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  1. shoopdog

    '61 Falcon

    Looks fantastic!
  2. I built a train similar to this and it was quite the rewarding build. I did find a construction video I followed occasionally.
  3. Wow! Two very impressive builds David!
  4. Extremely nice pair! That Fury will sure get you to the lake quickly.
  5. Spectacular work inside and out! We happen to have a pretty nice black 76 Eldo in the shop right now.
  6. Hey guys, I'm kinda stumped on this one. Questioning if part # 13 is some kind of blow out tube that exits to the ground or some kind of vacuum tube that should run to the vacuum tank on the fender? Also kind of hard to tell if it mounts in the center hole in the manifold or to the left and which is the proper distributer hole?
  7. Looks great, definitely a fun kit to build.
  8. Thank you Larry! Thanks Josh, the kit also builds into a great street version.
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