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  1. MPC Jolly Roger

    Casey, OK that link is to a thread I started. yet being the FORD freak I am, just pondering the lineage of this old kit. I spent some time away from car model building so some of these old kits slipped past me. Yes it would be a nice reissue, especially as the funny car version.
  2. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    never mind
  3. A Thought about the Magazine, etc.

    Totally agree with Steven here.I feel the same way.
  4. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Yes, what are you going to do under the bonnet? Thats a cool old kit you have there.
  5. What do you listen to while you build???

    I was able to see this guy play in MPLS, found this you tube video. Not for the faint of heart jazz enthusiast, he's an outsider. You're styrene may start to warp a bit. Nice performance by some excellent players.
  6. MPC Jolly Roger

    Mark, Thanx for the info. I was curious about this kit and the lack of online information about it. It seems like this one was not produced long and is now lost. Would like to find one to add it to my future FOMOCO build pile. Yes, George Montgomery never raced this car that MPC bankrolled. Yet they still managed to mangle as a kit.
  7. Favorite Obscure or Discovered Music Album

    From the "Moonflowers & Miniskirts" album. Peter Thomas,(OPIUM) one groovy tune by one of my favorite sound track artists.This album also contains the first ever recording from Donna Summer's. Yah,I know I'm into weird
  8. Favorite Obscure or Discovered Music Album

    Another SUBURBS tune, this one made it to the 80's dance floor charts and I still like it.
  9. MPC Jolly Roger

    Dave. Nice work on that, I know I have seen pictures of your build while researching Maverick funny cars.I wonder what kit came first, the Jolly Roger or the Multi-Maverick?
  10. MPC Jolly Roger

    This car(pic) was found on the side label of my recently acquired Winged Express kit. It appears to have the same body as the "Multi-Maverick" kit sans the overly large hood scoop but does have the same separate front quarter panels. Also looks like the chassis was completely different. Not much can be found as far as pics on the web for this kit, but some parts photos shown on worth point . https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/mpc-jolly-roger-maverick-funnycar-485143652 suggest there might be a connection. Anyone know the history of this kit?
  11. A Thought about the Magazine, etc.

    I think this type of strategy is reasonable and there are forums I visit that use the same. For some reason growing up on the internet made a lot of people feel like everything was free. Me, not so much, because I worked in a creative environment(advertising) for much of my life and have a respect for the work that goes into such endeavors.
  12. Favorite Obscure or Discovered Music Album

    Heres one from my MPLS youth. Some of you just might remember because it was the closest they got to popularity. Bruce "Beej" Chaney(vocalist) was a schoolmate and Hugo Halliday(Drums) lived in an apartment building at the same time I was living and working downtown Minneapolis for an department store advertising dept.
  13. A Thought about the Magazine, etc.

    Ive never subscribed to an digital magazine. I know they are out there and have thought about the idea. Because I follow forums on F1 racing(for example) I get some information on what is going on in that world but there is always content that is not available unless you subscribe to one of them, that is understandable. The online business model of magazines is something I have no knowledge of and probably won't save a floundering publication, or would it. Anybody here subscribe to e-zeen's?
  14. They shoot horses, don't they?

    Oh, here is a pic of the motor mount so far, needs some fine tuning or perhaps a complete re-do, I'm still on the fence on this.
  15. They shoot horses, don't they?

    Recently found on the internet, this photo from James Handy photography (check out his website for lots of vintage drag cars)this pic pretty much confirms the color the car was painted. https://jameshandyphotography.zenfolio.com/p640330804 ( go to pic#69-144 ) Unfortunately all my models and hobby supplies/equipment are being boxed up for a move into a TINY house (downsizing)just waiting for the owner to get a job transfer. It will be awhile before I can get back to this project. Here is a link to James Handy Photography,http://jameshandyphotography.com