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  1. '63 F100 - XL

    Where did you get a resin shortbed F-100?
  2. '61 Falcon Gasser

    Well JC, Thanks for the kind words, but I wouldn't say it started out in good shape, LOL. It actually started out as this: I grafted on a Ranchero front end to fix it.
  3. '61 Falcon Gasser

    Here's what mine looks like with the 67 Mustang chassis. As you can see, I had to add a lot of strip styrene to the edges to fill the gaps. After seeing yours, I'll probably switch to the Trumpeter chassis Here's a shot of the 60 grille: This is what it looks like in place. It's just taped in. I still have to do a lot of fitting. I have the front valence roughed in. I still need to add the holes. Oddly, the car I'm doing has a front bumper. I just wanted it to be separate from the grille.
  4. '61 Falcon Gasser

    That's looking great JC! One of my (many) stalled projects is a 60 Falcon gasser. I never thought of using the Trumpeter chassis, but I really like the way it fits! I widened a 67 Mustang chassis and got it to fit decent, but the Trumpeter has the advantage of wider wheel tubs which would be nice. If you want to use a 60 grille, I made one that will work without a front bumper. Removing the bumper leaves a "notch" in the grille which I fixed by grafting a piece in from another grille. I also removed the molded in headlights and replaced them with headlight buckets. Norman cast it for me so he probably still has the mold. Are you coming to the next MAMA meeting? If so, please bring it along and I'll bring mine.
  5. Mini Exotics made a Ranchero years ago. They are extremely hard to find and if i recall weren't the greatest casting. I really wish someone would do a new one.
  6. Firebal resin works two thumbs up!

    I'll third it! His Bronco parts are beyond awesome!
  7. 66 Country Squire

    Paul, when will the country sedan be available? I really want to buy one! Would you consider offering the grille by itself?
  8. Lincoln Continental Mark II

    I have one done in resin, it was in a plain box when I got it, so I have no idea who made it. It's a pretty nice casting.
  9. I have the Ford N-series and F-800 that he does. They are really nice!. He's in Romania and shipping can take several months. You have to be patient. He's been really good to deal with, though.
  10. Does anyone know of a wheel and tire combo similar to this? Either from a kit of aftermarket. It looks to be around a 17" rim.
  11. Next Meng Kit Announced - How About a Jeep?

    Fireball already makes tires that should work on this, unless the wheels are an odd size.
  12. New IH Casting In The Works

    That looks great! I'm surprised no one's ever done one before. The Loadstar was used for all sorts of things. Around here, it seemed like every other farm had at least one!
  13. Reissue Wishlist

    A few more: Monogram Land Rover MPC Dodge Warlock
  14. Reissue Wishlist

    My personal wish list: Ertl International S-series F-2575 Ertl International 1466 Tractor AMT "Wild Hoss" 78 Ford Bronco AMT Ford LNT 8000 Tractor MPC Ford Off-Road Van Monogram Chevy Off-Road Van Monogram Chevy Luv "Mojave Mule"
  15. That's looking great Paul!! I can't wait until it's ready. It's a "must buy" for me!