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  1. Tamiya TS-17 Is a fantastic flat silver color that looks great as dull (not flat) aluminum or silver. Pretty much no discernible grain to it. Love it.
  2. Lago Talbot

    Nice work! Are the Merit and SMER kits the same?
  3. I am generally not a big fan of this sort of thing, but I really, really like this! How much does the downforce from the wing improve cornering?
  4. Autoquiz 408 - Finished

    It reminded me of a Volvo and, I dunno, an old Plymouth or Chevy or something. But no.
  5. A Thought about the Magazine, etc.

    I am physically unable to eat lunch without a modeling mag to read while eating.
  6. how many models have you built?

    I think you know in your heart which ones should count. To paraphrase the Supreme Court Justice (Marshall?) on pornography: "I can't define it, but I know it when I see it."
  7. Ghosn arrested for securities fraud

    You, sir, do not have what it takes for a high-level executive position.
  8. Pennies from heaven😱

    I believe you gave an excellent description of why the steel cents aren't worth much, they're not rare. Almost everyone I know hoards bicentennial quarters because you never see them. The mint made something like 1.7 BILLION of them, and you never see them because they all reside in jars or pillowcases in closets, and are not rare at all.
  9. I agree with swede70, Plastruct is great stuff. While half-round is very likely a much better choice, round stock is very easy to curl by just running it against the back side of a hobby knife or even your thumb nail. Being new to the hobby, you may not be skilled at using glue on tiny parts without making a mess of the parts. I've been building for years and lord knows I still struggle with this. My method would be to shape the trim part first, then attach it with narrow pieces of tape at the ends or in the middle, whichever seems to give a better fit. Then apply a TINY drop of Tamiya ultra-thin (green bottle) cement to the join as far from the tape as you can manage. That stuff will wick around a joint (and under the tape) like you wouldn't believe. After it dries remove the tape and add another tiny drop of glue as far from the first joint as you can manage, because you don't want to dissolve the first joint. The glue should be tacky enough after just a couple of minutes to keep the part in place, and it will soften the strip also. If you taped the ends, I'd leave one end taped until the other end was solidly glued in place. Possibly others have suggestions, and I am looking forward to seeing them! This is IMO not a trivial task you are looking at, at least not for me. Please let us know how it goes!
  10. Pennies from heaven😱

    To expand on Bobdude's answer,we currently have four mints, located in the cities he listed. In the distant past we also had gold or silver mints located in Charlotte NC, Dahlonega GA, New Orleans, and Carson City NV. Each had its distinctive mint letter.
  11. Are you trying to cover with one coat? If the paint is thick enough to cover in one coat then you will see very pronounced brush marks in the finish. Thin paint levels much better. Lots of brush users thin the paint even more to get a smoother finish, and don't blink at needing several coats. My experience with the Testors/Model Master enamels is that it will need two brush coats. I usually thin the paint slightly and sometimes need a third coat. I generally use Tamiya acrylics and it's not unusual to need a second brush coat with them as well. I've also noticed that new enamel paint will always be a little thin no matter how much you stir or shake it, but on the plus side it lays down beautifully. I personally don't stir enamels, I put two or three BBs in the bottle and shake it for a couple of minutes. I just prefer to shake rather than stir. But you have to stir acrylics as shaking will put tiny air bubbles in the paint. I should maybe mention just for your information that you should never put thinner in the paint bottle. For some reason that will ruin the paint after it sits for a while.
  12. A or B ?

    Needs more horsepower.
  13. A DeLorean... With a V8.

    All that weight is behind the rear wheels. This ain't no Porsche.
  14. Autoquiz 407 - Finished

    Found it, but OMG is it obscure to Google. Wikipedia and a great deal of perseverance won the day.
  15. Autoquiz 406 - Finished

    Here's a quote about this thing that I loved, comparing it to another 3-wheeler: Are you one of the many people who would love to own a Reliant Robin, but feel that it has too many brakes, it looks too conventional, the engine’s both in the wrong place and has, like, twice as many strokes as it should, and you’d never want to own a car with a symmetrical arrangement of doors? If that’s you then I’m delighted to say I’ve found the car for you: a SAIL Badal.