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  1. Wow, it must have been some show with all of those unique models.
  2. Thanks for posting these pics, they are indeed very inspirational.
  3. I like this new site, Dan. However Tim ran an awesome site, but modelling trucks is awesome so good luck on his endeavours. Great preview so far Dan.
  4. Wow, now that looks amazing, this car has tons of possibilities!!
  5. I always love recreations of the years gone by old #43s. The Blue and the Red no matter how done always look awesome on these unique rides, excellent representation of Bobby Hamilton's ride.
  6. Unfortunately it is late for me over here, however I will check your site tomorrow evening, sounds awesome though!
  7. Now that I like, cannot wait until I find this kit. You have made some excellent colour choices.
  8. However it has been shelved only for the time being, I remain optimistic, stranger has happened.
  9. Considering the age of that truck it is amazing how accurate it is with today's modern tow trucks. What a unique find!
  10. Thanks for the help SoCalCarCulture, few! that was a close one.
  11. If anybody is reading this, I am not too computer savy, how does one apply a signature to their settings, on this site?
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