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  1. Duane added a post in a topic '72 Ford F150   

    Well, I was able to track it down at Resin Realm and ordered one. I'm pretty happy with it, but it will need some cleaning as there are several bubbles in the body. I need to figure out what to use for the donor vehicle now.
  2. Duane added a post in a topic Has anyone bought from Reliable Resin?   

    I've ordered both off EBay and direct by phone and the delivery is can be a little slow at times, but Don is a good guy and has plenty of stuff coming out on a regular basis.
  3. Duane added a topic in Truck Aftermarket / Resin   

    '72 Ford F150
    I am trying to track down a 1972 Ford F150 kit. I could have sworn I saw a resin kit on EBay a while back but I can't seem to find it any more. Does anyone know where I could find one?
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