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  1. Looks good so far. What kit is this?
  2. Which model is this? I LOOOOOVE fox bodies!
  3. Thanks for the warm welcomes!! What scale model is the best for the most detail?
  4. Whats up everybody? I use to build be really into building models, but haven't touched one in about 12 years. I suddenly got the itch to do them again and I started looking a pics and came across this form. I've seen a lot of really nice models, that are very detailed, and I want to apply that much detail to the next model I build. In the past I just used what came in the kit. It wasn't until recently have I seen real metal exhaust, brake lines, wires, nitrous bottles, wheels, etc. I'm excited to implement these types of things into my next build, but where do you find all those items at? Thanks, Jonathan
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