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  1. Great job with the Alternator bracket too.
  2. I also use craft acrylics to paint all of my model stuff. I also cut it with future. The only different thing that I do is I have 3 cans of aerosol Ace Hardware clear, Flat, Matte and Gloss. I top coat with whatever finish of the part I want with the clear. Everything comes out perfect.
  3. Not sure I want to admit this, but I really liked the Khloe Kardashian interview yesterday. It just goes to show that there is nobody better than Howard.
  4. Try Bondic and silly putty. You can get it at Lowes. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/101479-1001-uses-for-bondic-1-1-2016-side-trim-by-chrisbcritter/
  5. A VW Bay Window Bus. All of the other VW's are accounted for except for this bus. I'd love to do a replica of my real one.
  6. That is awesome. This is gonna be a bad year for the Wack Pack.
  7. Well, R.I.P. Riley Martin. We Speak Your Name
  8. Being a huge VW guy and owner of a 70 Bus, this is a great build. Good Job.
  9. 5 MORE YEARS!! THANK GOD. I wish they would fill the Artie chair again. He added so much to the show...when he was there everyday and not drugged up and sleeping. I wouldn't be shocked to see someone like Eric Andre as a regular at some point.
  10. I never listened when Jackie was there, wish I would have in those days. I seriously would be upset if he doesn't renew his contract.
  11. Interview wasn't that great, but loved when he did Boys of Summer too. I'm a huge baseball guy, so I've always liked that song anyways, even though he said it wasn't about baseball. Benji is one guy on the show that I wouldn't miss at all. His schtick makes me ill. Speaking of people on the show, where the hell did Lisa G go? Eric the Acktor...Midget is one I really miss though. As ungrateful as he was, I loved that little guy. He actually blocked me on twitter because I told him I was in the Sacramento area and was going to bring him some Pepsi. When he died, I made this my avatar for a minute. I'm going to be in the Hesperia area next Saturday as we'll be on our way to Disneyland. Are there any good hobby shops there?
  12. I know it. So sick of her. Her and Sal just need to run away with each other. She's gonna get smashed in that fight. I wasn't overly impressed with the Madonna interview, I guess I thought it was going to be so much more with all the hype of changing the shows time and all. I swear, I love Eric Andre on there as Jeff's Lump, J.D.'s Sheets and Bobo's Toupee though. One of my favorite parts of the show right now.
  13. Hey, just curious. Of all the musical guests that have been on the show, which one were you not a fan of and the interview and performance totally changed your mind? Mine, believe it or not has to be Lady Gaga.
  14. It's crazy how reading your post and the word resign and re-sign can mean such different things. I think if they were leaving, they would have addressed it already setting up some crazy interviews to end the show with. I think they'll address it this week.
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