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  1. tyking added a post in a topic A little help   

    Okay!Will,i'm about 15.I have had a little exp with some snaps.Thanks Ron!One question,I spray the primer first.I will pick up those paints maybe with the 50% off.These models are my like 2nd or 3rd but never finish them,so i'll bring them out too.
  2. tyking added a post in a topic A little help   

    Ok,Thank you so much i will add my name.
  3. tyking added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    A little help
    I didn't know if this is the right to post this but Tips, Tricks, and Ideas sound better.Can someone recommond me some nice models for a starter and some nice paints that will last for awhile.I have two models poeple made me get. A '70 chevelle SS(I think) and a '70 Dodge Challenger.Well,I am going to paint those ,and then i have no clue where to go for there.Anyone help me with that?About the paint,I have some hand paints and a one black spary paint(For the challenger).Can you guys help me with that.Thanks in advance!!
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