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  1. Nice progress Bill, I have to be honest I don't think I have touched plastic in close to 2 years ever since I installed hydraulics in the caprice, hehehe. I keep telling myself to get back to the bench. I have been wondering about the embossing powders, once inplace and dry do they "shed" if you will? One thing I didn't like about flocking was no matter how carefully I applied it it always seem to shed and static would make it stick to the windows. phil
  2. Glad to see you back Bill & sorry for your loss. I myself haven't built in over a year but that was because I finally built myself a full size lowrider and spent the year at shows and cruises. Thanks for posting the links to the magnifiers, I have been wearing glasses since right after Christmas last year when an eye exam discovered I have an astigmatism in one eye, and I just order the second set listed as its now uncomfortable to wear the headband magnifiers with glasses
  3. speaking from experience, they don't stick very good, and over time start to peel and lift
  4. Cold as hell out but I sprayed the dupli-color clear effex top coat, need sunlight pics to really capture the effect
  5. Picked this one up a few weeks ago from the Hawk, I was diggin the green but I managed to put a small nick in the trunk so my fix was some metalspeks silver. Gonna give the paint a few days to dry and spray the whole car with some dupli-color "mirage", I like to use it for a light flake/pearl look. I'll might have to look thru the Franklin Ink line for some nice patterns for the roof.
  6. Heavily trimmed down 65 Impala chassis, not 100% accurate but offers better detail then the promo chassis.
  7. Day 1: march 2000, picked up for $100 and a $25 tow bill, only pic I ever took Only need a new cam and lifter set Dropped in a two pump/4 battery setup Ended up blowing the engine in 2001 the night the heading home from a superbowl party, didn't know the engine had a bad oil leak, sold it for $800 mainly for the wheels/hydraulics
  8. Wasn't fully satisfied with the green, it needed a little something extra. Its hard to see but I shot some copper and green flakes on top. Click on the last picture for a short vid.
  9. trying to make up my mind on stance, probably will go fully slammed. Also change the chrome rings to ones from the 70 impala kit.
  10. Well, been awhile since I touched a model, been spending the summer playing with the 1:1 95 caprice I had to sell the 74 caprice to pay a bill but I still have the 79 glasshouse caddy in the works. I sprayed some dupli-color metalspeks silver and then a top coat of Killer Cans lime green. Gonna shoot the vinyl top probably in a darker green with matching interior, maybe with some white accents thrown in. In wanting an oldschool feel I used the stock wire wheels with pegasus rings and 520s and the center cap from a 59 impala for an old cross lace true ray look.
  11. Looks like I got another one, gonna be simple and quick. I was gonna strip and repaint till I saw how nice the black was. Spent a little time lightly sanding and buffing. Not glass smooth but I can live with it. Still unsure on rolling stock and I need to check with the Haus on some fresh chrome.
  12. lowriderphil

    78 Caddy

    I saw the dude from johan at nnl east this year, he sells a bunch of little things from tail lights to hood ornaments
  13. Did a little work this morning, its now a glasshouse coupe deville gonna order these from Franklin Ink and lay under a candy green
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