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  1. Thanks all for the feedback, means a lot that you all like it, I always worried about my detail work so I'm thrilled you think it's good. Starting to work on the bed full of junk this will be carrying, got some rusty pipes in the works but for now a roll of chain link fence made from a plastic onion bag. The cab sagging in the back is just because the interior tub isn't in it right now, but it looks like worn out body mounts to me so I might try to find a way to keep it like that.
  2. Glad to hear it. It's kind hard to tell but the entire probably 1/4" of both quarter panels are completely ground off. I was wanting to paint it but it's been rainy here the past couple days.
  3. Hey all, getting started on this kit, picked it up cheap for $5 sealed at an antique show. I've always wanted to make a junkyard diorama and to that end I'm almost finishing up an old beater 78 Ford F250 scrapper's truck and trailer, so it needs an old junk car to haul. I'm just getting started on the body, here's where I'm at so far. Body color will be Rust-Oleum Satin Almond, good boring beige color for a late 70's land yacht. I'd like a second opinion on something though: I'm using the salt method for rust, you can see in the first picture I'm ready for paint - is that an unrealistic amount of rust for a '77? I am in Ohio so it doesn't seem too unreasonable to me.
  4. Hey all, I haven't been on the work bench for a while as I live in an old house and my model room doesn't get much heat. But it's warmed up a bit and I've been back at it on this truck. Got the BMF on, used matte aluminum so hopefully it'll tone it down a bit. Also scratched together something that every old beater truck in Southern Ohio needs - a gun rack! The shotgun came from the Rescue 911 Ford Taurus Police car and the rack is made from a bit of this, bit of that.
  5. Cool, thanks. I had that thought but wasn't sure if it would bring it down enough. Been getting a little work done on it. Painted and weathered the interior, used glued tissue on the seat, a trick I saw on here. Still gonna try to find some scale trash to put around inside. Making chain pockets and tail lights for the trailer.
  6. Thanks all for the input. Question, I know there isn't much chrome on this truck, but how would you recommend doing the chrome on a beater? I feel like BMF would be too shiny.
  7. Hey all, new here. I haven't touched a model in probably 10-12 years, and when I got out of it I was interested in trying weathered/rusty models, but couldn't quite get the hang of it. Ideally I wanted to end up with an entire scale junkyard. Well, I've recently decided to get back into it, and decided to pick up where I left off. Again, ideally, this will lead to a whole scale junkyard. First up is this AMT Firestone Super Stones issue '78 Ford 4x4 pickup. I'm building this like an old scrapper's pickup, that doesn't get taken care of at all and is only used to haul scrap metal to the junkyard, a common sight in my area. Eventually it will have a bed full of scrap metal and be pulling a scratch built trailer with a junk car on it. Here's where I'm at now. Still lots of work to be done, BMF, rusty wash trailing down from the rust spots, etc. But I'm pretty happy with where we're at so far.
  8. This is, bar none, my favorite custom model I've ever seen. I loved that movie and the Gigahorse in particular, I am so thrilled to see it so accurately represented in scale. Incredible work, I'm loving it and definitely following.
  9. Hey all, my name is Clayton, I used to build model cars all the time when I was a kid. Every week, every dollar of my allowance went to a new kit or paint or other supplies. I got out of it probably around age 15-16, I'm 25 now and decided to pick it back up again. I had sold everything out a few years ago so I'm starting from scratch! I do 1/25 cars and trucks exclusively. When I stopped modeling, I didn't do any of the detail stuff. The most I had done was attempt plug wiring and try BMF... I am not good at BMF. So I've been poking around here gathering tips and decided I may as well join.
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