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  1. Ferbz added a topic in Under Glass   

    Chopped/sectioned 39/40 Ford
    Even though there's a few things I still need to add like a license plate, rear shocks, steering linkage, I'm calling this one finally done! It's an AMT 40 Ford body that's been chopped, sectioned, fenders widened, running boards removed, rear fender openings filled and flush skirts scribed in. Old bumper bracket holes in fenders filled and relocated to accomodate the 41 Lincoln bumper brackets, hood and grill area replace the original AMT hood/grill. Firewall is smoothed and windshield height reduced further by getting filled in slightly. I used the Revell 48 Ford chassis/motor for the wider track width and nicer detail. Solder was used for exhaust tubing and suspension was modified to lower the stance. The wheelbase also had to be shortened slightly but it fits surprisingly well(I wonder if anyone ever did this mod back in the day). I added the Revell 40 Ford trunk floor/gas tank underneath and notched it to accomodate the lowered rear suspension. I'll add undercarriage shots soon. Some new detail techniques were tried out on this build: white plug wire for fender beading(welting)and pie pan tin to make rear fender guards and the grill shroud/cover. Adding some wiring harness detail in the engine compartment is also something I've never done before, as well as modifying a 2x2 intake to make a 4x2. Hopefully this all visually makes up for the lack of any carb linkage which I just didn't wanna do this time around  Doug Rice's 1:1 39 Ford was my main inspiration for this build. I wanted to try to faithfully build an early postwar custom that could have also run at the dry lakes. Period modifications, parts, colors all hopefully represent this purpose. Enjoy the pics! I may try to take more with better lighting and post those as well. 

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  2. Ferbz added a post in a topic Chopped/sectioned 39/40 Ford(more progress)   

    Thanks! I got the idea from Jack Calori's 1:1 36 Ford. That car had these flat tail lights that were on either side of the sunken license plate(see attached pic) His particular lights fit the space really nicely. I think they were from a late 30's Hudson but I'm not certain. I wanted to do something different, yet appropriate and era correct looking and just couldn't find the right solution. While digging through my stash of odds and ends, I came across these two pieces and thought they might work in similar fashion like Calori's 36. They stick up from the deck a little high and seem a bit blocky to me from the side, but overall they do the trick for me. 

  3. Ferbz added a post in a topic Chopped/sectioned 39/40 Ford(more progress)   

    Well, here are a couple more pics of it pretty close to it's finished state. I still need to add rear shocks, steering linkage, license plate and I may try to make a Russetta timing tag for the firewall. Once all these little details are added, I'm gonna call it done and post better pics in 'Under Glass'.

  4. Ferbz added a post in a topic Chopped/sectioned 39/40 Ford(more progress)   

    Thanks! There aren't many shows nearby, at least not nearly as many as there are in Nor. cal where I used to live, but I do plan to take it to a local IPMS show here in town this month. 
  5. Ferbz added a post in a topic Chopped/sectioned 39/40 Ford(more progress)   

    Thanks! I wanted to build something really different and true to the era. I learned about Doug Rice's 1:1 39 Ford and loved the way it had so much radical body mods done but was also built for speed runs at Bonneville. Single stage gray color, racing numbers and hopped up flathead all make a unique statement to me.
  6. Ferbz added a post in a topic Chopped/sectioned 39/40 Ford(more progress)   

    Thanks! It's actually a build inspired by Doug Rice's 1:1 39 Ford Bonneville car as well some other early postwar custom cars that were built in the late 40's meant for speed AND style. Like his car, my Ford is chopped, sectioned, fenders widened, etc. There were a few custom cars that ran at the dry lakes in southern California in the late 40's and my build is meant to pay homage to cars like those. Hence the racing numbers, the hopped up 4 carb flathead, etc.  
  7. Ferbz added a post in a topic Chopped/sectioned 39/40 Ford(more progress)   

    Thanks! I've had a pretty good vision for it rolling around in my head for some time. It's nice to finally have the finish line for this build in sight.
  8. Ferbz added a post in a topic Chopped/sectioned 39/40 Ford(more progress)   

    My pleasure, I'm always willing to share, especially if it's something I discovered myself! Hex rod is a great idea! I may try that next time instead of insulation. I'm guessing there was no way to touch up the white on your plugs once you glued them? Admittedly, I don't do that much detailing. I just got it my mind to detail out this flathead motor for this car. It doesn't have much else going on with it other than the bodymods; no open doors/trunk, no extra interior detailing, etc.
    Thanks man! Most welcome. I'm sure someone somewhere has done this, I just happen to come up with it on my own and I like it enough to share
    Interesting. Thanks for the tip. I've never come across the problem in the past, although I was using a different brand(Plastikote, when they had a line of spray can Nitrocellulose Lacquer) I also feel like Nitro lacquer dries harder than Acrylic lacquer. Could be just me though... 
  9. Ferbz added a post in a topic Chopped/sectioned 39/40 Ford(more progress)   

