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  1. Dave Toups added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell Starsky & Hutch Ford Torino   

    By "Dome Light" I think the mean the little magnetic red police light they would stick on the roof in the show.

  2. Dave Toups added a post in a topic Revell's "Hot Rod Hydro" - What's New and Different with this reissue?   

    Norm at Replicas and Miniatures makes a conversion set to turn this, and the Hemi Hydro, back into the original 60's issue "Go and Show" Drag Boat.

  3. Dave Toups added a post in a topic 1/8 Heller motorcycle reissues   

    I believe the "Prestige" edition versions are discontinued. They are available in a less expensive regular edition, though. I don't think Heller has a US distributor. I never see their kits in shops. I bought the Laverda 750SFC from Heller directly.

    According to one site, they're bringing back the Norton Commando as well as the BMW.
  4. Dave Toups added a post in a topic Moebius 71 Ranger Pickup   

    I wonder who will be the first to do this truck? You'd need the grille from the Model King version, though.

  5. Dave Toups added a post in a topic Aoshima Racing Beat Maxda RX7 Bonneville   

    I have this kit too. Sadly, they didn't change the interior or include a roll cage. Car and Driver had a nice article on the real car back in the day. I had initially thought about doing a detailed model by combining this with a Tamiya RX-7. It would be a ton of work. The car had quite a few modifications.
  6. Dave Toups added a post in a topic 1/25 AMT Jim Cushman Plymouth Duster   

    I remember reading an article in Scale Auto waaaaaaaay back when where Bill Coulter explained the deal with the missing stripe decals. If memory serves, he even included a template to do the stripes. I would hope that with all the upgrades Round 2 has been doing to their kits, that they would include the stripes. If they don't, I'm sure some aftermarket decal maker will.
  7. Dave Toups added a post in a topic WARNING! Cavalier Australian resin kits!   

    I tried the 91% alcohol. for some of the small bits of "stuff" it helped to wipe it off. I tried soaking and it seemed to affect the resin, so I took everything out and dried it. I also tried some Super Clean, but so far that's having no effect. I may try the freezing thing. The tire goo doesn't seem to have bonded to the resin, it's just to soft and sticky to easily peel off.
  8. Dave Toups added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    WARNING! Cavalier Australian resin kits!
    To anyone who has Australian Cavalier resin kits. You might want to open them and check them. I hadn't looked at mine for a while and today I found that in some, the tires had melted into a thick black goo! This is made worse by the fact that they pack the tires in with other parts, so I now have a pile of parts covered in sticky black tar-like stuff that I have to try and figure out how to get off. All of these kits have been stored indoors, so it's not a heat issue.
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  9. Dave Toups added a post in a topic Fenderwell Headers in Resin?   

    Does anyone make resin fender well headers? I need them for a 57 Ford, but I would imagine ones for a 55-57 Chevy (small-block) would work. The exhaust ports on a 312 Ford are the same layout as a small-block Chevy. Do any kits have these? I'm looking for something that would be used on a junior stocker.
  10. Dave Toups added a post in a topic Moebius 71 Ranger Pickup   

    Model Car Garage is going to be doing a PE set for this kit.
  11. Dave Toups added a post in a topic A retirement coming in the aftermarket!   

    Kudos to Don and Carol for the work they've done for all these years! There are some great casters out there, but no one provides what Modelhaus does. I've bought many kits and builts over the years and it's always been a given that any missing parts could be replaced with ones from Don. That service will be hard to replace, not to mention all the unique kits they produce. It's great that they're giving two years notice. It shows the kind of people they are. I wouldn't be surprised if they get a ton of orders.
  12. Dave Toups added a topic in Truck Aftermarket / Resin   

    Movin On Kenworth decals?
    Does anyone besides JBot make decals for the Movin On Kenworth? JBot's website says they'll be back in May 2014 and that was almost a year ago. He never answers emails either.
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  13. Dave Toups added a post in a topic Ford Race Car Hauler   

    Chuck, you're correct. The 385 series (370/429/460) wouldn't have been used in the N-Series trucks. The correct gas engines would be the FE-series 361/391 or the 401/477/534 "Super Duty" series engines.
  14. Dave Toups added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell '29 Model A Roadster 2'n'1   

    I think it'll probably be a cool kit, but there has been a 29 roadster available for years! Everything needed to build both of those versions could be found. I'd prefer they do something that has never been done before. Maybe they'll at least do a coupe at some point.
  15. Dave Toups added a post in a topic 1/16 Big Block Chevy   

    That's pretty much exactly what I'm looking for! I've purchased the 392 Hemi and 427 SOHC engines that Mark makes and they're great! I didn't know he did that one as well. I'll send him an email.