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  1. Yates added a post in a topic Toy Wrecker by Marx   

    Ckeck out the old toy commercial by Marx.

    It's The Big Bruser Tow Truck..


    Hope you can open it. You will have to scroll down. The Tow truck commercial is listed with others at the bottom.If not, go to Google Video, Type in old toy commercials by Marx and look for the Big Bruser commercial.

  2. Yates added a post in a topic Toy Wrecker by Marx   

    WOW!!..Thanks guys!!..What a rush of memories just looking at that photo!...

    I may have to put in my first ebay bid..

  3. Yates added a topic in General   

    Toy Wrecker by Marx
    Does anyone remember this toy by Marx? It was a larger white wrecker with a dark blue pick up truck. The p/u truck came with extra parts. A crushed left front finder, flat tire and working screw jack.

    I know it's a long shot but does anyone have a pic or know where I can find a photo of this toy. I used to have one as a kid in the 60's and would love to find another. I know, search eaby. I don't do ebay at this time, but if I have too I guess I'll look over there.

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