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  1. Looking good so far. I can't wait to start in on mine.
  2. Even if the decals aren't perfect it still turned out extremely nice.
  3. Diecast kits filling more shelves at my local store also 👎.
  4. I too would like to see this re-released. Great work Lee!
  5. shoopdog

    65' IMPALA

    Extremely nice, Big D should be very happy!
  6. Great work on all four, I particularly like your van and the Firebird.
  7. Amazing work all around! I don't think I've ever seen a clear steering wheel.
  8. Super nice regardless of your paint issue .
  9. Turned out excellent!
  10. Great looking truck! Love the ejected cd.
  11. shoopdog

    68 Charger

    Very nice collection!
  12. Excellent work with you weathering!
  13. WOW! Four spectacular builds!
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