how to make a vehicle look burnt out? I would like to have go at trying this at some stage. Thanks Ash
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