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  1. Another Ghost of the Red Baron

    You opted not to put on the helmet stickers?
  2. Great detective work - love it!
  3. Ghost Of The Red Baron

    Received...thanks Bob!
  4. Ghost Of The Red Baron

    So Bob - when you say "unpainted plastic" did you paint the teeth directly on unprimed plastic or were the teeth primered and then painted with the Raw Umber wash?
  5. Ghost Of The Red Baron

    Thanks for the reply Bob. I second the poster above's comments regarding your job on the teeth - well done. What paints and techniques did you use on those? I'm looking for techniques to use when I get this kit myself. It hasn't arrived yet in Canada yet - at least not in my neck the woods.
  6. Ghost Of The Red Baron

    Great job Bob! A few questions if I may: 1. What brand of paint did you use? 2. What paint colours did you use? 3. How well were the parts chromed? 4. Do the stickers adhere well to the chrome? Do they stay stuck? 5. Do you have to do anything special to the chrome to make the stickers stick? Peter
  7. Decant tamiya can

    Yes you can. That's why you decant in the first place - because you want to run it through an airbrush. You should decant only as much paint as you're planning to immediately use and no more. The stuff evaporates even if it is in a "sealed" jar. I'd decant in a glass bottle. The contents come out COLD from the can and I'm not sure if that might crack some plastic containers. There are a few excellent videos on Youtube on how to decant paint. Have a look at them if you haven't already. Good luck!
  8. '49 Mercury Woody Wagon

    Thanks Colby.
  9. '49 Mercury Woody Wagon

    Great job. I'm not familiar with this kit - I assume that the paint on the wood trim is the Model Master Wood but what colour are the "wood" panels or are they stickers/decals? Tx!
  10. The Superbird has arrived

    Jerry - the correct body colour paint name was Vitamin C Orange - the Dodge equivalent was Go Mango which Testors Model Master makes. The Hemi Orange colour was used on certain engine blocks. Not sure about the other colours but for Super Birds whose bodies were painted the Vitamin C colour, the front end and the spoiler were painted a slightly different shade of orange - something to do, I think, with the different materials used.
  11. The Superbird has arrived

    I have exactly the same kit on the go. It's a pretty nice kit fit wise. Too bad that they did not provide the 426 Hemi as the engine though. The interior uni-piece looks as if it's going to be hard to mask. I'm still struggling with fitting the floor piece to the body and finding those glue contact points as well as fitting the glass piece in - is it better to cut it in two?
  12. Revell Ferrari California OpenTop 1:24

    Tremendous work and absolutely terrific interior detailing!
  13. Monogram '70 Superbird

    Yes, but in addition to that Raoul seems to be saying that there are some (disputed?) 1970 Daytonas... For my money, anything claiming to be a 1970 Daytona is probably a stock 1970 Charger with 1969 post delivery add ons - someone may have gotten a hold of the 1969 Daytona nose cone and spoiler and slapped it on to a stock 1970 Charger and viola you have a "1970 Daytona Charger".
  14. Tamiya FXX K 1/24th scale New Pics 5/13/17

    Functioning?? Judging by the work on the motor you might be able to drive it when you're finished. Great work!
  15. Monogram '70 Superbird

    I'm a bit confused here - I thought that the Daytona was a one year only car (1969). If that's the case how are there 1970 models? I have read as you posted earlier that 1969 500s and Daytonas did NOT have a vinyl top as an option. Perhaps 1969s with vinyl tops are the result of post delivery modifications? Record keeping for the 1969 Daytonas is not apparently very good. There appears to be no consensus as to how many were even made and in what configurations.