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  1. this is my all time favorite model. if I had to lose all my models ,this would be the one I keep. it depicts the truck my dad owned and operated in the seventies. it holds a special place in my heart as it's what got me into real trucks and model trucks and I learned to drive on it. originally a ringsby united truck, it took my dad a couple of years to get it the way he wanted it and I got to help. there aint nothing like the sound of a full boat 318 pullin the hills on old route one ! I could hear my dad coming home when he was 10 mins away ! the model was built many moons ago (long before I found out about the high headlite thing) , and took about two years to complete. the cab came from the junk box and was cut down for the short sleeper with the exhaust recessed into the cab. I had never tried such an extensive cab mod so I worked on that first. when the cab was done it was time to search for a frame. I ended up using a amt diamond reo for the frame and rear suspension/rear ends. the hendrickson is not accurate as my dad had the freightliner rear suspension but o well. I found aluminum two hole buds at a hobby shop and purchased them for the rears and mounted revell Germany tires on them. the real truck had five holes but who cares. I used revell steers for the front. the double breasted yamahammer came from the parts box as well as most of the detail parts . what I didn;t have I made myself. the paint is a custom mix for the green and just used silver from a bottle I gave the silver a coat of pearl gloss and it looks much better. sorry for the novel but I haven't met too many truck modelers out there and just wanted to share..............................gino
  2. thanks clayton ! nice catch on the revell steers, they are always my first choice for my models. I think they look much better. this is an old model originally built in the early eighties, it has been redone several times. the paint scheme came from an original freightliner brochure I used to have. last year I finally figured out the high headlite deal and fixed it without repainting the whole cab. i gave it it's latest update changing the rear ends, rear wheels, and tires. i also blanked off the step well like it should be with some chrome acetate. I also discovered that rubber o rings cut to size look better than the black wire I used to use for the wheel openings. it still needs the grabhandles for the side of the cab but I forgot where I put them.
  3. rescued the cab from the junk box. used an italeri freightliner for the frame and running gear
  4. amt kit , I added the rearends,wheels, and tires from a revell of Germany w900 kenworth. the v-8 cat is also from the w900 kit. the front steer axle, tires and wheels, are from the monogram snap tite w900 aerodyne kit. for the sleeper box I cut two roofs off two monogram aerodyne kits, put them together to get the correct profile, then scratchbuilt the rest. now have to just add the rest of the details.
  5. new here, started building cars in the early seventies . built mostly trucks from about late seventies til about 1998. started back up in 2014. looking forward to meeting those who enjoy the hobby
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