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  1. Finished project located here: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/158787-2017-chase-elliott-darlington-throwback/
  2. Chase Elliott's 2017 throwback to his father Bill's ride. This is the Revell Gen 6 kit with minor modifications (spoiler, fuel line, ride height, tucked wheels, splitter) The colors I used were Krylon SCS-070 Bonnet Blue and SCS-073 Forever Blue for the back. The chassis is Tamiya AS-20 Insignia White. The Decals are from MPR. I decided to use the kit decals for the headlights, taillights and grill. I added a few minor decals touches of my own. More pictures in the gallery: Chase Elliott 2017 Darlington Throwback
  3. It's called "Build a better Buick" by Drew Hierwarter from the June 2007 issue.
  4. Based on the Busch Beer tweet before the 2018 finale, this is my interpretation of the Millennial V-Lit scheme. Decals are ink jet printed (Numbers then painted fluorescent green). The kit is one of the Danica fusions. I lowered the ride height, tucked the wheels in, added a fuel line and added the front splitter. Everything else is box stock. More pictures in the gallery: Busch Beer Millennial V-Lit
  5. With the hood in place, I applied the decal and let it overlap on the fender. Once dry I carefully cut along the hood edges with a sharp x-acto blade. I think I taped the hood in place along the cowling so it wouldn't move.
  6. The chassis is complete, but I still have the body to complete. I added fuel lines and some missing bars to the cage. The ride height is modified and the wheels are brought it. After having it complete, I ended up dropping it on its wheels and had to redo the rear suspension. That minor catastrophe aside, it turned out ok. I have more pictures available in the gallery: Gen 6 Chevy SS
  7. I use the Tamiya powders with the "Soot" (Set B in the link below) to tone down the tire decals. I usually apply it with the sponge end of the applicator. https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/87080weathering/index.htm
  8. Maybe this will help. I only sanded part of the edge in this picture.
  9. No groove, I just use the sandpaper to essentially scrape off the paint from the edge (others use an Exacto blade). If your wheels are white plastic to start, you should have a white ring when you are done sanding, then you can Sharpie whatever color you need. I don't have a lathe, this is done by hand.
  10. Hi Tim, I've added some close ups of the wheels and tires to the gallery. I use a method similar to others who scrape the wheel edge with a #11 blade. Instead, I just use sandpaper to sand away the paint. I then used a red Sharpie for the red line.
  11. This is the Monogram Mark Martin Folgers Thunderbird. Duplicolor Perfect Match Toreador Red Metallic BFM0344 (over Tamiya TS-30 Silver Leaf - if it matters) and Krylon Pewter Gray for the chassis. My only modifications were swapping the wheels and to the air cleaner. I created a few decals for the headlight covers also. I was pleasantly surprised with these 30 year old kit decals. The residue takes a bit to clean up, so cut as close as possible. I was worried when they when on super cloudly, but they cleared right up. Minimal use of solution was required. More pictures in the gallery: Mark Martin Folgers Thunderbird
  12. Great job. These sprint car kits are fun. I just finished the last one in my stash so it may be a while before I build another. Too many other builds to go.
  13. Another one I finally got around to finishing after starting years ago. Typical '90s decals that silvered like mad. I've found that if you let the decal dry, carefully peel it up and brush future underneath, they look decent. This is obviously easier on the flat portions of the model. Tamiya TS-35 Park Green. More pictures in the gallery: Quaker State Sprint Car
  14. This looks fantastic. I have yet to build one of the 87/88 T-Birds. Any tips on improving the body fitment?
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