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  1. Great looking replica of your 1:1. Could pass as the real deal in the right setting. I never knew such a kit existed, who makes it.
  2. Turned out great Rick, excellent re-entry into the hobby. If the 68 Dart is the Revell kit your in for another enjoyable build.
  3. Looks super good, superb engine compartment detailing.
  4. Thank you David,Thomas, and Craig.
  5. Thank you Carl! Thank you Nigel, much appreciated. Thank you much Chris and Steve! Thanks Joe! I didn't do the engine compartment much justice! Thank you Francis, I'm loving the Road Runners too!
  6. Thank you Roger! The decals are the kit decals.
  7. Great looking car and extremely nice paint work.
  8. Thanks Rusty. Here you go, not that spectacular with the molded in exhaust.
  9. No lameness at all. Thanks for your comments! Day two usually refer to modifications a new car buyer would make after the purchase of the new car.
  10. Thank you Richard Thanks Mr. Philippe! Thank you Tom, it is a pretty sharp color. Thanks Tony! Much appreciated!
  11. Looking good , great paint work.
  12. Thank you Carl! Thanks Michelle! Much appreciated Eric.
  13. shoopdog


    Very slick, I love it.
  14. Just finished this one up, painted in Model Masters Sublime Green lacquer with a Tamiya clear coat. Have the rear end jacked up with traction bars and " Cherry Bomb " mufflers and mag wheels for that day two look. Thanks for looking.
  15. Turned out nice. You must have picked up a bunch of that Testors paint.
  16. Looking good, can't wait to see it finished. I have the Taco and Mail trike on their way to me.
  17. shoopdog

    '70 Buick GSX

    Great looking Buick Roger!
  18. Looks good from my seat! I don't know what to tell you about the paint no covering in the seams but applying a black wash to them now would take care of that.
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