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  1. I found it online. Apparently Walmart doesn't sell it in stores any longer. Apparently they're out of stock. Hope that doesn't mean it's discontinued
  2. I looked up ColorPlace online and apparently it's also made by Valspar! Don't know if that's a recent change or not. Our Wal Mart only seems to carry Rustoleum primer. I bought a couple cans of Duplicolor and I'll try that.
  3. Well....my order hadn't shipped yet, so I've tried to cancel it. If that doesn't work, I'll be out the $36. Thanks to everyone for the heads-up. I should have waited a bit before I pulled the trigger, oh well. I appreciate the suggestions. I love Tamiya primer, I'm just worried about how it'll hold up under automotive paints like MCW, Scale Finishes, Zero Paints, etc. All those companies make their own primers, but I like the convenience of a spray bomb for primer. This looked interesting. Has anyone tried it? https://www.semproducts.com/product/high-build-primer-surfacer
  4. I hope I didn't waste my money! We'll see when I get it and try it out. I noticed they list two different primers Sandable Automotive (What I bought) and something called "Essential Primer". I have no idea what that is. I really like Tamiya primer, but I'm a little worried about using it under automotive lacquers (like MCW). Same with Stynylrez. That's a water-based primer and that's usually a no-no under solvent based paints. Has anyone tried "body shop" primers like SEM or UPol?
  5. I just ordered some from Amazon. The single cans they had listed were out of stock, so I had to buy 6 cans! I'll never use that much. lol
  6. Yeah, right! I've never had any luck with Krylon paints or primers on models. I know a lot of folks like Duplicolor, but I've always found it to be much "hotter" than Plastikote and it doesn't seem to wet sand as well either.
  7. I am having a hard time finding Plastikote sandable primer. NONE of the local auto parts stores carry it any more. All anybody has is Duplicolor which I don't like to use. Valspar still lists it on their website, so I assume they still make it, but it's nearly impossible to find. Does anyone know of a source (besides Amazon) where I can buy this stuff?
  8. M&R doesn't list them either. Maybe he could make a custom set, I'll have to ask. I was trying to avoid going the machined aluminum route due to the high cost. They would look awesome though!
  9. I looked at his website, he doesn't appear to make the ones I need. Everyone makes 10-Hole rims, but no one seems to have the 8-Hole ones. Are they rare or something?
  10. I'm gathering up parts for a future big rig project and I'm looking for rims like these: Does anyone make them in resin? I want to use them on the Italeri Pete 378 kit. I believe they are Alcoa rims but I'm not 100% sure. I'm not super familiar with big rigs and all the various aftermarket suppliers.
  11. That's good news! I have the KFS conversion and it's a great kit. Haven't got up the nerve to tackle it myself but I've seen some and it looks like it builds nicely. I hope he takes over the International 9670 and White Road Commander too I didn't get those when they were available
  12. They are available now but he doesn't have them listed on the website yet. You can contact him through his website http://www.madmodeling.com He's also on Facebook if you want to contact him there.
  13. Norman Veber at Replicas and Miniatures Co of Maryland makes a nice Ford 6 that would work well for the Bronco.
  14. Does anyone make rims like this? Do any kits have them?
  15. Just saw this posted on Facebook. Kris Morgan of Morgan Automotive Detail is coming out with parts to convert the Moebius 65 & 66 Ford trucks into the Canadian Mercury M-100. The parts look really good to me. Can't wait to order a set or two!
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