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  1. What an great looking grill!
  2. Very nice! I've yet to build a Moebius kit other than the Robot from Lost in Space.
  3. Thank you very much, definitely no engine pics, LOL!
  4. Was able to wrap this one up today. The moment I opened this one up I saw I had a turd to deal with, that’s before I saw the crushed drivers side A pillar. Can’t wait for the Revell 71 Mustang! Paint is Tamiya TS19 Metallic Blue cleared with TS13 and the lower silver accent is Tamiya TS30. Thanks for looking.
  5. My HL had em both till I bought the Slammer.
  6. You are correct, these are goofy but I love em! Looks great!
  7. Great looking build for sure!
  8. Very clean lines on your paint work!
  9. Well done. Great kit for sure.
  10. NICE! After working at a Cadillac dealer for the last 43 years I've seen a lot of Mayonnaise & Mustard tires.
  11. Extremely nice build, engine detail is top notch!
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