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  1. Can anyone tell me where on this master cylinder the brake line would connect? It seems kinda large at 1/25, could it be dual brake setup? I'm thinking would be just a single line out opposite end from the pedal, been wrong before.🙄
  2. from Juan Browne's "blancolirio" you tube channel. Juan eludes to that Extratv eyewitness account previously posted by Ace-Garageguy. Juan's channel is very informative done bye a real experienced pilot.
  3. If we could find a product with these properties some folks around here would truly be thankful.😊 If you're going to foil it doesn't it need to be near perfect? Guess you could sand the trim off smooth and replace with a strip of styrene, though thats not the answer we're looking for. Oh, the joys of model building 😜.
  4. I can see something like an TD type theme car here. Don't think he ever did a mail delivery. Maybe "Gone-Postal"? 😀
  5. What is this crude drawing supposed to be depicting?
  6. Just a thought... I know there are those of you out there that have a vast knowledge of 1-1 automobiles. Even more here who know about kits produced over the years and their good or not so good attributes . My overall question is this, In building whatever you are working on, are you replicating something you have dealt with first hand 1-1 ? Something you have witnessed/worked on through life experiences ? Have you worked in the industry, carrying over that knowledge and interest to this hobby? Or are you like me. Trying to make make things look like those pictures on the internet with no first hand knowledge. (Wish I had hung around with more "car" people when younger. Grew up as a "boat" kid. LOL) I have a strange love of cars, although I don't always understand them. 😊 Thanx to all you true "car" folks here on the board, keep it rolling.
  7. This is one of the golden rules of model building. That being said... Its always a good recommendation to scuff up the surfaces while using an epoxy type glue. Nothing wrong with your choice to use it. Masking off places that will eventually be glued together can be troublesome, but the inside of a body isn't that hard.
  8. Thanx ...This was sort of a sidestep from an ongoing project of mine. Sometimes looking for the correct or nearest part can drive me crazy. It is a skill how some here can put parts from several sources together in a convincing way. I don't have a huge stash of kits to source bits from and have a hard time remembering just which one has what I'm looking for. Overall, this has challenged my building skills and techniques. There are things I would do different if starting over for sure. Learned a lot from this project. Now... This Ford FE front timing chain cover is next. Don't know if I have anything to start out with so as par, will most likely do it the hard way.
  9. I thought that looked familiar. 😂 Maybe these days they would make fun of self driving cars.
  10. If you watch the clip I'd say that soldier in the back was very explosive. Never drove a Pinto,But had my share of econoboxes. Had two Opel Kadett's. Wish one of them would have looked like this... No seriously, they were fun little cars and easy to work on.
  11. Thanx JC 😊 I wonder how many would like to add a supercharger to their Shelby Cobras? 😉
  12. Yup, they are also available in different magnification levels. Me, I had to take a Dremel to this bitt to better fit my "pin' head. LOL Another thing I like are these "CLIC" magnifiers available to +4 and also attached an Bausch & Lomb loupe.
  13. Yah, did some really terrific dioramas . The women I know are mostly of the end result and functionality mind set. I do have a sister who asks me how I am doing on my latest projects, though I do think she thinks Im weird to spend so long on a thing that does nothing but sit there and has no purpose she can fathom. 😜
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