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  1. I have to agree.....wish I could have stretched the cab to a double bunk - not ready for that yet.
  2. Thank you very much. I look forward to getting advice and feedback.
  3. Back into this after over 30 years. My first project is two COE Freightliners that will pull 53' reefers. I stretched the first one a little - but the second is a lot longer as you can see the rough frame. Still needs sanding and a few glitch fixes. They will resemble owner operator rigs with individual personality hauling frozen food across this great land. I will send updated pics as it progresses. I love this stuff and there are some very talented builders here and on YouTube.
  4. Getting back into it after many years. Started when I was 10 and bought several kits around $12 each to make 1 rig. Always 1/25 scale because that was all we had. Got out of it in my late teens and now back at 50. Pricey now compared to then..... My intro back into it is a pair of Freightliner COE's stretched pulling 53' reefer trailers. I am well underway with the first one with the frame for the second beside it to show the contrast. I still have sanding to do and fix a few glitches. They will have the appearance of 2 distinct rigs with personal driver preferences like Owner Operator rigs. I have seen some amazing builders on here and YouTube that have me a bit embarrassed to post.....but I love this stuff. More pics to come as it progresses.
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