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  1. Started decal work last night, still a few to go before clear.
  2. I first applied darker shade of green (most people use black) for a base color. After it was cured, I shot the whole car with silver and immediately, with the silver still wet, I blotted it with a loosely wrinkled up ball of seran wrap to lift the silver off the base. Once the silver was cured, I sprayed with candy green. I can be done with any combination of colors, it just needs to be a candy color for the top coat.
  3. My first ever curbside kit build. Tried a new paint technique, and its going to be a tribute theme build.
  4. I was going to say the same as the first part, warm water and Dawn Original blue dish soap witha soft tooth brush. I specify Dawn Original because it has no lotions in it.
  5. Finished my wifes Viper yesterday. Hope you like it.
  6. Last mock-up. Should be finished and under glass by the end of tomorrow. I decided to smoke the wheels to darken them, thought it would look good with the colors and the fact that there is zero chrome on this car other than the headlight bezels.
  7. Beatiful. Love it in white. I never would have thought of doing a highboy that color.
  8. Thanks guys. I painted the hood like that to try resembling snake skin. Solid florescent pink, fine knit onion bag over the pink then a light coat of graphite gray. finished off with pearl clear.
  9. The wheels are from a 62 Corvette convertible snap kit that my son built when he was about 6. Unfortunately the car didnt survive too many years, but he is still building, and better at it than I was at his age.
  10. Thank you all for the kind words. I'm a total newby with chopping, customizing and scratch building. I had a vision going into this first attempt, and tried my best to hold true to the form I had in my head.
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