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  1. I'd be interested in a nice set of 79 Mustang Pace Car decals: And the "Official Truck" would be awesome too:
  2. ordering danmodles

    I've bought 3 kits from him, but I always did it through ebay. There is a Ford N listed there right now. The seller is "cipmodels". Keep in mind, it takes a LONG time to get stuff from him (several months), but he has always come through for me.
  3. Caterpillar decals?

    Is JBot still in business? Their website is up, but it doesn't appear they are taking orders.
  4. Caterpillar decals?

    Does anyone make Caterpillar logo decals for the re-issued AMT bulldozer kit?
  5. Perry's Resin

    I'll believe it when I see it. Randy had some great products that would be awesome to have back, but I'm not holding my breath.
  6. My Last Modelhaus order

    I got a call from Carol this afternoon that my order was shipping this week. Since I mailed that order on the very last day they were accepting them, they must be getting very near the end. I really have to hand it to them for sticking it out and completing all these orders. There aren't many out there who would do that.
  7. Desirable Reissues

    I'd like to see an all new tool of an Aston DB4 or DB5. The Aurora and Airfix kits are ok, but both have flaws and proportional issues.
  8. Boxes for 1/25 collection

    I agree with Rob, the 550 count baseball card boxes are all I use!
  9. 47 Ford Sportsman

    I picked up this resin 47 Ford sportsman today. Does anyone know who made this? It was in a bag with no identification. It's made for the old Testors/IMC Ford kit so it pre-dates the Revell 48 Ford.
  10. Model Factory Hiro discontinuing 1/24?

    I've seen the 1/12 GTO that Brad has and it's an incredible kit. I can only imagine what you could do with one of those! I have two of the 1/9 bikes that MFH has done, the Vincent and the Harley Knucklehead. The detail level must be seen to be believed. The Harley even has a separate light bulb for the headlight and a photoetched needle for the speedometer!
  11. Model Factory Hiro discontinuing 1/24?

    I picked up the MFH 250 Lusso at a show last weekend. It's a pricey kit, but very well done. The Lusso is my absolute favorite Ferrari. I think it's one of the most beautiful cars ever made. I had considered the AirTrax version, but even that's pretty expensive and it's only a transkit. The MFH version is a complete kit with a nice engine and excellent photoetched wire wheels. I think it's well worth the extra cost.
  12. Hasegawa 1988 Isuzu Gemini (JT190) irmscher

    I'll be patiently awaiting Bob Downie's article on improving the door panels for this kit, LOL
  13. I have the new tool promo they did years ago and I'm pretty sure they corrected the window openings on it. It's buried in the stash somewhere so i can't look at it. Can anyone confirm this?
  14. Moebius California Flash

    I started on one of these this weekend. It's a nicely engineered kit, but I'm really disappointed by the lack of quality control. The body in mine was decent but there was warpage on many other parts. The worst being the lower part of the K-member. It's disfigured to the point of being unusable, despite my attempts to bend it into place. Now I'm going to have to steal one from one of my other kits. I'd like to get a replacement, but I've heard it's difficult to get parts from Moebius.
  15. '63 F100 - XL

    Where did you get a resin shortbed F-100?