    Ha! Thanks! I actually have plans to try to make B&W versions of these pics. Those plugs are actually my first attempt at making them. I basically took white spark plug wire and trimmed the insulation off of one end just long enough to slide the wire into the hollow insulation of the black spark plug wire end. I made sure to leave a small gap of exposed wire in between them to represent the metal tip of the plug. The other end of the white wire is glued into a larger diameter hollow black insulation to represent the hex head part of the spark plug. The inner dimension of this larger black wire insulation is the same as the outer dimension of the white wire so it fits. I drilled out the holes in the cylinder heads to match the dimension of this larger black wire insulation and glued them in(hope this all makes sense) It was extra work but I like the results since you see quite a bit of the spark plugs on flatheads. Here's an earlier shot of the motor that shows the plugs. Give it a try on your next build!   

  10. Ferbz added a post in a topic Chopped/sectioned 39/40 Ford(more progress)   

    Thanks man! I've done my share of fancy paint jobs so I wanted to build a model with a simple paint scheme. Single stage Light gray seemed to suit the style and era of the car pretty well. During the build I watched alot of WWII documentaries and I've always liked classic B&W movies especially old sci-fi films. I think this influenced the color choice quite a bit. Green for the engine block and red for the interior seemed like natural choices too.      
  11. Ferbz added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Chopped/sectioned 39/40 Ford(more progress)
    I thought I'd post some more progress pics as I inch closer to completion on it. I've been fighting with the paint(cant really see it in these pics)specifically the clear coat which is Duplicolor automotive Acrylic spray can clear. It's been on the model for months and it's still tacky! I found another thread of other people having the same problem with the same product. Maybe Duplicolor made a bad batch? I sprayed it over the summer and as part of my regular regiment I let the paint gas out and cure for at least a month before I started the wet sand/polish process. At the time it seemed hard enough as it took to the wetsanding/polishing just fine. Over time though I noticed finger prints and a tacky-ness to the clear as I handled it during the build. I have recently begun to dry sand it with super fine grit and clean/wax it as a last ditch effort. The finish is no where near where I wanted it to end up, but luckily the light gray color doesn't show too much of it's flaws. I don't plan to enter it into any contests, it's just a personal build. I'll have to figure out a way to minimize handling it as I get closer to final assembly....wish me luck with that....
    Enjoy the 'posed' pics. I'm also adding some engine pics to share how the wiring/plumbing detail is coming along. I'm leaving out some detail like carb linkage, etc because I just didn't want to go that crazy with it   

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  12. Ferbz added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Micro Mesh Polishing Pads(wet or dry?)
    I'm about to buy and try out my first set of Micro mesh Polishing Pads. I've had some experience and success wet sanding/polishing paint jobs before using traditional means of 1500-3000 grit paper and polishing compounds, but thought I should finally try out these pads for myself.
    This might seem like a dumb question, but I'm curious if using them dry is an option?  The reason why I'm asking the dry vs. wet question is because since these pads are removing even finer grains/amounts of paint from the surface, maybe using water as a lubricant/cleaner during the process isn't necessary?
    Thanks in advance!  
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  13. Ferbz added a post in a topic Chopped/sectioned 39 Ford(progress update!)   

    Thanks David! Body mods are my favorite thing to do and I try my best to get it as straight as I can before paint. I guess I'll wait a bit more and see how the clear gasses out then wet sand/polish a small area as a test. Yeah man, flatheads are cool! I knew I wanted a 4x2 carb set up on it so I modified a 2x2 intake to do it. It's not great, but not bad either I think. I'll try to post more updates as I go. 
  14. Ferbz added a post in a topic Chopped/sectioned 39 Ford(progress update!)   

    Here are a couple more mock up pics. These include the grill with added chrome detail and headlights temporarily in place.
    Question for the group: It's been almost 4 weeks since I've sprayed the clearcoat and it's still not hard/dry enough to wet sand/polish! Anybody else have any curing problems with Duplicolor spray can clear acrylic lacquer? I did see an older thread on this subject but didn't see any solutions. My guess is they now have a weird formula for their clear that requires a looonngg drying time?    

  15. Ferbz added a post in a topic Chopped/sectioned 39 Ford(progress update!)   

    Thanks! I got the inspiration to widen the fenders from Doug Rice's 39 Ford 1:1 car(actually, his car was the main inspiration in general for this build). I couldn't find any documentation on why he widened them as it was not that common of a modification. My guess is he may have wanted a wider track width for stability since he built the car not only for style but for runs at Bonneville as well.