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  1. Great Diorama that really tells a story! Unfortunately, this actually happened to a freind of mine while painting his future award winning antique airplane restoration. Cat walked through a freshly painted trim stripe then down the previously painted fuselage 😝 Both the aircraft and "Millie" survived. Happy to report that after paint repairs the WACO went on to win top honors at the annual EAA convention in Oshkosh,WI.
  2. what a fantastic group of builds Bruce! Thanks for sharing your WIPs and finished builds.
  3. Try printing them on white paper and trimming very close to the image....or leave a little margin to emulate a white pinstripe around the flames. I have had success doing this on dark colors. Your model is so nice that I am sure you can bring it home!
  4. she does a fine job flying it but can't reach the rudder pedals so only air work for now. Takeoffs and landings will have to wait a couple of years 😀
  5. Just came accross this old post.,, Amelia is now 9 and has been promoted to Chief Belly Washer on her daddy's Stinson.
  6. I like it...Great (and Twisted) Minds think alike? http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/117599-and-now-for-something-completely-differentpt1-photos-re-posted/
  7. Wow those are so creative and awesome!!!
  8. Search this forum for posts by Chariots of Fire. Charles Rowley gives a master class on scratch building these types of rigs.
  9. Thanks! I am a big fan of rag and tube airplanes...even better if it is a radial! I work on real ones for "fun" 😎
  10. I had to create a unique set of wheel pants for a particular subject. I made a master from laminated sheets of styreen carved and sanded to shape then made a two part mold so that I could cast several resin copies. I built in an inverted "C" shape in the center to accomodate a tire and wheel. A hole was drilled in the inboard side for a metal wire axle which also strengthened the wheel pant to gear leg joint.
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