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  1. If I Ran Revell....

    I often wonder if part of the problem is the lack of exposure to model kits today. When most of us were kids you could find models just about anywhere, drug stores, department stores, and let's not forget the many hobby shops that carried an extensive selection of kits. Now we struggle to find brick and mortar stores that carry them, and those that do, have a limited selection that doesn't always appeal to everyone including myself. I have heard Walmart and other big box stores don't carry them because they take up to much space and return little profit. I don't know if this is true, but a youngster looking through the toy department will never come across models and want to try one. Sure there are lots of online possibilities, but let's face it, when your young and want something, you want it now. Add on the cost of shipping along with the actual cost of the model I think there are far to many other interesting things kids and parents will be drawn to. Hot Wheels still sell very well, so although I do agree many younger people are not interested in cars, there must be enough of them out there to sustain other car related products on the market. I believe companies like R2, Revell, and even Moebius are producing models that attract us old folk because we buy them and will find them wherever we can. Attempts to make models of newer cars may not have sold as well as the older muscle cars. Just look at Revell's 68 Chevelle which has been so popular. I don't think kids really care if the body is 100% accurate or the wheels are perfect. I know I didn't back then, it was just fun to open a box, and start gluing an painting. Somehow the industry needs to get some exposure with kids beyond those of us who tried (in my case) to inspire our kids to the hobby. I could sell the worlds greatest whatumacallit, but if nobody knows its available I won't sell many.
  2. Keith Marks Decals

    No secret sign, handshake, password or anything else, he responded to my email very quickly. I just received an order from him a couple of weeks ago and I am very pleased with his products.
  3. Is this your fathers Oldsmobile?

    That is just wrong!
  4. Bullitt

    Looks great Pat. What is the paint you used on the body?
  5. "In Memoriam" community build for Harry

    This sounds like a really nice idea!
  6. Camaro 50th Anniversary

    No time limit Gary. All just for fun. Which is good because I've been busy with this thing called work.
  7. Sad Sad Sad News: Our Harry Passed Away

    Although I didn't know Harry very well, I did enjoy his work and his critiques. He truly was passionate about this hobby and it showed in everything he did. Rest in peace Harry.
  8. Harry - our friend's struggle

    I'm so sorry to hear this very sad news about Harry.
  9. Camaro 50th Anniversary

    I'm looking forward to seeing you r Camaro Craig. I managed to get the majority of the body work completed. Dechromed and fit the front and rear bumbers to the car. Both will be body color once done. This picture doesn't represent the stance I'll finish up with. I'll work that out once I begin building the chassis. Sorry about the dark picture.
  10. First new project in years-Rubicon

    Nice work on the weathering Kyle.
  11. Camaro 50th Anniversary

    I finally found some wheels that are close enough to the wheels on the car pictured above. Here is the kit I'll be using. While searching for the wheels, I can across this 85 Camaro snap kit I picked up years ago as a junker. I'm going to see if I can polish out the paint as it has lots of orange peel and other irregularities. If that fails I'll strip the paint and start again. I don't know what the builder used (enamel or Laquer) so I am reluctant to clear coat it with Tamiya clear which is my goto clear coat.
  12. ’73 Camaro

    I agree with the others, that paint job on the body looks like the real thing. The details on the dashboard are remarkable. Nice work!
  13. Camaro 50th Anniversary

    Thanks Tim. I can't take credit for the picture or the car but it captured me as well. I've been searching through my parts bin for wheels and tires that are close to the ones in the picture above. Pictures to come later.
  14. Camaro 50th Anniversary

    Welcome Ashley and Karl, Looks like we are going to have quite a few builds going on here. I saw the 2017 AMT Camaro and placed my order right away. That'll be my second build. I like where you're going with yours Karl. Mean and lean machine!
  15. Camaro 50th Anniversary

    This is great guys! Good to have a few interested, perhaps we'll pick up more as we move along. I think I will likely do a few Camaros of differnet generations but I will start out with the Revell 69 Z-28. Looking around the net for some inspiration I came across this pro-touring version. I won't replicate it 100% but will build something similiar.