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  1. Benjamin, You should join the Front Range Auto Modelers meetings at the Hobby Town south store. We meet the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month. The next meeting is the 25th of June. BTW are you the same Ben that used to come to the FRAM meetings with the killer paint jobs? Ken Kitchen
  2. Yes, I'm still around. And now that Fotki is no longer holding my pictures hostage you can check them out at the link below. http://public.fotki.com/KenK/kitchen_table_resin_kits/
  3. Actually Promolite makes a very nice fastback for the Olds. I've built a couple of them. http://images50.fotki.com/v1571/photos/8/158508/11292913/DSC06393-vi.jpg http://images12.fotki.com/v335/photos/8/158508/11292913/DSC06432-vi.jpg
  4. Check out the April issue of MCM. I have an article on how to convert the Barnabas Vampire Van into a 32 Chevy pickup. That should answer most of your questions on how to do the conversion.
  5. Where might I find the glass cloth that you are using?
  6. I read through this thread and I gotta say you guys pretty well covered it. The things I can add are access to a sink and water for wet sanding and plenty of storage room for all of my projects.
  7. Here are some pics of my latest completion. It's based on the Revell 48 Woody. I mastered the grille and hood to convert it to a 42 Model. I painted the grille pieces with Alclad. I think they actually look better in the picture than in reality. Maybe it's the flash that highlights the chrome look. Here are a couple of other conversions I have done as well. A stock 42 Convertible and a custom 42 coupe.
  8. I saw your post earlier but couldn't remember who did it. That's why I suggested the search. That's pretty much how I did mine. I also agree that to match the width a little careful sanding was all that was required. Nice job BTW. You can see some of my builds on my Fotki site. So far I've done a Hardtop, convertible and club sedan. I've also built a resin sedan and am currently working on a 4 door conversion. I don't post here very often so I'm not sure how to do a link but hopefully this will work: http://public.fotki.com/KenK/my_models/replica_stock_models/ Just scroll down to the bottom and there are several folders with my Olds builds.
  9. It's not just the front clip that is different. The rear fenders are also shaped differently. If you search on 50 Olds on this forum you'll find a number of posts on how to do this convesion. Another area that needs attention is the back window. The top edge droops. when looked at from the top it should be more straight across. An easy fix if you know what to look for.
  10. Charlie, Kitchen Table Resins offers the Oldsmobile Big 6 with the correct lettering on the head.
  11. I use dried shaving cream and old toothpaste!! LOL. Seriously I use Smooth-on resins products. I've never had any reports of problems before. I need to run a couple of tests myself to see what happens. I'll let you know what I find out. Ken Kitchen Kitchen Table Resins
  12. Charlie, I provided one of my 300's to Moebius to use as a model for the guys working the tooling. I plan on doing a FI conversion to allow a 5.8L build for trucks. I'm not sure why anyone would buy a copy of the kit engine when you can get the whole kit for about the same price. Ken (Kitchen Table Resins) Kitchen
  13. What a beautiful model. My only comment though is that with a custom grille it could be anything from 53-55. If I may ask why did you specify a 54?
  14. Ed, Thanks for the reply. Matt and I by purest of coincidence both produced a master of this engine at nearly the same time. Since he was first out of the gate I didn't push mine. But if he's no longer producing them I would consider offering mine again. Ken
  15. Is this the Flathead V8 that was in the big trucks and Lincolns? If so I might be able to help. Contact me at kitchen_table_resins@yahoo.com
  16. Korkut, So glad to see your post here. It's been 7 or 8 years since the last time I was in Ankara. Deniz said to say hi. How is your lovely wife and daughter? Take care, Ken
  17. Cutting the gas tank and shortening the frame rails to channel the body over the frame is a pretty common trick. The chassis in the Revell 32 Fords is one of the nicest parts of the kit so I'm glad you decided to keep it. Great job on the chop by the way.
  18. I use my dehydrator to warm my paint. I put it on the lowest setting and it never goes above a 100 degrees. I've tried the other ideas mentioned and this one works the best for me. An added plus is you don't have the mess of a wet can and the dehydrator is warmed up for the parts to dry.
  19. For those of you who want something different I have a variety of Ford in-line 6's available. There is the flathead 6, Ford's first OHV 6 (215, 223 & 262), the little Falcon 6 (144, 170), and the Big 300 6 (both carbed & EFI). I'm not sure how to do a link but here's the path to my Fotki account: http://public.fotki.com/KenK/kitchen_table_resin_kits/
  20. I love the old concept cars too and when I saw that the front clip was available I contacted Peter and got a few copies for me. There is a significant amount of work in converting the Corvette body to look like the Buick but the most intimidating part for me is the grille. I think I may have solve that though. Here are pics of what I came up with. This is a multi piece unit. The "whiskers" are separate. I've pinned them on with a piece of brass wire for the photo. The still need to be blended in and finished. The center area is very thin resin and could be easily removed it you want an open grille. The center bar is also separate. I've gotten a lot of work done on the back half as well I just don't have pics yet.
  21. I've built one. Part of the problem is the body is really short. even when I extended it to a length that would accept the coffin from the trailer it would still only scale out as a "childs" hearse". Hopefully this works. I haven't tried to post in a long time. http://images58.fotki.com/v696/photos/8/158508/9203302/DSC05393-vi.jpg I've also built a couple of pickups from this kit. It provides a basis for a very nice stock cab. Here's another model I built using the 32 Chevy kit as a starting point. You might have seen this one. http://images108.fotki.com/v613/photos/8/158508/9739666/DSC05369-vi.jpg Ken Kitchen
  22. I offer both the Pontiac Flathead 8 and the Buick OHV 8. If you're interested contact me at kitchen_table_resins@yahoo.com
  23. Yes. I listed this under the Resin section first. It's the latest in my line of engines. More can be seen at my Fotki site below. Kitchen Table Resins
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