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  1. finally made some progress. I need to get this thing out of the granny lane ! after staring at the hood for the last 3 months I decided I wanted a smooth look so I removed the ribbed part on the top of the hood. I also removed the rivet detail and emblems from the sides. I wanted the grille shell to be molded in too so I worked on that. for the grille I used the vintage kw coe piece purchased from double take replicas. the grille slats are not straight and are very delicate I broke three while I was working on it. I may remove them and use a photo etch piece I have or just put in some stainless screen that is in the stash. the paint is rustoleum sage green that I found at the hardware store. these pics were taken just after I painted it. maybe this will give me a boost as I haven't felt much like building anything for a while.
  2. and the food sucks ! they always give lukewarm fries ! and what irks me more than wasting 15 bucks on sub par food is : having a disappointed 8 year old granddaughter who enjoys going places with her papa !
  3. great score ! can't wait to see some progress !
  4. great work on the Brockway ! it adds to a great looking fleet !
  5. looks great lee ! love the freightliners and also can't wait for the kit to be released !
  6. tony : hey rock what are you gonna do with the money from your last fight ? how about investing in condominiums, it's safe ! rocky : I never use um !
  7. why don't you knock it off with them negative waves !
  8. great work on those two trucks jacobus !
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