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  1. what a fantastic group of builds Bruce! Thanks for sharing your WIPs and finished builds.
  2. Try printing them on white paper and trimming very close to the image....or leave a little margin to emulate a white pinstripe around the flames. I have had success doing this on dark colors. Your model is so nice that I am sure you can bring it home!
  3. she does a fine job flying it but can't reach the rudder pedals so only air work for now. Takeoffs and landings will have to wait a couple of years 😀
  4. Just came accross this old post.,, Amelia is now 9 and has been promoted to Chief Belly Washer on her daddy's Stinson.
  5. I like it...Great (and Twisted) Minds think alike? http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/117599-and-now-for-something-completely-differentpt1-photos-re-posted/
  6. Wow those are so creative and awesome!!!
  7. Search this forum for posts by Chariots of Fire. Charles Rowley gives a master class on scratch building these types of rigs.
  8. Thanks! I am a big fan of rag and tube airplanes...even better if it is a radial! I work on real ones for "fun" 😎
  9. I had to create a unique set of wheel pants for a particular subject. I made a master from laminated sheets of styreen carved and sanded to shape then made a two part mold so that I could cast several resin copies. I built in an inverted "C" shape in the center to accomodate a tire and wheel. A hole was drilled in the inboard side for a metal wire axle which also strengthened the wheel pant to gear leg joint.
  10. Absolute work of art Sergey! Thanks for sharing your build and the finished product!
  11. Great job! I think it is awesome how you even duplicated the taped on "4". Thanks for sharing!
  12. It is likely a PTO driven pump system for fueling/de-fueling the aircraft. Not sure when the Navy went to single point pressure fueling but a pretty large pump would be needed to transfer the large volume of fuel needed for those early straight jet engines.
  13. Look closely at the photo and it looks like the entire lower right side of the tractor/trailer and the concrete ramp are covered in foam.
  14. Another masterpiece Charles. your work and productivity are amazing!!!
  15. Another masterpiece Charles! Thanks for sharing the build and the finished product.
  16. Looking great! It looks like an advantagey of 3-d printing is that you can edit the files and produce revised parts relatively easily?
  17. Flynlo

    59 Nash

    Even though I don’t like gassers, this is COOL! I would like to drive it...once anyways!
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