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  1. Nice clean work on the chassis Bill. I'll be following along with your build. I have 5 of these sitting just waiting to be built.
  2. Great model of a great car! Turned out awesome! Rob
  3. Nice work. The paint is like glass!
  4. Very nice Michelle, the paint looks great!
  5. I really like the colors you chose to use. Nice details all around.
  6. Very nice job Bart. The interior really looks great.
  7. Looking really good Pat. I like that color.
  8. Oh man! You're having the kind of luck I have building a kit Pat! I'm sorry to see the bad reaction with the clear coat. What paint brand did you use? Rob
  9. Canso65

    74 roadrunner

    Very nice clean model Michelle. You did a great job laying done the paint!
  10. Nice job Jim. This is one of my favorite kits. I have built it a couple of times myself.
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