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  1. Be that as it may, they would probably be better off just supplying Wholesalers to sell/deliver their product....I'm sure his wife was the one that left the second voicemail message informing me that it wasn't their fault....
  2. Actually, the person left the original post office packing label under the new one that they supposedly sent him, the package was re-taped with Duct tape....Not sure if they were pulling my leg about shipping it there, or maybe that person also has product that was needed to fullfill the order.....Either way, it smacks of unprofessional methods to do business, and what gets me the most is "it wasn't their fault"....
  3. In the end, it was just under 6 weeks, and I won't be ordering from them again.....
  4. Yup, numerous messages through their website, and 2 phone calls as well....
  5. I wish I could blame it on snow, but we in our area had None......
  6. To update the "story" about my order......Long story made short, this could be the best paint in the world, but the service/communication/responsibility of this organization is sorely lacking in my humble opinion....In this day and age of "Brick and Mortar" shops not being able to compete with online suppliers, the Hobby Shops have nothing to worry about with businesses like this.... After 2 full weeks from placing my order (and Paypal taking full payment), I then inquired about my order...2 days later I got a message that it had been sent "yesterday"....No tracking info, nothing other than th
  7. Hey Gang, After seeing Donn Yost's youtube video last month expounding the virtues of all the Gravity Paints that he had received, I went on the website there and ordered a bunch of paints and clear coat...18 items in all....well over $125.00 worth plus shipping.... I placed my order (and Paypal took my payment) back on Feb. 9th....I've yet to receive anything almost 5 weeks later.... I've contacted Gravity Paints by both e mail and directly on the phone, and I was assured that my order was processed, but still I wait... Has anyone else had similar results with this company, or is this just a
  8. Hey Gang, Here are some quick photos of my SuperVolks that I just found and dusted off....I made a quick light box and tried to take some better photos, but the cell phone camera is only so good.... Prolly need some more light, and a macro lens for my Sony digital camera....But here he is anyway! Next up.....The Revell '43 Willys Gasser Pick up ! Cheers, Franz in NJ
  9. As promised, here's the dusty Zzzzinger SuperVolks that I built a while back, but forgot about.... I built a quick cardboard lightbox and used my cellphone camera....Now I need to find a Macro lens for my digital camera! Anyway, here he is! Would Love to find the Dodge Van Zzzzinger! Cheers, Franz in NJ
  10. Thanks for the kind words! I definitely left a lot of room for improvement, but it felt good to get one finished (sort of)...I mounted it in a taller Tamiya Motorcycle display box, (in full wheelstand of course!) and this one now lives on a desk at an auto body restoration shop in Atlantic Highlands, NJ....I'm going to also work on a smaller light box so that I can get some decent pictures as well... Almost forgot, I had built a Volkswagen Zzzinger model last year, and I just need to dig it out, dust it off, and I'll post some better pics of that one soon... Thanks again for the warm welc
  11. Hey Gang, Long time listener, first time posting.....Anyway, just getting back in to building after a 30+ year break.... I built this Little Red Wagon in about a week for my Girlfriend's daughter who works at a body shop and is a Dodge fan.... Please be gentle, just my first build, and the rollbar on the interior on this was a PITA.... Oh well, here he is! Next up.....The Revell '43 Willys Gasser Pick Up
  12. Hi Folks, Built lots of models when I was younger, Funny Cars, Tall Ships with rigging, Military planes, etc. Now looking forward to getting back into building some of the scale model cars that I've collected over the years. Quick question, does anybody follow the instructions step by step, or is there a better way to stage a build depending upon painting, detailing, etc.? Thanks, and looking forward to learning to build better models! Franz in NJ
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