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  1. What a cool piece of modeling history!
  2. Looks great! Thanks for posting this one
  3. She already does a pretty good job flying a Champ - just can't reach the rudder pedals yet😎
  4. I would just coil the brace wires inside the fuselage passing them through the wing from above and below cutting them off after the glue sets. This would be similar to what is described for the tail brace wires above
  5. Sweet! nice build on this one!
  6. The midget Mustang is just as crude as the rest... sent one to a freind of mine who had been looking with no success as I had an original issue. He was thrilled to get it but not sure if he ever tried to build it.
  7. Thanks Snake, I have that kit but they are crude (pronounced "crud") There were some unique aircraft offered by Pegaso: early Bonanza, Knight Twister racing Biplane and a few others. Most are re-treads of some of the earliest plastic airplane models made (I believe by Linberg ca. 1947) maybe 6-8 parts, no windows or interior, sprues the size of a child's finger. I have a couple built and partially painted but dumped them in a box and forgot about them.
  8. Flynlo


    Awesome job on the Camaros and display!!!
  9. Very nice work Randy!
  10. Really nice! Super clean build that any MOPAR fan would love to have sitting in their driveway.
  11. Looks good, the red is perfect for this car! A little black wash on the grille and hubcaps and some turn signal amber on the front turn signals would realy make this stand out! Easily done even when fully assembled.
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