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  1. I purchased this motor built by John Williams and sold at VCG resins a couple weeks back! I've been working on it ever since! I Provided a pic of the original Sonny's engine for comparison... Many parts needed to be added and were made out of other box stock parts or shaped from styrene trees! I used the detail masters distributor kit and photoetch wire looms! Pulleys are also aftermarket and made of machined aluminum with real rubber belts! all the lines have been pre drilled with pins inserted to help keep everything together! Pins were also needed to keep the box stock headers that I modified to fit into place since the kit didn't come with a pair nor do they exist!i know there's plenty of things I've left out but I hope you guys enjoy my masterpiece!! Matt Souza
  2. Nice job on the two tone paint!
  3. Here's the color I chose To go with Skoda Ralliy Green after paint BMF some of the updated chassis few engine pics
  4. What products do u use to polish?
  5. that's funny u say that snake cuz I have another camaro body I'm thinking about slapping the front end on
  6. Came across this cool 69 Camaro at a recent show here in Taunton,Ma and couldn't pass it up! 20$ later it was mine! Prob could've haggled for a better price but I'm happy and that's all that matters. I'm planning on using many diff parts and accessories from multiple distributors so I honestly have no idea how this is going to turn out! Well here's the kit and what I've got done today. Thanks to Manny/Craig at VCG Resins, Charlie at Protech, Detail Master, and Model Car Garage
  7. I was thinking the same thing!! Let's just say it's been restored back to new!!
  8. Well got it all cleared and basically finished lastnight/ this morning! Pretty happy with it especially since it went together like a glove but it was a pretty basic build. Nothing special on the motor like wires/fuel lines, and not much BMF! Some lumbahh for the custom bed!
  9. Cool ride! Def ODD but COOL!
  10. went to a local antique shop and found a gold mine of old/new models!! Came across this 66 Fleetside and have been workin on it the past few days! I've had some spare time LOL! Basically just need to clear it and put it all together.
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