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  1. shoopdog

    32 Ford Vicky

    Great looking hot rod! Not sure how I missed this post for a week.
  2. This has to be the most rewarding comment yet, thank you.
  3. Nice job working through the kits issues. The exhaust and engine are pretty sweet, along with the matte black finish.
  4. Great detailing on this little buggy!
  5. Thought I would post these outdoor pics for a different prospective of the paint, I think might be one the cases of to much metallic. Thanks again for the nice comments.
  6. Thanks everyone for your oh so kind comments! Interior paint is Rust-Oleum 2X Moss Green.
  7. Fantastic Caddy build! Your friend also built the perfect diorama for it, great work from the both of you.
  8. It goes together very nicely although the body was very warped and I couldn't get it straightened out. The left rear sits much lower than the right rear as you can see.
  9. Just finished up this build today, have a little extra time as I've been cut to working three days a week for awhile. Painted with Model Masters British Racing Green Metallic enamel without a clear coat. It's only a GT on the left side as the T disappeared when cutting it off the PE card. I even had a piece of tape on it. Thanks for looking.
  10. shoopdog


    Excellent custom build and display!
  11. As all the others have said, very well done!
  12. Very nice collection. How many do you have there and are they all plastic models?
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