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  1. Finished up another fantastic Revell kit some 80+ decals later! Finished with Tamiya TS93 Pure Blue and TS86 Pure Red over white primer followed by TS13 Clear coat. Thanks for looking!
  2. Just finished this fantastic kit, what a pleasure to build! I had seen where Chuck Most had used Krylon chalky finish Waterfall and decided it was the perfect color for my build. I followed my finish up with 2 coats of Tamiya Clear and used Krylon Satin River Rock for the roof and wheels. Thanks for looking!
  3. Thank you sir, sad to hear but kind of what I figured.
  4. I've purchased three awesome display cases from this sight in the past and now I can't even access the website. I've never had to use a pass word before and there is no where to register. I'm thinking out of business? If anyone is aware of any info please give a shout out. Here is what pops up....
  5. They all look great Christopher! What I have built in quantity you have in QUALITY!
  6. Completed the last one in the series, as goofy as it is. Painted Testors Inca Gold and Fiery Orange. Thanks for looking!
  7. What an incredible looking build, makes my build of this kit look like a toddler built it. Very, very nice!
  8. Well here my memory fails me(again). They are mostly AMT muscle cars and the only one I actually recall is the 71 Charger. One kit that they had I would like to add to my builds was the Beverly Hillbillies jalopy. There was at least 5 of each kit. Next time I would be better off taking a pic!
  9. Not sure if this belongs here but it news and about kits. Stopped at the Overland Park, Ks. Hobby Haven after work and saw that they had acquired somebody’s collection and had about 50-75 older kits priced at $15. Unfortunately I was on my motorcycle and had no room for any. If your in the area you may want to stop by. I am not affiliated with them, just a customer sharing some cool news.
  10. Great looking Olds build!
  11. Very nicely painted! Looks like a great view from your deck!
  12. Nice to see something most people don't build, excellent build!
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