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  1. I like the traditional look. Nice Build
  2. Welcome to the forum, looking forward to seeing your projects
  3. Well done, Paint looks great!
  4. I like sparkly things, Nice Build
  5. Its amazing what a wheel size change can do for a car. I vote 22/24
  6. Cant go wrong with horse power and lots of meat. Nice start!
  7. I love that Manga & the Anime. Nice builds.
  8. Made a little progress with the body work. I think the ground effects may have gotten a little out of control. I guess its time to coat her with primer and choose a paint scheme. Any ideas guys?
  9. Beautiful work. that interior is shaping up nicely, great paint job.
  10. I like it better as a hard top then a roadster. Great work!
  11. If only all cop cars looked like that . Cool Build
  12. These vette interiors look good in black. Nice job, cant wait to see it finished.
  13. Classy!! Great choice in colors.
  14. Thanks guys, getting the stance right is my favorite part of a build.
  15. I too think the super stallion has a great engine, I think it will look right at home under the hood.
  16. Nice build, Congrats on finishin her up She's gorgeous. Love the subtle color scheme.
  17. I am pretty deep into body droppin' this vette. I just have to figure out the front suspension and engine mounting to get the stance I want. Heres the idea...
  18. I got this one on clearance only to find it was missing the wheels and tires and the chassis is warped really bad. I decided instead of getting a new model I would build this one on the super stallion chassis. The poor super stallion may be unrecoverable after im done cutting all the body parts I want off. Oh well I made four cuts along the tops of each fender and then gently stretched them and added styrene and filler. I have to cut the stock hood and graft in the center of the super stallion.
  19. Hi Guys, I have been lurking around here for years. I have recently found the spark to start building again. I want to thank you guys in advance for your knowledge and inspiration, as I'm sure I will need it. I have never been good at documenting my builds but now is as good a time as any to start.
  20. WOW those colors come together very nice. You have a good eye. Can't wait to see more.
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