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  1. I sort of dropped out after issue #207 didn't materialize. I stopped in tonight to see what's up and find that there is a reorganization under way? Is there a summary of events since #206 any where? If not, it would be nice to post such a summary so everyone will be on the same page. I would have expected it on the front page where the "July 2020 update" is located, but I' don't see anything there. Thanks
  2. I often put a small drop of water in the tube when I am finished using it, if it seems like it is getting dry.
  3. Back in the old days before vacuum aluminizing, astronomical telescope mirrors were plated with a silver nitrate solution. It made quite a shiny reflective surface, but with exposure to outside elements it had to be redone every few years. Every amateur telescope making catalog carried silvering kits.
  4. I discovered that Duplicolor has simply relabeled Instant Chrome to "Metallic Chrome." It has the same CS101 part number and looks exactly the same. Thanks for the replies.
  5. Smith's Law: "Murphy was an optimist." Murphy's Mother's Law: "Murphy was right." It was Friedrich Vischer who first proposed the theory that inanimate objects conspire against humans. I don't think he gets the credit he deserves.
  6. I have reliably found that the fastest way to find something is to accuse someone else of taking it. You will soon thereafter find where you put it.
  7. If the yellow doesn't bleach out, it may just be a dirty decal. I've seen the yellow wipe off the front of a wetted decal before. Of course that won't work if it's been overcoated. Then again the decal might disintegrate if you wet it sufficiently without overcoat. Light wiping with a damp tissue might work. You takes your chances.
  8. Looks Italian. Probably means that it isn't.
  9. I use canned air to blow off the model immediately before applying paint. No spit issues (don't ask.)
  10. Are Aardvark models available any more? I couldn't find a site online and aardvark.com or aardvarkresin.com or aardvarkmodels.com are duds. I can't even find a connection from the Resinrealms page.
  11. Amazing stuff! Too bad they don't label many of the parts they sell. "Red Engine 1206" isn't very informative.
  12. Casey kind of covered this already, but why would you rather sell here than on EBay? Any transaction here will be a crapshoot as far as trustworthiness goes. EBay gives you a solid feedback profile of the prospective buyer or seller and protects you as a seller as long as you provide a tracking number for the shipment. If you use Paypal you are absolutely guaranteed payment before shipping. I've bought and sold probably about 100 things on EBay and never regretted a single one.
  13. Like I said, I know it isn't "chrome", but it does look nice when properly used with other silvers. Check the muffler on this Triumph:
  14. Duplicolor Instant Chrome has long been my go-to method for exhaust pipes and fenders on large motorcycle models. It's not bright chrome but I've always been happy with the contrast with other silver paints. Now it appears that Instant Chrome has been discontinued. I tried their "Universal Chrome" and it is a dark silver, not even as bright as Testors silver. It's pretty but it is no good for brightwork. I see that Duplicolor has a new METALLIC Chrome. Has anyone tried this color?
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