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  1. Chopped 58 T Bird Sedan Delivery

    Agreed on all counts! First primer is usually a bittersweet thing, no? On one hand, you can start to see how the body work looks in a unified shade/color, but on the other hand, it'll reveal all the sins hidden in the initial filler and plastic work. Next is the 'spot putty/sand/primer/repeat' stage which I like the least....
  2. Chopped 58 T Bird Sedan Delivery

    Thanks! It'll be a curbside so I'll be able get the stance this low or close to it fairly easily. I did have to raise the rear inner fender wells a bit though.
  3. Chopped 58 T Bird Sedan Delivery

    Ha! I was thinking exactly what you've shown here(as they say, great minds think alike!). And yes, I imagine the skin of the upper halves of the tail light housings would swing up along with the flat rear 'door' area as well as the window and frame. Dare I attempt to actually cut it out and hinge it? I intentionally glued the doors and hood shut on this model as I wanted to build it as a curbside. Besides, opening that rear door would be alot of work and I'm lazy
  4. Chopped 58 T Bird Sedan Delivery

    A little of progress on this: I shot a couple coats of primer just to see how the body work was looking(spot putty/block sanding I ended up deciding on keeping the rear window/tailgate/tail light area pretty much how I originally envisioned it. I really wanted to keep the big capsule shaped tail light openings as well as not make the top any longer rearward as I thought it might make that rear area feel too heavy. The rear window/tailgate surfaces closely match and line up with the angle of the rear bumper's licence plate area. I wont actually cut open a tailgate and make it functional, but will scribe in the tailgate lines into the 'deck' surface above the tail lights. In my mind the 'deck'/top surface of the tail lights and rear window would rotate upwards as a single unit. I think it looks cool/odd, sort of like a concept car from the era if you get my meaning I'll keep going on it and see where it ends up...
  5. AMT 49 Ford Custom

    Looks good! And hats off to you giving an older build a new life. I've yet to section a shoebox ford myself. How much did you section it?
  6. Chopped 58 T Bird Sedan Delivery

    Thanks for the suggestions! I have indeed been looking at Ford wagons and trying to figure out how i can get a similar factory look while keeping as much of the T bird style intact. Stay tuned...!
  7. Chopped 58 T Bird Sedan Delivery

    Thanks Steve! Not a problem with your suggestions...I'm into old school traditional customs. The whitewalls and wheels you see in the pics are what I'll be using, and as far paint jobs go, I try to stick to what is usual for the style/era my builds represent. I also try to stay away from whatever colors are trending.
  8. Chopped 58 T Bird Sedan Delivery

    Haha! Maybe build it up as Evira's Hearse!
  9. Chopped 58 T Bird Sedan Delivery

    All great ideas, thanks! I was considering slanting that rear window forward a bit, good call. I also like your split window/tailgate idea. I think that's how the real wagons work, yes? I was also considering chopping the top a bit more. I have about a 3" scale inch chop on it now. I'm just hesitant to cut that front windshield any more as I would begin to have some fitment issues with less glass to mount to the cowl. I did think of shortening the rear of the body like you mentioned, but I like the long length of the car. Whatever i end up deciding to do with that rear area it'll be(I hope)something that's believable and something that looks as 'factory' as possible.
  10. Chopped 58 T Bird Sedan Delivery

    Nice idea! I was also looking at how some of the ford wagons' tailgates/tail lights look and work. Modifying the T bird to have a single tail light pod on each side makes sense and still keeps it looking like a Ford design. However, I have some ideas I want to try for custom tail lights that require the big oval spaces the T bird already has. I'll do some more head scratching......thanks for your insight! I think your idea could work nicely. Please post your progress once you start cutting into that plastic Yes, it's the old Monogram stand by kit. I was hoping they would have addressed some of the problems this kit has always had when they issued the custom version. Sadly, the poor fitment/alignment of the doors are still there, as are the sink marks in the sides of the front quarters. I spent some time attempting to improve these areas and hope the end result will be passable.
  11. Thought I'd share one of my current projects. I'd been wanting to try this for years am finally giving it a go. I used two hardtops, some sheet styrene and putty to get it to this stage. One of the hardtops had a bow in the top surface for some reason and I did what I could to get it to work(including using more Plastic Wood putty than I normally like to use!) I think it'll work but progress will tell. Lots of work needed to get this to appear like a real wagon/delivery(interior cargo area work and some sort of functional looking tailgate). Plans call for a classic Larry Watson panel paint job in single stage colors(still debating which colors at the moment). I'll be sure to post more pics as I go.
  12. 57 caddy into wagon

    Very cool!
  13. Super Bee into a wagon

    What a cool, fun thing to do! I've occasionally seen coupes/sedans of various makes/years converted into sedan deliveries and wagons, but never a Super Bee, and never from scratch! I also like how you're keeping the style of it within the Dodge family/era by referencing that Coronet wagon. I'm currently working on converting a Monogram 58 T Bird into a chopped sedan delivery. I have plans to make it look like a custom from the late 50's by painting it similar to Larry Watson's iconic 58 T Bird. I'll post pics in 'On The Workbench' soon. Looking forward to seeing more of your progress!
  14. Thanks for the tip! I'm actually planning on scratch building those. They have to get molded onto the front of the fenders and I have an idea of how to make it all work. Fingers crossed that my plan works out. I'll post pics of the process I have in mind if it works
  15. I'm looking for a set of (4) of either 54 Olds hubcaps or 55 Buick hubcaps. I believe Modelhaus had a resin set of the Oldsmobile caps available at one time. I don't know if resin 55 Buick caps are/were available, but I might also consider either of these caps from an old promo depending on their condition. Please see attached pic. The Olds cap is on the left, Buick cap on the right. Thanks in advance!