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  1. great work dan ! I enjoyed watching this one progress into one fine build !
  2. nice work ! nice clean build ! two things if I may, on the rear of the cab your cab lock handles are upside down, and make sure the interior tub is all the way up as far as it can go. it hits the top of the radiator and won't let the cab sit level. looks like yours is up off the rear cab mounts . can't wait for the reissue to be released, have a couple of builds in mind .
  3. who has it ? been checking model roundup and can't find it.
  4. looks great I really like the color !
  5. nice work ! I have this kit in the stash waiting to be built.
  6. beautiful ! the white one is absolutely stunning !
  7. received mine ! worth the wait !
  8. nice work on the rear suspension ! looks great !
  9. no progress for july again, been busy but soon there will be some progress.
  10. welcome to the forum dave ! nice monte ! I own a 04 intimidator supercharged ss which I purchased new
  11. very nice work on the trailers ! they look great !
  12. nice new ride clayton ! plus more money ! great news, glad to hear you are doing well !
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