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  1. Yup, it is one part of these old Mustangs that is difficult to get right. I'm looking at it as how these old drag cars were originally. kinda crude and not perfect.😊 But not AMT crude.πŸ˜‚
  2. Working on the bloody hood, It's been a bit of a fight. Here we are top sides, looks fair but needs some work. Underneath I had to get creative to make it look more like original tin quarter panels. That is 4 lawyers of blue masking tape that I used as a gap while gluing in the recessed bit. Will need that space for paint thickness and some further details to follow. The underside of the hood will probably get a lawyer of 1/4 Oz. fiberglass cloth to simulate a glass hood construction. This relief part(step?) of the quarter panel did not correctly follow the thickness of the old AMT body so I had to improvise by using multiple (4) pieces of Evergreen. That may not make any sense at all, right now my brain is spent. While the glue dries I'll have a cold one.πŸ˜‰
  3. Try this out... One of my many favorite discs. With one of my favorite version of "Moondance". Well.. there are two. Trippy, Jazzy, Beat Music personified.................... You may dig.??!!
  4. What a great album... I've been Proging out lately as usual. Any Van Der Graaf Generator fans out there? This one is quite poppy and delivers just a taste of the direction their music would go. They where so weird and different at the time and I had nothing on the radio to compare them to. I would have loved to see them play something like this back in 1975. For the fans, I found this .... Killer is still one of my all time favorite Van Der Graaf Generator tunes.
  5. Don't feel dumb, I had always had a similar vision in my head. He's the guy who wrote the song and that is the orignal version. When I saw Link Wray play he looked much different than in that early video, must have been sometime during the 90's, saw Dick Dale play around that same time. They both rocked the ponytail thing.
  6. yup, looks like I might have a possible next new project that won't be to hard to collect parts for. more here https://public.fotki.com/kdnelsurf/corvette-project/
  7. Ace... i understood your post completely, and it was topical. It was the other comments that kinda lost track of the original question. Thanx for doing the leg work 😊
  8. Greg... Are you planning on doing any measuring on your own? I would be interested in any results you come up with. I don't have that kit (Yet). Love those old competition coupes! Not sure what all the die cast conversation has to do with the price of eggs😜
  9. Just a light hearted joke that was half way on topic. Didn't mean to start a bickering.
  10. This side shot may be of help, looks like an unmolested steel body on this. This could easily be sized and printed out for a starting point. Did the roadster body share any dimensions? All I could find as far as overall width and cowl hight and width were approximations on this image.
  11. Ace... I am told this photo depicts those same reversed Sprit wheels. I studied it for several minutes and still can't see themπŸ˜‰
  12. Very sad. though did have to look this up do to unfamiliarity. Welp is a word to use, as one Urban Dictionary definition puts it, β€œWhen one feels there is no more to say.” While Dumb and Dumber could have brought the usage to a wider audience, academic studies acknowledged the word as early as 1946. 😊
  13. Some fun from Goodwood Road & Racing, if you like fast cars vintage or otherwise do check out there channel. They have been dropping some great videos during this Covid thing.
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