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  1. looks great dennis ! the dash and the visor came out nice !
  2. September update, finished basic frame assembly and painted, fabricated mounts for the rear fenders and painted here is a mockup.
  3. excellent work Pavel ! the weathering looks spot on !
  4. welcome to the forum from a fellow mainer !
  5. sorry to hear this harry. my thoughts and prayers are with you and please know that we are with you 100%
  6. very nice ! I have four coming, can't wait to dig in to this one !
  7. very nice ! I love that transporter ! can't wait to see more !
  8. also an old time driver told me that the companys got a huge discount from the insurance company for the use of the shorty bumper
  9. came out great ! that's a nice thing to do in giving this to your friend .
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