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  1. Miksu

    `49 mercury

    I get finished Amt `49 Mercury. Interior, bumbers , fender skirts, and Grill is resin copy from revell `49 mercury. [/img]
  2. Thanks for comments. And under table is a doll :D
  3. I get finished Trumpeter Chevrolet nova ´63. Hood scoop i take resin copy is Revell nova´69 hoods. Engine is resin copy amt Camaro. Wheel is resin copy is Monogram Elcamino Wheels. [\img]
  4. Iget finished Beemax volvo 240 turbo. seats i modified in Escin 190€ mercedes and streeting wheel and headrest is Revell volvo 760. Engine i modiefied toyota engine block, cylinderhead and valvecover is 3d-printed. Wheels i order in Hungary
  5. Miksu

    Datsun 240z

    Wheels and tires is fujimi panasport 14"
  6. Miksu

    Datsun 240z

    I built Fujimi Datsun 240Z. The engine came with the kit, I improved a little bit in their own resin parts. The bodies are painted with Tamiya black. Interior painted model master leather paint.
  7. This should now be complete. A few pictures -Mika
  8. Hello! I had to paint the car body again because the kit began to respond to nail varnish. New paint is Testor grape pearl. front and rear seat is a '50 oldsmobile. And the engine is Chevrolet SBC.
  9. I cut out the glove box and the radio, I did styrene sheet of the new glove compartment. I shaped meter that went to the left side. I cut the steering wheel axis turn-signal switch from behind and turned around. I hope you understood -Mika-
  10. Hello! I built this time Hasegawa nissan sunny pickup. The engine is Revel Datsun 510. I moved to the left side of the steering. I painted the car body Testors paint. -Mika-
  11. Body is painted. First the sprayer Tamiya crohme silver and the following nail polish. Bench shall Revell 50 olds, and the engine will Revell 40 Ford.
  12. Hello! I started my first custom project. I have previously made changes to the car body so much. I lowered the car body about 3mm. shaped bonnet and the front of the car. Car grille is amt -57 Chevy. The engine should be Amt -49 merc flathead. -Mika there are more photos : http://s1166.photobucket.com/user/ikomika85/library/Ford 1950 Custom?sort=3&page=1
  13. Miksu

    Chevy Nomad -55

    I used Tamiya paints. It was the first time when I used Braided lines radiator hoses. And probably the last: D They were really difficult to get into place. grille and bmf will probably keep a little fix: D -Mika
  14. This is now complete. I made a new topic under class section.
  15. Miksu

    Chevy Nomad -55

    The color is painted on the bottom of the gold and clear blue. The engine is apparently Revell -68 Corvette. This project, along came the learned to make silicone molds and cast the resin components. So even in this scenario the project is made of resin oil filter, fuel pump, brake master cylinder + booster, starter and carburetor. Wheels and tires are Amt Ford Starliner. -Mika
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