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  1. i enjoy your pics and don't see a need to apologize to anyone. it takes some effort to do what you do and i enjoy it ! the pic with the 62 chevy is great ! and you have my support doug !
  2. nice work terry ! looks great hooked up to that kw that I like so much !
  3. yea that was awesome ! it was in the museum when I was there, along with C.L's super duty and gmc cannonball. they also had a cool 60's freight shaker cabover. I could never figure out why the pete was not the company blue color, although I like the red/maroon it wears.
  4. gino

    Mack Truck prints

    very nice ! thanks for sharing !
  5. that V-16 is pretty cool ! I saw the truck back in 2005 in Omaha when I worked there. I was across the highway at the trailer shop getting work done on my qualcom. it was in the shop being worked on and they let me check it out.
  6. nice work ! thanks for the tip on the alclad clearcoat !
  7. can't wait for this to be released , going to get a few of these to build some different versions
  8. looks great terry ! that's one mean machine !
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