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  1. Nice work filling in the bonnet. How bout a fade for the second color?
  2. This is great, was thinking "Revellion" after seeing the first pic.👍
  3. Thanx Tom Elmers has some properties that are very useful for us modelers. One being that you can use water to neaten things up after its dry. Ability to paint over it is good to know. 👍
  4. Watched the recent NASCAR race on TV, those cars were spinning and crashing out without looking like they even touched. Didn't see much signs of damage either. Orher times they were driving through each other. There was a GT type car race streamed over the weekend (can't remember what it was called) much more realistic, cars showed damage during the race and to me more enjoyable.
  5. Good explanation Peter. Now I understand how I lost out on some deals. should have done the research on my end but too lazy. Now I just do "Buy It Now".
  6. Peter, I was using my office iMac, will see if it was a figment of my imagination next time.
  7. There are some here that have some interesting machine equipment, lathes mills etc. others with collections/collectables. I'd be interested how you have your shop set up. I sometimes have other odd projects going on like a recent mid century lamp restoration so a little OT or better, some 1-1 car stuff might be allowed by moderators. (My mini mill is boxed up in a closet for lac of room in my tiny space.)
  8. Refrigerated or frozen Twinkies are my favorite. 😊 Much better than room temp.
  9. Ah, Bettie. Here is an obscure B.P. collectable from my CD rack.
  10. JC, that looks like the contents of an entire hobby store you've got in there. I spy a Barracuda?
  11. We all need our certain type of inspiration. I take it those are not pin up art by the likes of Elvgren or Vargas. That reminds me, Ive got some framed and in storage with room on my walls.
  12. Earthquake near Boise ID yesterday. The house felt as if it was being tossed around like a boat on the ocean. This is the first time ever experiencing an earthquake, though the epicenter was nearly 80 miles from here it was scary enough.
  13. Something happened while I uploaded that video to you tube so I apologize for the low quality. Yes I'm a neat freak, video was made after I tidied up a bit. Dust is a real problem here so I don't leave a lot of things like paint bottles, infrequetly used tools or other started models out in the open. In fact the problem is so bad in this house I have not been able to use my air brush booth since moving in. Thanx for participating, anyone else game?
  14. Because we are all trying to stay responsible and stay at home these days thought it might be fun to start a similar thread like over on another forum. Here is my one take short video just to get started. Anyone else game?
  15. Band hails from Massachusetts. Barbara plays a mean guitar, this song seems poignant today. ROCK IT!
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