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  1. Great build and photography!👍👍👍 could easily be assumed to be 1:1 photos.
  2. White Freightliner

    Great build, thanks for sharing!
  3. Here is the new Centenial Edition Silverado. Been waiting for this since I purchased my 1:1 Silverado. This is resin cast with a simplified chassis but the detail and finish is stunning. there are no opening features. The interior would easily pass for 1:1 in photos. A little pricey but I’m glad that I grabbed one of the 999 made. www.gts-models.com
  4. New project challenge!

    I suppose that 8-10 bikes could line up behind to draft it and get sucked along for free without worrying about anyone cutting them off🙄
  5. New project challenge!

    It had a receiver hitch but can you imagine riding this thing while towing a trailer with enough tongue weight to get the front wheel light??? No freakin way pal!💀 that said... i would like to ride it once...just to say I did (and have bragging rights at the local biker bar)! Born to be wiiiiild....😎
  6. New project challenge!

    In case you want one: http://towertrikes.com/ “For people who love to ride motorcyles but hate to get killed”
  7. New project challenge!

    Who wants to be the first to model this beast? Note the Motorcycle plates! It isn’t every day that one sees a trike powered by a Detroit 6v92 and Allison tranny...with train horns for good measure😎 Didn’t catch the owner but it drove in to look at WWII airplanes on display at the Elkhart, In airport today
  8. Revell Hurst Olds....

    Wow! awesome build
  9. AMT 2010 Camaro convertible

    nice job - looks very clean and realistic!
  10. 1968 Dodge Charger with Viper Twin Turbo

    Outstanding work!!!
  11. Full Monte

    Nice build👍 I have a1:1 ‘87 Luxury Sport which has been powered by an LS6 spec big block since new. Thanks to GM’s aversion to engineering in the 80’s, the big block conversion is almost completely a bolt in swap. Only the 4 row radiator and exhaust from the engine to the stock SS monte resonators and tailpipes had to be fabricated. All the rest came from prowling the GM parts bins. ...kind of like GM did to build the Fiero from a T1000/Chevette front suspension and the X Body front drive unit transplanted to the rear position🤓 Viola! Here is our “new” mid engine pseudo sports car!
  12. A Pair Of 68 Darts

    The only competition is to do the best and keep improving your abilities😎if you are happy with it, then it is a winner!
  13. A couple of points that I omitted: 1) The diameter of the tube or rod should closely match the desired diameter of the rivets. 2) RC56 is more viscous than Elmers so it typically produces a taller (half-round) rivet head.