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  1. One other thing, make sure you put in the passenger side glass before you put on the B post decal. The window actually splits the B post so if you put the decal on first, half will be obscured. I hadn't thought about that before, but someone had put the decal on first on one of the facebook forums and was questioning it.
  2. I use Evergreen Canopy glue on mine. As you mentioned, one corner does seem to pop out on its own so I find some way to hold the whole thing down until the glue dries.
  3. Nice. It looks like the decals turned out fine. Those 90s decals seem to be all or nothing. I have one in the stash too. Some day...
  4. I've been slow to post. The first two have been done for a while, but I just got around to posting last Friday.
  5. No, the spoilers were all scratch built. On the Larson car, I built some brackets to attach the body to the chassis. On the other two I used magnets. You will likely have to do some chassis bending to get it to sit properly.
  6. https://imodeler.com/2021/01/1981-pontiac-lemans-nascar-race-car/
  7. I did quite a bit of body modifications based on an article written by Drew Hierwarter. I shortened the front end and hood, reshaped the window openings, and moved the fuel filler. I filed the headlights to simulate the scallops on the side. I modified the exhaust. I also used the Tuf-Lon rear fender decals from the Monte Carlo kit since they looked like they were sized properly.
  8. Chase Elliott's Hooters scheme for 2022. Spoiler is custom built and I added some roll bar padding and the dash.
  9. I modeled this one after Alex Bowman's win at the Spring 2022 Las Vegas race. I tried to create the champagne white color by layering Tamiya TS-7 Racing White, then TS-26 Pure White, TS-56 Pearl Clear, and TS13 Clear all over white primer. The spoiler is custom built as are some of the decals
  10. This is the first Salvinos Next Gen kit I built. It was completed several months ago. I opted to paint instead of use all of the supplied decals. Paint is Tamiya TS-93 Pure Blue and TS-26 Pure White. I created the spoiler since the smaller kit supplied ones are molded in color.
  11. Is the smaller spoiler clear? I know the large super speedway spoiler is clear, but I wasn't aware the smaller one is available in clear, although I haven't opened any of the newer releases. I've been making my own smaller clear spoiler.
  12. What types or paint do you want to use? Airbrush? Spray Cans? For Airbrush, check out MCW Finishes. They should have color matches for this car. For the black bars, I use a Sharpie (Professional I think) marker on the inside of the windshield. I typically tape off the inside of the windshield and dab the marker until it is to my liking.
  13. I don't remember how reflective (i.e. mirror like finish) the gold was on the real car. You may look into the Green Stuff World line. Their chrome metal can achieve a near mirror like finish.
  14. Here's another one that was started and then sat around for years. I finally got around to finishing it. This is from the Earnhardt Wrangler combo kit. The colors are Krylon Fusion 2330 Sunbeam/Safety Yellow and 2329 Patriotic/Safety Blue. The decals are from Wet Works. This one is pretty much box stock except for the roll bar padding. More pictures in the gallery: https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AHFgwaINiMN4QY0&id=151834E7F1DA907C!2270&cid=151834E7F1DA907C
  15. Looks great Chris. Did you design the exhaust dumps? Those are much better than what came with the kit.
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