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  1. I think they cloned Kieth sometime back in the eighties so he will outlive them all.😉
  2. Ricky, you are definitely not off base. Was not aware that the Parts Pack 427 had a manifold for a blower. Tho the position for the distributer looks like they cheated a bit. That ribbed timing cover would be extremely helpful for what I'm trying to achieve. Thanx for those images. So Cragar made one also. That is very close to the one with the FORD script on it, and those are certainly relief valves on the back end. Started work with the 4 barrel carb manifold I have. (it's been so long I can't remember who I got it from was that you J.C. ?) Some shimming to get it to align better with the block and heads, something a bit less than .010" on the three side where it buts up to block/heads. As well as correcting the front coolant shape. I will have to decide on which blower to go with. The "Miss-Deal" one is an 6-71. An 8-71 is about 1" longer case dimension. Cant find any info on the width of those two blowers. I'll have to do some changes to the hight of the manifold Runners (is this the correct term?) because it looks like this this one is not a High Rise manifold (thats just judging from pic's I've looked at). Pictures soon.
  3. Thanx for that J.C. Interesting that they put that Ford script on it. What size blower would you guess that was designed for? Was thinking of using the blower from the "Miss Deal" kit, tho it's foot print seems a bit small. On that manifold, looks like there would be two Pop Off valves on the back side??
  4. Ace... If you like to use Lacquer you might want to try "Mr. Hobby" thinners. There are two types regular and leveling. These are not at all like the Lacquer thinners we would find at our local hardware/paint stores. They are not as HOT and Ive used them to thin "Mr. Surfacer" as a primer which did not craze at all. and that was on Evergreen styrene that seems to craze rather easily. There are no other thinners that I've found quite like it. Mr. Color thinner contains: 2-Propanal, Isobutyl alcohol, Ethanol,2-btoxy- Mr. Color leveling thinner contains: 2-Pentanone, 4-methyl-, 2-Pentanone, 4-hydroxy-4-methyl- I have Know idea what that all means. I pulled that info from the only English language label attached to one of the bottles just for the sake of science.😊
  5. What was the question again? Never mind. just another Hemi.
  6. Alan, thanx. I have no special skills. Just a whole lot of patience. Some times I just have to step back and think things through because it dosen't come naturally.(car stuff) Thats why this forum is so cool, and a real treasure trove of information.
  7. Thanx Snake. That Warbird that my friend Tom and I put together was one memorable project. The motor was built buy a guy who held control line speed records. forgotten his name.( Brown?) The plane was based on documentation drawings that where approved buy the class. Scale was sort of an "bastard scale" because it was based on wing area per. engine cubic inch. We went for the minimum on an already clipped wing Mustang. I designed and built the fuse and empennage and Tom had the task of building a truly fast wing as well as full retractable landing gear. The livery was done buy a guy who photographed the REAL plane and then produced dry transfers. Paint buy a good friend in Flagstaff Arizona. There was a "tuned pipe" running down the middle of the fuse, all of the other competitors had them on the outside at the time.. Because our planes where judged on SCALE before racing even started we had them beet even before the first heat. Good times! Oh, It was quick! Won many races.
  8. Yup, that was (after it all happened) one of the quietest days I can remember. I went shopping the next day and it was still the same. We where all just going about our business in disbelief. Looking at each other wondering how was this real.
  9. Well they all look the same for the uninitiated. Though for me arguments for what is "Traditional" are getting boring. They have got to the point where a simple thing like a radiator hose or a coil wire puts you off the map. REAL Hot Rodding for me, not poser stuff. I don't think these cars looked this good back in the day. Yah I'm sure there nice builds, $$$$$! (Bump steer is traditional)HA HA. Don't take my words too seriously and build those perfect Deuce's.
  10. I was just just plain MAD AS HELL. Still am, watched it all unfold while living in Minnesota. A state that I am proud (sadly) to have vacated. I WILL NEVER FORGET! Flame suit ready.
  11. WOW! Simply amazing work Tim. Thanx for the ride, Ive been astonished with every update. You're skills are just out of this world!
  12. While going through some boxes of old stuff I haven't looked at for years I came across these old photos from an old hobby of mine. A friend of mine and I designed and built this "Strega" for R.C. warbird racing. Didn't know I still had these photos. Thats me standing in front of Strega at the first Phoenix 500 race.
  13. Reno Live stream going on right now. They have shown some of the STOL races.
  14. Here is what I'm going to settle with. Not perfect but calling job done. Now I can start working on that blower manifold, Hard to find any pictures of blown 427 wedge engines from the 1960's just loads of SOHC examples.
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