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  1. My HL had em both till I bought the Slammer.
  2. You are correct, these are goofy but I love em! Looks great!
  3. Great looking build for sure!
  4. Very clean lines on your paint work!
  5. Well done. Great kit for sure.
  6. NICE! After working at a Cadillac dealer for the last 43 years I've seen a lot of Mayonnaise & Mustard tires.
  7. Extremely nice build, engine detail is top notch!
  8. Finished this a couple of weeks ago but just was able to get some pics. Was worried about glass fitment that I had read about but mine pretty much snapped in place. Painted in Tamiya TS49 Bright Red with their TS79 Semi-Gloss top coat. Opened up the grill in what seemed to take hours! Unfortunately couldn’t get the front end down to level. Thanks for looking.
  9. Looks great, love this body style.
  10. This is the third of five obscure Aoshima kits my son gave me. The Toyota Century debuted in 1967 and reigned as one of the finest cars for the domestic Japanese market. This is the G40 version that appeared in 1982. Painted with Testors Inca Gold and lowered. Not a fan of the kits adjustable suspension with screws and springs. Unfortunately I was unable to get the ride height level. Thanks for looking and comments welcome.
  11. Great looking build! I have this in my stash getting closer to build time.
  12. Great looking build! I have to second that, all my cars, trucks, tanks and WWII planes that I guess just unknowingly threw away. ☹️
  13. I will totally agree. I was working on a Aoshima kit tonight and the gate attachment was at the bottom of the rim. I was shocked and wondered the same thing!
  14. I had my son clear some stuff out of our attic that he had put up there some twenty or so years ago. Found and gave me both these kits, a 1/12 scale 57 Chevy and the 1/24 F150. He has no memory of buying them. JACKPOT!!!
  15. Thank you all for the kind comments!
  16. Looks great, love these Thunderbolts!
  17. This is my take on the Mooneyes dragster in Tamiya TS97 Pearl Yellow. All chrome parts were dechromed except for the wheels. I kind of struggled on this kit but I think it turned out ok. Thanks for looking and any comments welcomed.
  18. Extremely nice build, great job on the interior!
  19. Glad you have found the forum Ken, welcome aboard!
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