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  1. 7/18/2020 ... Happy Birthday Ken !  Enjoy your special day ! Best wishes.   hack-n-whack AKA Tom Buda.

  2. Hi Ken, are you still in business?

    Regards, Pat

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    2. landman


      I'd like a quote on two straight 8s, one Pontiac one Buick, shipped to P5N 2M2 in Canada.

      Thanks, Pat

    3. Ken Kitchen

      Ken Kitchen


      The engines are $18.50 each. Shipping to Canada would be $15.00. However given the long lines at the P.O. because of the holiday you'd have to wait for shipping until after Christmas. As there's no way I want to stand in line for an hour or more to mail a package with the customs forms etc.


    4. landman
  3. this might just be the best build of this kit I've ever seen. What color did you use for the paint?
  4. Looks like I owe you an apology. I remember seeing your email come in asking about shipping to Canada and meant to respond. unfortunately it got lost in the shuffle. I'll get an email sent out to you this evening. Sorry for the slow response. Ken
  5. wow, I was just thinking this past weekend about trying this conversion myself.
  6. Please send me an email at kitchen_table_resins@yaho.com and I'll supply you the details. Thanks
  7. Well in this case it's already done as I made the mold for myself. So if anyone would like one just contact me at kitchen_table_resins@yahoo.com
  8. I developed this for my own use but was wondering if anyone else might be interested
  9. I’ve had my 55 for 20 years now. I did most of the work originally and you can tell it was done by an amateur. I decided it was time to have it done right by someone who knows what they are doing. So about 6 months ago I bit the bullet and started the process. As part of my on-going restoration effort I’ve decided to build a few models to help me envisage what the final might look like. This is the first of those models. I started with the Foose 56 F-100 kit because it’s the closest thing to where I’m headed. It has the Mustang II front suspension and a 4 link rear. Additionally the rear fenders were widened. Here’s the front view. I’m considering deleting the front bumper and putting driving lights in the front facia. Here’s the rear view showing the widened rear fenders, the roll pan and the 50 Pontiac taillights. Here’s a shot of the engine bay. It’s definitely going to be the 5.0 Coyote. In order to avoid robbing multiple Mustang kits I’ve made a mold so I can make as many copies as I need.
  10. Here's a couple of mine, Simon & Simon Dodge and Sanford & Son Ford F1:
  11. I started one of these a while back and got distracted. I'm using a resin roof section that was made for the sadly lost Revell 29 Model A kit. Nearly a perfect fit.
  12. Here's my version of the Lil Coffin.
  13. Beautiful collection I admire your determination to see this project through. Are you aware of Anthony Hazelaar's 1/25 scale Model T Ford Car and Truck Models. I believe he's located in the Netherlands. Here's a link to his site: http://oldcarandtruckpictures.com/modeltrucksandcars/
  14. Here's my version. I did this a couple of years ago after seeing the real thing at Good Guys Loveland.
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