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  1. I have several questions for anyone who has used Scale Finishes acrylic enamel paint. How is it to spray? What primer works best? Has anyone ever added hardener? If so, what brand? Anything to look out for?
  2. Sadly, this one won't be finished. John passed away several years ago.
  3. I had a little more time to work on my pickup, so I decided to attack the missing area on the rear cab wall. What I have looks like this: It should look like this: I could have just filled in the missing area with a piece of sheet plastic, but since I wanted it to be fairly accurate to the 1:1 (and I like making extra work for myself) I decided to rework the entire rear of the cab. I searched the web and found this photo of the real truck Moebius didn't capture this area correctly. The rear cab wall should come all the way down to the bottom edge of the rocker panels with a cutout in the center. It's not really an issue if you're building a styleside truck, but it becomes an issue when building a stepside. I started to fix it by cutting a section from a donor cab. I clamped this piece onto the original cab making sure it was even with the bottom edge of the rocker panels. I then marked around it and cut this section out. After a lot of test fitting and sanding. I glued in the donor section. After opening up the "notched" area in the center and a little filling and sanding it looks a lot closer to the 1:1. It's not perfect but much better than it was and should look good with the stepside bed.
  4. STILL no 78 Bronco, grrrr! Nice to have the two Malone kits, though.
  5. I recently started an F-250 4x4 using the Fireball conversion and started to get interested in the "leftovers" from the 4x4 kit. This probably isn't news to most of you, but one of the greatest things about the Moebius pickup kits is the way you can mix and match parts to make virtually any configuration, so I decided to make a short bed F-100 4x4 using the leftover pieces. I started by adding the 4x4 front cross member and transfer case mount to the short frame. There's no locating point for the transfer case mount on the frame, but since it's also the floor pan mount, I used the floor to locate it. The most difficult part is relocating the rear spring mounts to position the spring mounts even with the bottom edge of the frame rail instead of the upper edge. Hard to explain, but if you look at the two frames side by side it makes sense I wanted to use the 6-cylinder from the 70 F-100 Custom I was using. To my surprise everything lined up using the molded in locating pins and holes! Even the short driveshaft from the transmission to the transfer case was the correct length. I had to shorten the rear driveshaft and I did it by cutting the ends of the long one in and inserting them into a piece of aluminum tube I also wanted to make it a step side so I assembled the bed from the 66 step side and again, to my surprise it fits right on the 70 frame using the existing mounting holes! I still have some trim left to remove as well as fill in the back wall of the cab so that it meets the rocker panel. There's also a few corrections I need to make to the bed to match photos of a real truck.
  6. No "Pea Picker"? Odd since that's the version in the original MPC kit.
  7. Alan, Would you consider doing this car?
  8. With the popularity of the Dodge D100, Round 2 should definitely take a look at the Warlock 78 or if the tooling is still around, the Fire Fighter 79/80 Dodge
  9. True, it's not a pickup, but I can't believe they haven't brought this back yet!! We all know the tooling still exists.
  10. Really looking forward to the 66 Country Sedan!
  11. It figures, I just bought a sealed original
  12. I know it wouldn't be a big seller, but this would be really cool
  13. If anyone is interested, there's a guy in Ukraine making a nice stock interior set for this kit. I just got a set I bought on eBay, but i haven't looked at them yet.
  14. I sure hope you're not the only one who will ever get to build one of those! I don't see what the hold up is? It's been almost 2 years!!
  15. Fireball lists these dog-dish caps and steel wheels for 68-69 Camaros. Would they be good for the Chevelle as well?
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