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  1. It is likely a PTO driven pump system for fueling/de-fueling the aircraft. Not sure when the Navy went to single point pressure fueling but a pretty large pump would be needed to transfer the large volume of fuel needed for those early straight jet engines.
  2. Look closely at the photo and it looks like the entire lower right side of the tractor/trailer and the concrete ramp are covered in foam.
  3. Another masterpiece Charles. your work and productivity are amazing!!!
  4. Another masterpiece Charles! Thanks for sharing the build and the finished product.
  5. Looking great! It looks like an advantagey of 3-d printing is that you can edit the files and produce revised parts relatively easily?
  6. Flynlo

    59 Nash

    Even though I don’t like gassers, this is COOL! I would like to drive it...once anyways!
  7. Awesome build! My uncle had a ‘68 tri-power 427 Vette in this same color but a convertible with a black top. I had a ‘71 Chevelle in the lighter metallic green. As Kermit says “it’s not easy being green” but sometimes it works😎
  8. Beuatiful work Jurgen. Although it can be angled either way, with this type of plow, the taller (Right) side would normally be angled towards the rear. The snow collected is funneled towards the taller side and deposited on the curb side (for US roads). It works the same angled towards the other side but in deep snow the accumulated snow may spill over the top of the shorter side of the plow blade. The larger berm of cleared snow wil be deposited on the end of the plow closest to the front bumper. Here in Michigan the Department of Transportation adds a wing plow to either or both sides of the vehicle and may tow another on a trailer to clear multiple lanes at once.
  9. Amazing detail...We Are living through this scene right now in the great lakes region and most of the northern US!
  10. Can't wait to watch your next masterpiece to come together Charles!!!
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