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  1. No problem, use a fresh (sharp) #11 Exacto blade and cut with the tip to allow closely following the inner diameter of the tire bead and these can be removed cleanly. Tedious but do-able! Great way to practice your plastic surgical skills😷
  2. Looking Great!!! Glad to see you back on this one!
  3. Looks great Randy, thanks for sharing!
  4. That is sweet😎 Original concept and flawless execution!
  5. Great original concept and execution!
  6. That botom dump grain trailer and the refuse body would sell well even today!
  7. Absolutely Gorgeous Paul! I am definately in for the country Sedan when available!
  8. looks great! I'm serious...and plese don't call me Shirley!
  9. Beginning at 5:17 there is a model of a heavy haul rig featuing one of these steer cars.
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