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  1. Wow, what a perfect transformation to a design that I always thought was a bit awkward. What you have done with the graphics is superb, beautiful model Tim ?
  2. Thanx everyone for the kind comments. Got the bucks for the glass parts creation ready for a heat and smash attempt. The cake container plastic I had sourced for this has a slight pebbly surface so will look around for something more suitable. (at this point I'm wishing I had a proper vac-forming setup) Set on top of .040" styrene sheet w/milliput backing. Polished w/Wright's and ready for the first tests?
  3. Project somewhat stalled do to a new work schedule but chipping away little by little. Unfortunately the clear parts in this kit are quite poor fitting and extremely thick. Will have to go about forming new bits using them as a mold using some packaging plastic and some heat. Never tried this before so hope it goes well. The tail lights on this old kit are also poorly rendered so they will need to be addressed somehow.
  4. Way back in 1971 I had this issue. First time I had seen the technique, anyone remember that Maverick?
  5. So you planned on sharing them ("we've") ? ? Ha Ha, no worries. Me... my life is going to be turned upside down this week do to a new job and new night schedule.
  6. Understood, these types of updated or reimagined automobile designs always divide us enthusiasts. i do like the "new Mini" as you call it, but the most interesting thing to me is how Frank talks about the process of designing and the decisions/compromises that will eventually end up on showrooms. The BMW Mini is just one example of his work. He may not be your favorite designer, but it's always interesting to hear the thought processes and maybe understand the whole of the work that goes into these endeavors. there are more examples on his channel, as well as some interesting critiques of other designers work. Its not my point to convince you to agree with his "Mini" design, but to add some insight into the people who create the cars that may or may not become memorable in the future. Or in your driveway ?
  7. How bout MCM top 100 model car kits list.? A poll perhaps with nothing but favorite kits that have been produced. no speculation just the ones out there on the shelves or recently available. I'd like to see just what kits people think the most highly of. totaly OT but kinda listy .?
  8. Did any of you live through the "Prepy era". Wearing double polo shirts. those pleated trousers. I did for awhile then got sacked by the punk boys and girls in the cool clubs while trying to enjoy an evening.
  9. Has anyone been following his YouTube channel? he has had his hands on many interesting car designs and gives great perspective of other designers work and has brought forth many innovative ideas. Check out his channel, he has some interesting things to say about design and how the manufacturing processes plays into final outcome. I will try to add a link when I get back to my desk. it's an easy google search.
  10. Yah I've thought about that. Being rather old school I rather like having local music files that have been obtained legitimately. years of collecting and ripping LP's and CD's (yes some of those were bootlegs)? But, for the most part it is a matter of having my own library (sometimes a work in progress) and the ability to listen while off the grid with no pay plans or down times.
  11. I dug threw my vault of prog on my music server. No Peter Hammill stuff, and I was sure there would be some on it. Will defiantly try to find some to ad to my collection. Very difficult to manage a huge amount of files (metadata) to make things searchable. This Boston band put out a couple great albums. Very different from what was typical of the time, try it. (1968-70) THE EYES OF THE "BEACON STREET UNION".... Recitation/My Love Is 0:00 Mystic Morning 4:09 Blue Avenue 10:04 South End Incident 13:04 Green Destroys The Gold 17:04 Prophet 20:09 The Clown Died In Marvin Gardens 24:44 Clown's Overture 23:36 Angus Of Aberdeen 31:53 Speed 39:12 405 41:15 A Not Very August Afternoon 43:30 Brown Hair 47:20
  12. I like it! Thanx Tom., I'll have to dig deeper into this outfit.
  13. There are just too many wisecracks available on the sale of Tiger's putter. i will abstain ?
  14. Or... is it "A Dream Within A Dream". E.A.P. + Propaganda=nice. Oh btw if ya haven't listened to this in awhile, its still kinda fun, tho a bit dated. LOL ZTT, 4AD... memories.
  15. After applying that decal restorative, is it still possible to use decal setting solutions like Walthers solvaset or some other brands to get them to settle into nooks and crannies?
  16. If this is due to a Ford license type of situation and the possibilities There in. Give me a Lotus Ford Cortina kit. That, I would be more interested in.?
  17. Those are an interesting arsenal of applicators. I've tried similar using pieces of wire folded over (couldn't get to work) Will try the ground off sewing needle idea. ? I have found that the more jell like CA's are a bit easier to work with. Gorilla has an easy to use thicker glue that can be found in most any drugstore. Oh and like Peter said don't apply from the tube/bottle directly, make a small puddle on something disposable and use an applicator. This is kinda yucky.?
  18. A while back a women pulled out of a strip mall into the center lane, I was in the right lane (four lanes 35 mph limit) As her Cherokee transitioned thru the turn and into traffic the passenger side front wheel started oscillating like a bad shopping cart! She was calm and collected the entire time and chating away on a cellphone. I just slowed considerably and waited for the expected outcome. The tire did come to a sort of normal operation, but I took the first exit as to not end up next to her again. Amazing how some will drive death machines.?
  19. I'll try to find those old pics or maybe do a little tutorial. there are some things I have learned about straightening craft wire usually bought in coils at store and perhaps others can expand on the idea.
  20. You can also make tie rods by smashing either soft wire or styrene rod in a vice and drilling a hole. ive got some pics about this somewhere here, no idea where at this moment. I could dig them up if you are interested.
  21. I have a now rare Tom Daniel "Horn-Toad" kit that I purchased sealed. I couldn't help myself and opened it, now it's probably worth half.? The rest of the stash is mostly Ford related stuff. If I could just pick a few of those kits in the pics you all have posted ??
  22. Me too, never drove one but hoping this gets to market. Just difficult to see the justification (sales) that are possible in any further issues/versions of the kit. Could be missing something, are there other avenues that they could take? Seems like currently manufacturers are introducing subject mater that can be re boxed or designed/planned in a way for future new releases.
  23. Does this mean you are getting all new sidewalks/curbs ? As long as you are not loosing hedges/planted decorations or architectural features you could come out a winner in the value of your property as well as the neighbors . it does suck when the powers that be mess w/your stuff tho!
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