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  1. I really like what you did with this truck ! great work !
  2. very nice ! I have the same kit painted the same colors built many years ago. it is waiting for a freshening up and is on the to do list.
  3. our daughter gave us a second grandchild, a beautiful baby girl Sadie
  4. thanks ! go get yourself a bucket of grits !
  5. my kit was waiting for me when I arrived home from work. I just checked it out and it is fine. i'm happy now, been thinking about it all day.
  6. thanks for the info . will check mine when it arrives.
  7. looks good ! will be watching this one ! congrats on the new edition to the family !
  8. thanks dennis ! I got some progress done yesterday. things went well and no setbacks for a change. I started by selecting a breather tank setup. I have four different sets to choose from but settled on revell of G Pete 359 units. to me they looked the best and can mount the tanks after painting. with that out of the way I filled in all of the unwanted holes in the cab. next I sanded all of the mold seams on the cowl and the back of the cab. I also installed the mounting brackets for the exhaust pipes. I gave it a wash with alcohol then painted it after supper. the paint came out great, better than the hood and I'm pleased with the result. the pics don't do it justice. with that done I was able to find a suitable front engine mount in the parts box and got the engine mocked up. I was on a roll so I decided to finish assembly of the radiator. next up will be engine and frame work. my plan is to do all the painting in the good weather, and assemble in the fall .
  9. came out great ! good for you for building a nice model and giving it to someone special !
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