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  1. lookin good Kevin. are you going to be using the /6 or the 318 engine for it?
  2. stellar job on the weathering. love them rust buckets.
  3. yes sir, it's a Fiat! very good Bob
  4. all great work, but that Deuce really stood out for me. such fine detail
  5. i was taking a stroll to a restaurant that i frequent in Lima, Peru, and came across this old truck. anyone want to take a guess on the MAKE of the truck? i don't know the model, but could probably google it.
  6. Greg K

    69 Barracuda

    nice! those wheels really fit the car
  7. all awesome, but that Matador puts the icing on the cake!
  8. nice stuff people. Jon, i really like that old Ford truck gif! nice and sparkly
  9. looks great! love stock builds. i just can't see that as a previous drag car.
  10. i had a feeling this was where you were headed Harry. put a piece of tape on both sides of that hole
  11. i remember grabbing a cap to spray some paint in to do some detail work, and that BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH cap had a pin hole in it and leaked all over the table!
  12. nice work Ludwig, quite a diversity of cars.
  13. i'd say it's supply and demand. i saw a built 70 Mercury Cyclone go for over $400 on ebay. who's to blame? the people who keep bidding on a specific model of course.
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