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  1. Dave Toups added a post in a topic Shelby Cobra Dragonsnake - 1/22 update   

    A shot of Don McCain's "666" racing "El Cid". It looks like the El Cid has a different top in this photo. No wrap-around window. 

  2. Dave Toups added a post in a topic Shelby Cobra Dragonsnake - 1/22 update   

    Here's the Costilow & Larson car with the lettering as it ran back in the 60's I can't find a single photo from back then showing it lettered like it is now. It looks like the top on this is similar to the Motion 427 car. I wish someone would make Dragonsnake decals. Are you listening Steve DeVaux?

  3. Dave Toups added a post in a topic Shelby Cobra Dragonsnake - 1/22 update   

    Here's a pic I found of the Motion 289 car. You were right, they didn't run a top on it. Check out that crazy scoop! Kind of a half teardrop

  4. Dave Toups added a post in a topic Shelby Cobra 427 '66 Sebring 12/13 Update - Oil Cooler   

    Looking great so far JC!
  5. Dave Toups added a post in a topic Quick Overview: Revell Starsky & Hutch Torino   

    Sorry about spreading misinformation regarding the available engines. Apparently the 351W was available in the 75/76 Torino. I seem to remember most of the ones I've seen as being 351M's. It's odd to me that Ford would use the same engine code, H, to denote both the 351W-2V and the 351M-2V despite them being completely different engines! I almost wonder if what you got was a function of the specific plant the cars were built in or if it possibly had something to do with emissions? Were "California Emissions" a thing back in those days? It doesn't really matter to me, though. I'm going to drop a 460 in mine. No substitute for cubic inches!
  6. Dave Toups added a post in a topic Quick Overview: Revell Starsky & Hutch Torino   

    According to the website, code 2B Bright Red. They said the movie cars were painted "Viper Red"
  7. Dave Toups added a post in a topic Quick Overview: Revell Starsky & Hutch Torino   

    The kit engine is a 351W which wasn't used in 1975. I'm not sure why Revell went through the trouble to tool up a new engine that wasn't correct. Especially with the dual 4-barrel intake. I can't find any reference that the TV or movie car had a setup like that.
    Most of the factory built S & H replicas used 351M/400M engines The M stood for "Modified", it was basically a 351C with a longer stroke and smaller bore. This required a new block with a taller deck height making the engine wider. The heads are the same as a 351C. There's a decent version of this engine in the AMT "Boss Hoss" 78 Bronco. Some replicas were built with the 460 big block. The 71 Torino engine would be a good match for this, with an automatic replacing the 4-speed.
    Overall the kit looks good to me even if it's a bit simplified, and I'll definitely be getting one. I'm not crazy about the red plastic. I believe Revell plans to do a version molded in white at some point. Tons of info about these cars at the link below.
  8. Dave Toups added a topic in Truck Aftermarket / Resin   

    Stock 4x4 wheels and tires
    I'm converting the Mobius 69 F 100 to a 4x4 using parts from the AMT 78 4x4. I don't like the old AMT Firestone tires. Is there a kit or aftermarket company that has a decent set of stock size tires and steel wheels? I've been able to find Super Swamper type tires, but that's not what I want for this build.
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  9. Dave Toups added a post in a topic MiM Dan Models Cummins Diesel Engine   

    I have the complete Ford N-Series kit from Dan Models. It took about 5 months to get and it was expensive. The parts are very well done. The Cummins engine is extremely well detailed. The seller was very nice to deal with, but you have to have patience.
  10. Dave Toups added a post in a topic Revell's "Hot Rod Hydro" - What's New and Different with this reissue?   

    Norm at Replicas and Miniatures makes a conversion set to turn this, and the Hemi Hydro, back into the original 60's issue "Go and Show" Drag Boat.

  11. Dave Toups added a post in a topic 1/8 Heller motorcycle reissues   

    I believe the "Prestige" edition versions are discontinued. They are available in a less expensive regular edition, though. I don't think Heller has a US distributor. I never see their kits in shops. I bought the Laverda 750SFC from Heller directly.

    According to one site, they're bringing back the Norton Commando as well as the BMW.
  12. Dave Toups added a post in a topic Moebius 71 Ranger Pickup   

    I wonder who will be the first to do this truck? You'd need the grille from the Model King version, though.

  13. Dave Toups added a post in a topic Aoshima Racing Beat Maxda RX7 Bonneville   

    I have this kit too. Sadly, they didn't change the interior or include a roll cage. Car and Driver had a nice article on the real car back in the day. I had initially thought about doing a detailed model by combining this with a Tamiya RX-7. It would be a ton of work. The car had quite a few modifications.
  14. Dave Toups added a post in a topic WARNING! Cavalier Australian resin kits!   

    I tried the 91% alcohol. for some of the small bits of "stuff" it helped to wipe it off. I tried soaking and it seemed to affect the resin, so I took everything out and dried it. I also tried some Super Clean, but so far that's having no effect. I may try the freezing thing. The tire goo doesn't seem to have bonded to the resin, it's just to soft and sticky to easily peel off.
  15. Dave Toups added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    WARNING! Cavalier Australian resin kits!
    To anyone who has Australian Cavalier resin kits. You might want to open them and check them. I hadn't looked at mine for a while and today I found that in some, the tires had melted into a thick black goo! This is made worse by the fact that they pack the tires in with other parts, so I now have a pile of parts covered in sticky black tar-like stuff that I have to try and figure out how to get off. All of these kits have been stored indoors, so it's not a heat issue.
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