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  1. Polar lights kit with a lot of modifications.
  2. The fixes aren't hard at all. It took me 5 minutes to do the front end.
  3. I just built his Torino Talladega. The floor pan was done in Spatter Grey while the roll cage was done in black with a black underneath also, don't know if this was done on the Cyclone or not but I would guess probably yes. There are many problems with this kit, like mentioned above with the fenders and if using the 429, You also need to trim the rear window to make it fit flush with the body and toss out the kit tires and get a set of PPP tires. there is a post on randy ayers forum with a step by step how to fix these problems.
  4. Is there a resin hood for the Revell kit that doesn't have the cut out for the air Grabber? Doing a NASCAR version and really do not want to try to fill the kit hood.
  5. Update on 71 Charger Daytona. Got the " gills" filled on the doors. Sanded puttied melted plastic to fill what a pain the the ass. I have to drill out where the fuel cell will be. Two coats of primer and wet sanded.
  6. Transforming a 71 Charger into a 71 NASCAR Charger Daytona. I need help from the body guys. I need to fill the "gills" on the body and do some patchwork on the nose cone,what would be the best to fill, Bondo or something else, Thanks
  7. Great looking Super Bee!
  8. This is the old AMT Fire Chief, Let me know what you think, Thanks, Rob
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