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  1. great job on the build!!! i also wonder who case the 58 wagon
  2. beautiful work!!! love it. won't change a thing. came out sweet!!! definitely my favorite type of customs, 50s and 60s.
  3. I'll Be following this! dido on the weathering, looks very convincing. great idea. might have to try that
  4. really great work for first builds. ill take the teal one
  5. yeah....old school all the way!!!!
  6. my fav year. what a beaut it is. i think you did a outstanding job on the build and mods. i never get tired of the stings
  7. Steve_L, nice job on your build. Beautiful color/paint. love the early impalas. have the same kit....any issues with fitment, ect? PS wash on grill helped a lot.
  8. thanks guys for the replies. aaronw, funny was just reading that link before i checked back here. lots of good info. if i can swing it, think ill be getting a dayton 1TDR3 gage fan w/ 273 cdm and mount it cross draft. still booth lining up in the air. thought of maybe putting two metal strips of steal on each sides so i could use magnets to attach paper.
  9. Hello, not sure if this is the right area to post this but i just had a question that i hope someone could shed some light on. im thinking of building a booth and work stand for my hobby room. been wanting to do this for awhile now. it would be nice to have my painting station in the same room as my work station. and be able to paint at any given time. after doing some reseach, i seen people use alot of different size motors and stlyes. seems squirral gage motors are the safest way to go. little spendy though. i couldnt find a standard rule of thumb when trying to pick a good CFM to have for a booth at a size 36Lx24Wx24.5H. i havent built it yet but thats the size i was thinking of doing. im planning on using both airbrush and rattle can in the booth. but, im also very new with airbrushing. dont know about the differences between the two as far as over spray. i asume rat can would be more. there must be a "rule of thumb" figure for a give square inch too come up with the right amount of air flow draw. hate to buy the wrong size CFM motor that either sucked all paint up before it hit the target, or not suck enough and have my house smell like a DuPont factory. it did seem that the low end was around 100CFMs and the highs around 250CFMs. so maybe 150-175CFMs would be good? any insite on this would be great. thanks for any replies.
  10. thanks guys. well i guess that would be closer than MEMPHIS. LOL
  11. oh wow...finally. hope his is going to work every time!
  12. i still can't get anything!!!! when using all the above methods. think one could spend more time here on learning how to load images, then actually building models.
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